Внеклассное мероприятие "Childhood without frontiers"

0Childhood without frontiers
I. Greeting
Greeter: People of different nationalities live in our planet.
Нем. Wir heißen Teresa, Filippo und John
Англ. Our names are Alice, Julia and Tom
Исп. Somos María, Juan y Miguel
Нем. Wir kommen aus Deutchland, Nicaragua und Hawai
Англ. We are from Britain, Canada and the USA
Исп. Somos de Cuba, España, Perú
Англ. We are children of our great land!
II. Исполнение рэп-попури.
Анг. I’m from London, my name is John,
I have some problems with my Mom.
She can’t stand my music, my clothes, my mates.
And nags me for days I come home late.
Исп. Soy de Valencia, me llamo Lucía
El es de Panamá, se llama José
Todos jugamos, bailamos, reímos
Nos da una gracia estar unidos
Нем. Ich bin der Peter, ich komm aus Berlin.
Das ist Maria, sie wohnt in Wien
Maria tanzt Walzer von Johann Strauss,
Ich liebe die Kneipen und bleib nie zu Haus.
III. Англ.
Pupil 1 Robert Frost said “Earth is the right place for love. I don’t know where it’s likely to do
Pupil 2 I wish more people would care about one another, be givers not takers. Let’s sing
about you. It should be that’s what our play is all about
1. Sing about the world.
That’s always giving.
Sing about the world,
Where people care
2. So, let’s sing about you.
Let’s about me.
Let’s about things.
We feel and we see
3. Let’s sing about you,
Let’s sing about me,
Let’s sing about things
The way they should be.
IV. Исполнение песни “ The more we are together”
The more we are together,
Together, together.
The more we are together,
The happier we are.
For my friend is your friend
And your friend is my friend.
The more we are together,
The happier we are.
The more we sing together,
Together, together.
The more we sing together,
The merrier we are.
For his friends are her friends
And her friends are his friends.
The more we sing together,
The merrier we are.
The more we dance together,
Together, together.
The more we dance together,
The happier we are.
For my friend is your friend
And your friend is my friend.
The more we dance together,
The happier we are.
Как счастливы мы вместе – 3 раза
Как счастливы мы вместе навеки друзья.
А твой друг, то мой друг,
А мой друг, то твой друг.
Как счастливы мы вместе
Навеки друзья!
V. Стихотворение
Pupil 1 - Girls and boys come out to play,
The moon is shining bright as day,
Leave your supper and leave your sleep,
And come with your playfellows Into the street.
Pupil 2 - Come with a whoop, and come with a call,
come with a good will or come not at all.
Come, let us dance on the open green,
And she who holds longest shall be our queen.
VI. Стихотворение “Ronda”
"RONDA" por Rafael Alberti,
Arriba la luna en el cielo,
Nos mira y nos oye cantar.
Maestros y los padres y abuelos
Nos oyen, nos miran bailar.
¡Juntemos las manos, amigos,
¡Unidos en ronda, a jugar!
Escuchen los grandes que miran,
Escuchen un nuevo cantar:
Mañana, cuando homdres seamos,
Unidos como hoy a jugar,
¡Asi nos daremos los manos,
Los manos para trabajar!
VII. Все дети, хлопая в ладоши, громко говорят:
Ein, zwei, drei,vier alle, alle tanzen wir!
VIII. Дети показывают попурри русского, турецкого, цыганского и
немецкого народных танцев.
IX. Стихотворение Today is yours (Amanda Bradlley)
Don't wait till tomorrow
To rich out and grow,
To learn something interesting
You didn't know.
Don't wait till tomorrow
To find ways to share,
To make a new friend,
Really show that you care.
Don't wait till tomorrow
To follow your heart,
To savor the beauty
That life can impart.
Don't wait till tomorrow
To let yourself start...
Take time to do it today!
Не жди до завтра.
Стремись и достигай!
Познай то новое,
Что еще не знал!
Не жди до завтра,
А друга ты найди,
Чтоб вместе по пути
Быстрей вдвоем идти!
Не жди до завтра,
А следуй сердцу своему.
И мир спасет лишь только красота
И жизнь получиться твоя!
Не жди до завтра,
A дай себе начало –
Возьми и сделай все сначала!
X. Тихо звучит песня «Прекрасное далеко» и на ее фоне учащийся
7-го класса читает стихотворение “Ich weiß einen Stern”.
Ich weiß einen Stern
Gar wundersam,
Daraf man lachen
Und weinen kann.
Mit Städten, voll
Von tausend Dingen.
Mit Wäldern, darin
Die Rehe springen.
Ich weiß einen Stern,
Drauf Blumen blűhen,
Drauf herrliche Schiffe
Durch Meer ziehen.
Wir sind seine Kinder,
Wir haben ihn gern:
Erde, so heißt
Unser lieber Stern.
Англ. Let’s sing about the world
That’s always happy,
Sing about the world
Thats always fair.
XI. Посередине сцены учащиеся образуют круг и из середины круга
поднимают и вращают Земной шар и исполняют песню
«Солнечный круг»
May There Always Be Sunshine
Words by L. Oshanin. Music by A. Ostrovsky
1. Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high
That was the little boy's picture.
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too,
Just to make clear what he drew.
May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue skies,
May there always be Mummie,
May there always be Me!
2. My little friend, Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people.
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you have sung.
3. Soldier, lad, stay! Hear what we say
War would make all of us losers.
Peace is our prize.
Millions of eyes
Anxiously gaze at the skies.
4. Down with all war! We want no more.
People stand up for your children!
Sing everyone -
Peace must be won.
Dark clouds must not hide the sun.