Открытый урок "A lucky break! Listening" 8 класс

Открытый Урок Английского языка
8 «А» класса
A LUCKY BREAK! Listening (аудирование)
Teacher’s actions
Students’ actions
1. Good morning I’m glad to see you sit down
please. Today we are going to speak about
advertisements. At first tell me please
Where can you see adverts? Do you like
adverts? and Which ones are effective what do
you think?
2. Yes, you are right. We see adverts every day
in the street, on television, in supermarkets and
in newspapers and magazines.
3. Now look at the black board, read these adverts
and tell me please:
Which advert Варианты: a)wants to sell smth.
b)gives information about an event c)asks for
smth. d)offers help
4. Please open your books at page 20 Listening
A lucky break (работа в рекламе).
Please Динар read these words in the box at the
top of the page (noise a sound, especially a loud
or unpleasant)
Your task is to match the verbs to the nouns. Begin
please, take 1 minute.
Let’s check your answers
Look at these pictures and decide What is being
5. Exercise1 True or false
Now you will hear Sarah and Luke talking about
advertisements on TV and please decide if the
statements are true or false. Let’s read the
statements (translate). Please listen and decide.
Now listen to the cassette again make some notes
to correct false statements. (ставлю 2 раз)
Are you ready to discuss?
6. Exercise 2A Note-taking
Now please look at the Quick Tip. Катя please
read (translate). Remember that you shouldn’t try
to write complete sentences when you make notes.
Now you will hear a radio programme about two
actors, Georgina and Danny they work in TV
in the sheets of newspaper, TV
programme, in the shops, etc.
Celebrities are used to sell
expensive goods (because
companies want us to link the
products with success and
watch/see a programme
see a picture
listen to a CD
hear a noise
1 picture
2- sweets (chocolate)
3- computer game
1. Luke likes the chocolate
advert. (T)
2. Sarah thinks all adverts are
3. Luke thinks some adverts are
funny. (T)
4. Sarah can’t understand Luke’s
sense of humor. (T)
5. Most actors appear in TV
advert in their career. (T)
advertisements. Please look at these words and
copy them into your vocabularies.
glamorous (seeming more exciting or attractive
than ordinary things) эффектный, обаятельный.
fun (amusing or enjoyable) веселый, забавный
tiring (making you want to rest or sleep) -
embarrassing (making you feel uncomfortable or
shy) - смущающий, затруднительный
exciting (making you feel very happy) -
захватывающий, волнующий.
Please repeat after me …
Now please Женя read these words (Гузель
please read)
Which of these words do you think they might
use to describe their jobs? Please discuss in pairs.
7. Exercise 2B
Please look at the boxes for Danny and Georgina
and read. Listen carefully and complete these notes
(1). Now listen to the cassette again and check
your notes(2). Let’s discuss.
8. Exercise 3A Stressed Words
Some words in English sentences are more
stressed than others, and they are the words that
carry the most information (nouns, pronouns,
verbs, adjectives)
Read the sentence : My favourite advertisement
on the television is an advert for trainers.
What do you think which two words are
stressed?(написать на доске)
Please listen to the recording and check. Have you
guessed right?
Let’s practice and do task 3B.
9. Exercise 3B
1. Underline stressed words work on your own.
2 Now compare your answers with your partner’s.
Listen and check. Read the first sentence mind
your stress.
10. Advert
Now please try and write your own advert. Use the
notes to help you. Work in group please.
1. Decide what your advert is for and give it a
heading: For sale/Found!/Wanted
2. Describe the item.
3. Give important details like the price, or where
you found the item, or how much you will pay
for it.
4. Give your contact details.
The first group show your advert. Read it please.
1. The adverts are terrible.
2. Why aren’t there more
adverts on TV?
3. Do actors really enjoy
appearing in TV ads?
11. Home task
Give me your Work books
Be ready to speak about your attitude towards
advertisement and learn new words.