Презентация "Living in a global village" 11 класс

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Living in a global village 1 урок из цикла Globalization в 11 классе по курсу М.З Биболетовой Автор: учитель МБОУ «СОШ с.Степановка Переволоцкого района» Ярыгина Т.А. Look at the pictures and say what countries/ cultures you associate the everyday objects with. Answer the questions
  • Work in pairs. Guess the answers to the questions.
  • 1. How fast is the world`s population growing?
  • 2. What per cent of the world`s population lives in the cities?
  • 3. How many people travel by airplane?
  • 4. Are some parts of the world cut off from the Internet?
World focus: words to describe changes
  • Divide the words from the list into two categories:
  • - __________________________________+
  • Decrease, grow, reinforce, deteriorate, improve, rise, develop, increase, strengthen, fall, lessen.
Fill in the gaps with the proper word forms. Ex.48
  • 1. The number of people studying languages has … significantly. ( increase)
  • 2. The educational programme was stopped because of the … of interest among students.
  • (fall)
  • 3. Experts predict a … in migration. (rise)
  • 4. Everything should be done to … the situation. (improvement)
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