Презентация "The City I am Proud of"

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The City I am Proud of

Author of the presentation: Maria Sergeeva

Motherland is loved not for being large, but for being ours. Seneca Our Valiant City, Novokuznetsk

City of Novokuznetsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. It is called the southern capital of Kuzbass. The city is located on the left and right banks of the river Tom. The history of our city is closely connected with the history of joining and development of Siberia by the Russian state.

Foundation of Novokuznetsk

The city of Novokuznetsk was founded in the spring of 1618 as Kuznetsky Ostrog, which was on the hill on the right Bank of the Tom river just below where it makes a sharp turn North and falls into the river Kondoma.

Foundation of Novokuznetsk

A wooden fort, which appeared in 1618 on the Tom River, became one of the most important supporting posts of the Russian Empire beyond the Urals. Gradually the settlements began to grow around the fortress, and the post of resistance became the town, which since 1622 acquired the name of Kuznetsk.

This house is built in the XIX century. In the street where the house is located, there were merchants ' houses, but now they are gone. Only the house of the merchant Fonarev is preserved. This building is the most unique in our city. It is a hut built of wood and covered with art carving. At the moment it is in dire need of restoration.

The building of the County Treasurer

The building is one of the first houses. It is in a unique Siberian Baroque style. A few years later the government purchased the Treasury and the house was rebuilt. In the Soviet period it served as a post office. In 1992 the building was reconstructed.

Boulevard of heroes

It is the sacred place of the city. It is a place of memory of all citizens which were perished during Great patriotic war. The eternal flame was lit in 1957 in honour of all the soldiers of the war 1941-1945.

Novokuznetsk is a worker-city, a warrior-city

Almost half of all military production of the country was made from the Kuznetsk armor: they are 50.000 tanks, 45.000 aircrafts and 100 million of shells.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Built in the distant XVII century this cathedral is the tallest building in Siberia. The temple was built during the 43 years that have influenced its architecture. After the red revolution it suffered significant damage and looting. In 1991 it was restored and works until today.

Novokuznetsk is the city of cathedrals

The Cathedral was built as a memorial in honor of the Nativity of Christ, it was erected in memory of the 67 miners who died on the 2-nd of December 1997 at the mine "Zyryanovskaya". The Cathedral serves as the Kuzbass Orthodox Church Seminary.

Novokuznetsk drama theatre

It is state Autonomous cultural institution in the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, one of the oldest theatres of Kuzbas, an important center of cultural life of the city.

V.V. Mayakovsky square architectural ensemble

The dream of the revolutionary poet V.V. Mayakovsky and thousands of Novokuznetsk citizens about the Garden city is becoming true. In summer the city is sinking in greenery and flowers.

Novokuznetsk Russian Railways Train station

Train sta

The railway station is a station of the 1st class. Its reconstruction was completed on 19 September 2013.

Novokuznetsk. Native and beloved... Favorite place of Novokuznetsk citizens

The beautiful river Tom, surrounded by the beautiful Siberian nature, will also attract your attention.

And it is impossible to stop the river of time: the 400th anniversary of our dear city is approaching... Happy birthday to the beloved city !

Of all the cities you are

The most beautiful , I know,

Museums, churches, squares, parks –

Whatever I see, wherever I go.

Happy birthday to the beloved city !

Your Fortress is the heart of all

My Motherland, so big and dear.

You are the nicest city in the world-

It`s so evident, so clear!

Happy birthday to the beloved city !

Your name is Novokuznetsk, my love,

My pride, my history and future.

And heavens looking from above

Admire your greatness and your beauty!





Thank you for your attention!!!