Контрольная работа "Environmental Pollution" 9 класс

1. Make up sentences beginning with People should… / People shouldn’t…
create national parks
cut down trees
recycle wastes
drop litter
leave fire in forests
take care of nature
leave food for birds in winter
save electricity and water
smoke, take alcohol, eat junk food
kill animals
2. Find words with opposite meanings and make up 3 sentences with any of
Negative meaning
Positive meaning
1) to cut down
2) to kill
3) to throw away
4) to destroy
5) to harm
6) to pollute
7) to damage
a) to care about
b) to restore
c) to plant, to grow
d) to defend, to protect
e) to collect
f) to preserve
g) to reduce, recycle, reuse
3. Fill in the gaps.
Use: garbage, reduced, are polluted, cars, pollution, global, recycle, dump, drinking.
Water pollution
Water is necessary for life on the Earth. It is in oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. But very
little water on the Earth is good for _____________ because it is dirty. Some factories and
companies ________ chemical wastes, millions of tons of oil into the sea every year. We can
only imagine how many seabirds and animals, fish, shellfish die in such water.
It is dangerous to walk barefoot on the banks of the rivers and to swim in our lakes
because there is a lot of _____________, broken glass, and plastic, tins, and bottles, thrown
everywhere. Some people wash their ___________, bicycles in our rivers and lakes.
Many territories and our atmosphere ______________________ with different kinds of
technological, chemical, nuclear wastes. The intensive development of sciences, industry and
chemistry nowadays has made the pollution of our environment a _____________ problem
which should be solved by all means.
Disposing the garbage we produce every day is a major problem. Finding land for new
landfills is becoming more difficult nowadays. But there are 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and
___________. Energy, water, glass bottles, newspapers, plastic, cans, tins can be ___________,
reused and recycled.