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"My small homeland - Tanrykulovo village" author: Ibraev Rustam, 7 th form, Tanrykulovskaya secondary school 2018

Hello! My name is Rustam. I am 13 years old. I live in the village of Tanrykulovo. I love my village and I want to tell you about its interesting and beautiful places, famous people of our village.

The village of Tanrykulovo is located in the Kurgan region of the Almenevsky district. One of the natural riches of our village are forests. The forest is a home for many animals: animals, birds, insects. There are many medicinal plants growing in the Red Book of the Kurgan region. Tanrykulovskoye bog
  • Tanrykulovskoye bog is a monument of nature. The swamp is a lake-marsh complex on the site of a boggy fresh lake. The environment includes a solonetz meadow, used as a pasture and a place for the passage of cattle; The eastern shore approaches the outer gardens of the village. In the marsh, long-herbaceous grass grows: sedge shore, reed fescue, mannik large. Some of them are listed in the Red Book of the Kurgan region. The central part is formed by a low-power cushion of sphagnum mosses, fixed by a dense low-birch birch forest.
On a moss hummock grows a berry cranberry bog. It has very useful properties for humans. It contains vitamin C. The population of the village uses the berries for food and collects for sale. The area of ​​the swamp is 137, 6 hectares. Monument to participants of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
  • The sight of our village is a monument to the participants of the Second World War, located near the rural House of Culture. The monument was founded in 1969. Stone pedestal. A soldier in a tunic with a gun in his right hand. The monument is fenced with anchor chains and installed in honor of the 25th anniversary of victory in the Second World War, as few fellow villagers returned with the front. They gave their lives for the peaceful sky above their heads. In our school there is a Museum of Military Glory. Eternal memory to all the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War! And those who are alive thank you very much for their exploit!
Tanrykulovskaya school
  • Our school is our pride, the pride of our village. The school is the center of Bashkir and Russian culture. The school hosts school events, meeting evenings for school graduates, meetings for the public, holidays, etc. The school has a museum of military glory with photographs of heroes and participants of the Second World War, many of which saved the Motherland from Nazi invaders at the cost of their lives, materials about the birth of the village, veterans of pedagogical work, etc. About 20 teachers work in our school, even whole dynasties of teachers have worked and continue to work. Many of them devoted their lives to the prosperity not only of the school, but also of the village. They take an active part in her cultural life.
  • The leader of the Tanrykulov school for more than 40 years is a kind and sympathetic person, an excellent teacher Zaripova Farkhinur Akhmetdinovna. She has done a lot and is doing so that our school is always the best. Farhinur Akhmetdinovna is a well-deserved teacher of Russia, she has a great life experience, a first-class organizer. For many years of her work, she managed a lot, and most importantly - brought up more than one generation of students who do not forget her, love and appreciate her.
  • The village is visited by people who devoted many years to the prosperity of the village. One such person is Galina Grigoryevna Melnikova. She worked for more than 25 years as a paramedic, the head of the district hospital now on a well-deserved rest. The hospital in which she worked was founded around 1927. In her there were such departments as surgery, gynecology, dental office, trachoma department, etc. On the territory of the hospital there was a garden and a garden. After the next shift, the hospital workers prepared firewood. The patients slept on straw mattresses. For a long time, the district physician, the renowned surgeon Gennady Ilyich Poluveshkin, headed the district hospital.
  • In our village, more recently, there was a rich state farm "Victory", which had its fields, gardens and vegetable gardens, livestock farms. People worked day and night tirelessly. Entire dynasties of families worked here. In animal husbandry for more than 25 years Karimova worked Galima Zhiganshinovna, who worked as the chief veterinarian and is now on a well-deserved rest. She is a veteran of labor. He has many letters of thanks and letters. To date, two joint-stock companies "Gaitovskoye" and "Zarya" have been established on the territory of the state farm. The workers of these societies are engaged in farming and animal husbandry.
Each of us should love and remember the sights of his village. I am very proud of my village and the people who live here. Thanks to them our village lives, the history of our life. Resources:
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  • Photo from personal archive Melnikova G.G.
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