Презентация "Город на Исети"

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Город на Исети (легенда) (презентация на английском языке)
  • Автор Иовлев Анатолий Дмитриевич,
  • заведующий музеем
  • Шадринск, 2013
  • Главное управление образования Курганской области ГБПОУ «Шадринский политехнический колледж»
  • Машиностроительное отделение
The city on the Iset (legend)
  • Student: A.D. Iovlev, teacher
  • Shadrinsk 2013
  • General Directorate of Education in Kurgan region GBPOU "Shadrinskii Polytechnic College»
  • MSO
The city on the Iset
  • It was a warm, sunny days. Moved from Tobolsk small convoy. Moved with care. Front and side went armed horsemen. Conducted train former peasant "Perm Great" Yuri Nikiforovich Malechkin nicknamed Juska Nightingale. He was in his forties.
  • Soup had a beautiful beard. He was illiterate, but had a natural intelligence, will and perseverance.
  • Russian peasant.
  • Engraving.
  • Mid 17th century.
  • In Wearing's coat lining he lay sewn "nakaznie memory" Tobolsk governor, in which he, IGNORE Nightingale in place Lufia homestead allowed to build a fort (castle) and organize peasant settlement - a settlement.
September 15, 1662
  • The document signed by the Office of the Tobolsk September 15, 1662. Prior to joining the travelers Zaimka was destroyed. In its place was already piled pine forest to build a fortress.
  • Arriving together began building the prison. Yuri Nikiforovich "walks" and other free people invited to settle in Shadrin Zaimka provided that they will not engage in theft, drinking, playing cards, and will plow "State plow" and pay after four years of preferential fifth sheaf in the treasury.
At the service of only local
  • For guard duty was entrusted to select local Cossacks to the Kalmyk people in the military and other new settlements prematurely have not come and did not cause harm to them.
There was poor
  • We walked here from landless Urals, barely covering his body shabby "clothes", the urban poor, ready to take on any task, runaway serfs, the dissenters-Believers
The first fortress and church
  • This diverse folk and began to build a fortress. Amicably knocked axes. Quickly put on three sides of the fence, cut down two guard towers, dig around their big ditch. Placed inside barns, storage for weapons and gunpowder, clerks house and began building a wooden church
  • Took about a new settlement area, delineated from the shore Iset, modern streets of Karl Liebknecht, the Pioneer, the Banking lane. In 1665, settled here four courtyards Pashennykh peasants and six yards of local Cossacks. They are approximately 30-40 people.
Yefim Shadrin
  • The first settlers were Golosceapov, Ustyuzhanina, Podkorytova, Gaev, Gorevanova. Name of the city gave the first settler Yefim Shadrin. He arrived from Tobolsk. Iset pool was then already lived-in edge. During the period of high water on the river barges went - from Kataysky jail, Dalmatovskoye monastery to Tobolsk and back. There was a crossing.
Yefim - farmer
  • Yefim Shadrin was not a farmer. He came here as a hunter-fisher. As authorized by the Office of the Tobolsk would procure furs for the state treasury and fish.
Hut to Yefim
  • His hut Yefim Shadrin put on a high sandy ravine of the river, near the crossing. Around it are arranged buildings for storage and drying fish, animal skins and other needs. Zaimka was surrounded by a wooden wall of pine logs
The city will be!
  • Basing Zaimka he did not think that in the future there will grow a city. Based on the considerations that the selected location is more secure from attacks by nomadic tribes. To his hut closely approaching a dense pine forest, where you can always hide in case of danger. On the right and left, almost connecting allocating large lake, and ahead slowly rolled its waters Iset, making this wide delta with three islands, making it difficult crossing the Bashkir cavalry.
As the years passed ...
  • From 1662-1733 - Lufia jail.
  •   From 1733-1781 - Lufia settlement.
  •   Shadrinsk - City (1781) in Russia, the administrative center of the district Shadrinsk Kurgan region.
350 years
  • Years passed, and come 2012! In 2012, Lufia celebrated 350 years. Now Shadrinsk - the second largest city in the Kurgan region, a major industrial and cultural center of the Trans-Urals. The history of the city - a piece of the history of the motherland, the history of Trans-Urals. The past Shadrinsk written this tale.
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