Контрольная работа "Job / Environmental problems"

Задание 1. Прочтите текст и переведите письменно отрывок,
выделенный курсивом.
Labour in Britain
Businesses in Britain are often owned by people, not by the government. This
is called free enterprise. Most Britons respect the idea of competition in business
and many of them believe that the free-enterprise system encourages equal
The British government provides welfare through subsidies, grants and
services for the population. This is called social wage; it amounts to 1316 pounds
per year for each adult of the working population. Some years ago Governmental
arrangements were made in order to shorten unemployment. A nationwide
organization helping people to find jobs was set up. It is the Manpower Services
Commission. The Commission runs two agencies: the Employment Services
Agency and the Training Services Agency. The first offers a suitable job to an
unemployed person, the second trains him/her in new skills if necessary.
Robert Smith is 46 years old. He and his wife have to work in order to afford
the house and a college education for their two children. Robert has worked at a
factory for 30 years. One day he had been replaced by technology. What can he do
to find a new job?
He can go to a job center, an employment office or to a private agency. Robert
can also read advertisements in special journals and find information in any
possible way.
At the Local Job Center Robert is registered as an unemployed and then he is
given an unemployment benefit which is sent to him by mail every week. If his
benefit is not enough to live on, Robert can get some extra help from the Social
Security Office. One day the Job Center informs Robert about a possible vacancy.
First he has to go for an interview with his prospective employer. If terms are
acceptable for the both the labour contract is signed.
Working people are protected by Britain Trade Unions that concern for work
conditions and correct wages. Employers have the Chamber of Commerce that
protects their business interests.
There are about 9 million full-time industrial workers in the United Kingdom,
but their amount declines steadily. More and more Britons decide to work for
themselves as businessmen, independent craftsmen and farmers.
Задание 2. Выпишите из текста эквиваленты выражений.
1. свободное предпринимательство
2. прожиточный минимум,
3. подходящая работа
4. пособие по безработице,
5. дополнительная помощь
6. вероятный работодатель
7. британские профсоюзы
8. условия труда
9. торговая палата
10. независимые ремесленники
Задание 3. Если утверждение соответствует содержанию текста,
поставьте T (true), если не соответствует, поставьте F(false).
1. Since World War II British Government has not made any arrangements
to support unemployed people.
2. There are a lot of ways of getting information about prospective jobs.
3. An unemployment benefit is sent to a person once a month.
4. A labour contract is to be signed only by an employee.
5. An unemployment benefit is sent to an unemployed once a month.
6. Before getting a job a person has to go for an interview with his
prospective employer.
7. The Manpower Services Commission was set up to support peoples’ right
to work.
8. An unemployed person can get extra money from the Employment
Services Agency.
Задание 4. Переведите письменно названия профессий
1. Engineer. 2. Farmer. 3. Manager. 4. Teacher. 5. Journalist. 6. Architect. 7.
Bank clerk. 8. Driver. 9. Police officer. 10. Enginee. 11. Accountant. 12.
Salesman/woman. 13.Postman. 14.Builder. 15.Businessman. 16.Unemployed.
17.Doctor. 18.Nurse.