Презентация "I am a citizen of Russia"

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“I am a citizen of Russia”
  • Lyceum №66 Lipetsk
  • Helen Popova
  • Teacher of English
  • Frantsuzenko O.V.
The Russian Federation is set up by the Constitution of 1993. Russia is a presidential republic. The federal government consists of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. Each of them is checked and balanced by the President. A new national emblem is a two-headed eagle. It is the most ancient symbol of Russia. It originates from the heraldic emblem of the Ruricovitches. Today the flag of Russia is a three-colored banner. It has three horizontal stripes: white, blue and red. The white stripes symbolizes the earth, the blue one stands for the sky, and the red one symbolizes liberty. Dmitry Medvedev is the president of the Russian Federation. The executive power belongs to the Government, or the Cabinet of Ministers. The government is headed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of our country is Vladimir Putin. Moscow is the capital of Russia, its political, economic, commercial and cultural center. Moscow was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1147. Moscow is the seat of the Government of the Russian Federation. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. The Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral are masterpieces of Russian architecture. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the “Window to the West”. My native town is Lipetsk. I’m proud to be its citizen. The history of Lipetsk is bound up with the history of Russia. The current population of Russia is about 50 million people; 82 % of the population is Russians. The land of Russia varies from thick forests to barren deserts, from high peaked mountains to deep valleys. Russia is a highly-industrialized-agrarian republic. Its vast mineral resources include oil, gas, coal, iron, gold, diamonds. Quarters of the republic’s mineral wealth is concentrated in Siberia and the Far East. The most memorable date is Victory Day which is observed on the 9-th of May. On this day we celebrate the anniversary of the victory over fascism in the World War II. The contribution of Russian people into the world of culture can hardly be overestimated. The mysterious Slavonic soul and curious mind found their expression in masterpieces of literature and art, music and philosophy, in numerous scientific discoveries. Matreshka is the most popular symbol or souvenir in Russia.