Разработка урока "Listening: Giant Strides" 8 класс

Разработка урока английского языка в 8 классе
Тема: Listening: Giant Strides (Unit 7.Sporting life)
Дата проведения: 11.02.14.
Класс: 8 “C
Тип урока: урок-закрепление
Форма организации познавательной деятельности: индивидуальная,
групповая, парная, фронтальная
Цели урока:
совершенствовать умения аудирования и говорения.
содействовать развитию умений осуществлять рефлексивную
способствовать формированию интереса к изучению культуры страны
изучаемого языка;
развивать умений работать в коллективе;
содействовать формированию толерантности в отношении к культуре
своего и других народов.
Ожидаемые результаты: у детей будут совершенствоваться навыки
аудирования и говорения. Дети узнают про «гигантские шаги», где это
достопримечательность находится, что это за достопримечательность, какие
легенды существуют.
Оборудование урока: учебник английского языка для 8 класса «New Matrix»,
рабочая тетрадь к учебнику «New Matrix», компьютер, проектор, СД диск по
данному курсу, презентация, классная доска.
Ход урока:
1. Начало урока (2 мин.)
1.1. Организационный момент
Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to see you!
How are you today?
I’m fine! Thank you!
What date is it today?
What is the weather like today?
I agree with you.
Ok. Let’s begin our lesson.
Hello, teacher!
Fine! Thank you. And you?
Today is the 11
of February.
Today is cold…
1.2. Постановка цели
Today we will do exercises 1- 5 and 12 on page
94 and 95.
2. Проверка домашнего задания (10 мин.)
What was your homework?
Now let’s check up your homework. The task
was to put the verbs in brackets into the past
simple or past perfect tense to complete the story.
Artysh, could you begin, please.
Nice work.
Nachyn, could you continue, please.
Very good. Yunas, could you read your sentence,
Great job, who wants to read the 4
I see you have done this exercise very well. And
now let’s listen to your sentences made with the
verbs on page 155.
Yesterday you wrote the test. I can say that you
have done this work badly. I think that all of you
haven’t learnt the translation and meaning of
these words. I hope you’ll know and keep in
mind this vocabulary.
Exercise 8 on page 39 in workbooks and make
sentences with verbs on page 155 in student’s
1.Danny was travelling home last night on the
train. He had bought some chocolate before he …
2. … got on the train because he …
3.He was hungry, so he …
4. …
Students read sentences made with their own
3. Речевая зарядка (5 мин.)
Exercise 1. Look at the picture. What does it
show? Do you know where it is?
Exercise 2. Do you know what a giant stride is?
Exercise 3. Do you have any legends about giants
in Russia?
Thank you!
Students look at the picture and answer the
The picture shows the Giant’s Causeway, an
amazing rock formation on the cost of Northern
Ireland. It looks like square blocks of stone.
Students discuss the question in pairs and then
feed back their answer to the class.
Giant stride literally, a very long step. Often
used metaphorically to mean very good progress,
e.g. ‘He’s made giant strides in English this
Students discuss the question in pairs or small
groups and then feed back to the class.
(Обсуждают вопросы вместе и устно
4. Показ презентации о «the Giants Causeway» («Дорога гигантов») (5 мин.)
Рассказать учащимся про гордость Северной
Ирландии «Дорога гигантов»
(Смотрят презентацию.)
5. Практика аудирования (15 мин.)
And now you will listen to a programme about
the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
Exercise 4. Listen and complete the sentences.
Are you ready to listen? Ok!
Let’s check up. Read your answes one by one,
Exercise 5. Listen to a programme about an ice
hockey team, the Belfast Giants. Decide if these
statements are true or false. Correct the false
Give the students a few minutes to read through
the sentences. Play the recording for the first
Students complete the sentences on their own and
then check their answers in pairs. If necessary,
play the recording for a second time. Check the
answers with the class. (Все слушают
1. The rock formation called the Giant’s
Causeway is a big _____ in Northern Ireland. 2.
People say that the causeway was created by the
_____ of a giant called Finn McCool. 3. A
similar rock formation can be found in ____. 4.
The giant McCool is ____ to both Scottish and
Irish people.
1. tourist attraction 2.footsteps 3.Scotland 4.a
Students answer the questions on their own and
then check their answers in pairs and then check
the answers with the class.
1. The team members are all American. 2. The
team won nine home games at the beginning of
Now we’ll check your answers.
Ok, good job!
Exercise 12. Listen to “I want to break free” by
Queen, and fill in the gaps.
Did you like the song? What’s about the song?
Let’s check up. Artysh,begin, please.
the year. 3. The Giants are the best-supported
team in the world. 4. Their slogan is ‘In the land
of the Giants everyone is equal’. 5. Northern
Ireland has thousands of public ice rinks.
1. False. They are Canadian, with one American.
2. True. 3. False. The Giants are the best
supported team in the league. 4. True. 5. False.
Northern Ireland has only one public ice rink.
Play the recording the first time. Students check
their answer with a partner. Play the recording
again if necessary.
You’re so self-satisfied, __1____
…__2___in love
…it’s strange, __3___
…_4___out that door
…__5__living without,
So, baby___6__
1.I don’t need you. 2. I’ve fallen. 3. But it’s true.
4. I can’t get used to. 5. Can’t you see.
6. Заключительный этап (5 мин.)
6.1. Подвести итоги урока
I would like to thank you for being active and
creative during this lesson and put you the
following marks.
…, you get excellent marks. You were more
active and have few mistakes than the others.
…, you get good marks.
6.2. Объяснить и записать домашнее задание
And now it’s time to write down your homework.
So, your homework will be exercises
page in workbooks.
Students write down their homework.
6.3. Поблагодарить учащихся за урок
Our lesson is over. Thank you very much! Have
a rest. See you!