Презентация "The Main Environmental Problems" 7 класс

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The Main Environmental Problems air pollution
  • Currently due to human activities there is intense air pollution. This is an artificial, or anthropogenic pollution.
air pollution
  • Also the scientists determine the natural contamination of the air shell in connection with the influence of abiotic factors.
soil pollution
  • The contamination of soil is one of the most important problems of modern ecology.
soil pollution
  • Soils of Russia - it's colossal wealth, by which we have food, and the production of the necessary raw materials
water pollution
  • It occurs through direct or indirect ingestion of pollutants in water in the absence of adequate measures for treatment and disposal of hazardous substances.
combating environmental problems
  • Even a small contribution of one person can help in the fight against environmental problems.
combating environmental problems
  • Get in the habit to pick up your trash and bring it to the bin.
  • Try to use in everyday life quickly biodegradable packaging.
  • Save water when you wash.
  • Use less cleansers.