Внеклассное мероприятие "What do you know about Great Britain?" 9-11 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие
по страноведению
для старшеклассников
What do you know about Great Britain?
Автор: Приходько Елена Александровна
Образовательное учреждение: Нижегородская область,
МБОУ «Школа №124» г. Нижний Новгород
Предмет: английский язык
Класс: учащиеся 9-11 классов
1. Обобщить страноведческие знания учащихся, полученные на уроках
английского языка.
2. Воспитывать интерес к изучению предмета.
3. Развивать неподготовленную речь учащихся.
Образовательные задачи:
Проконтролировать степень усвоения основных умений и навыков,
изученных и сформированных на предыдущих уроках.
Развивающие задачи:
1. Развивать умение работать в коллективе и принимать совместное
2. Развивать положительные личностные качества
(ответственность, доброжелательность, чувство взаимопомощи).
3. Развивать и тренировать внимание, память, мышление.
Воспитательные задачи:
Воспитывать уважение к культуре своей страны и стран изучаемого языка
Лингвострановедческие задачи:
1.Формировать интерес к странам изучаемого языка
2.Познакомить с различными историческими данными данных
1.Приветсвие - Визитная карточка команд
2.Конкурс – разминка «Скороговорки»
Try saying them all several times, as quickly as you can.
Critical cricket critic.
A big blue bucket of blue blueberries.
A cup of coffee from a copper coffee pot.
If one doctor doctors another doctor, does the doctor who doctors the doctor doctor
the doctor the way the doctor he is doctoring doctor? Or does he doctor the doctor
the way the doctor who doctors doctors?
3.Конкурс «Литературная викторина»
1).What Germanic folk epic is the earliest work of literature in English?
2).What king is called the “Father of English Prose”? (Alfred the Great)
3).Who is the most popular hero of the English ballads? (Robin Hood)
4).Who is the first English humanist of the Renaissance? (Thomas More)
5).Who is the father of the English poetry? (Geoffrey Chaucer)
6).What is the first of Shakespeare’s great tragedies? (“Romeo and Juliet”)
7).Who was the greatest satirist of the age of Enlightenment? (Jonathan Swift)
8).What is the masterpiece of William Thackeray? (“Vanity Fair”)
9).Who is called by the British people “Our National Bard”, “The Bard of Avon”?
(William Shakespeare)
10).Who is the main hero of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” (Mowgli)
11).Who is considered the national poet of Scotland? (Robert Burns)
12).What are the principal characters of Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion”?
(Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins)
13).What book did Herbert Wells choose to send to Leo Tolstoy?
(“The War of the Worlds”)
14).Who is the author of “Hamlet”? (William Shakespeare)
4.Конкурс знатоков истории Великобритании
Date Chart
Соотнесите следующие исторические события с датами:
Правильные ответы: 1-d, 2-j, 3-f, 4 b, 5-I, 6-n, 7 q, 8-c, 9-l,
10- r, 11- h, 12-o, 13-p, 14-k, 15-g, 16-a, 17-e, 18-m.
5.Музыкальная пауза
(Первая команда представляет свой музыкальный номер)
1.Invasion of Julius Caesar
2.Roman Occupation of the Country
3.Alfred the Great
4.Norman Conquest
d).I IV c.b.C.
5.Magna Charta
6.Peasants Uprising
7.Wars of the Roses
8.Henry the Eighth
9.Elisabeth I
10.Defeat of the Spanish Armada
j).I IV c.b.C.
11. English Commonwealth
12.Oliver Cromwell
13.The Plaque Great Fire of London
m).1949, 1967
15.Chartism People s Charter
16.General Strike Easter
Rising in Ireland
17.Elisabeth II
18.Pound Devolution
6. Конкурс Викторина «История Великобритании»
Вопросы 1 команде:
1. When did the first men and women settle in Britain? (250,000 B.C.)
2. What is the traditional name for the first inhabitants of Britain? (Iberians)
3. Where was William the Conqueror crowned? ( in Westminster Abbey)
4. Where is Magna Carta now? (in the British Museum)
5. What was lasted from 1337 to 1453? ( the Hundred Years’ War)
6. What was the first record or register of all land-holdings called?
(The Domes day Book)
7. What king was put on trial, found guilty and executed? (Charles I)
Вопросы 2 команде:
1. What is the 1605 conspiracy to blow up Parliament at the opening session
(The Gunpowder Plot)
2. Who made himself Head of State, as Lord Protector? (Oliver Cromwell)
3. Where were Napoleon’s imperial dreams crushed by the English under
(at Waterloo)
4. Who made himself the Head of the Church of England? (Henry VIII)
5. How long did Queen Victoria reign? (sixty - four years)
6. Where was the battle fought in which the Normans won?
(near the town of Hasting)
7. What islands did the British recapture from Argentina in 1982?
(The Falkland Islands)
7. Викторина «Образование и культура Великобритании»
Education and Culture
1).What is the largest museum in Great Britain? (the British Museum)
2).What is the oldest public school in England? (Eton)
3).Who set up the first English printing-press in Westminster? (William Caxton)
4).Who is the founder of the Royal Academy of Arts? (Joshua Reynolds)
5).Who painted “Marriage a la Mode”? William Hogarth)
6).Where was the first university in England founded? (at the town of Oxford)
7).Where does Royal Shakespeare Company perform? (at Stratford-on-Avon)
8).Where does the Poets’ Corner? (in Westminster Abbey)
9).Where does the Royal Opera House give performances? (at Covent Garden)
10).What theatre did Shakespeare write most of his plays for? (the Globe Theatre)
11).Where was the second university of England formed? At Cambridge)
12).what group is responsible for the so-called “pop revolution” in the West?
(the Beatles)
13).What was Benjamin Britten? (a composer)
14).What were the letters of the Anglo-Saxons called? (“runes”)
8. Музыкальная пауза
(Вторая команда представляет свой музыкальный номер)
9.Игра с болельщиками
10.Викторина «Знаменитые люди Великобритании»
Famous People
1).What is the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered by four of the
King’s knights?
(Thomas a Becket)
2).Who was the first to discover the “Dark Continent’? (David Livingstone)
3).Who sailed round the world in 1577-80 and defeated the Spanish Armada in
(Sir Francis Drake)
4).Who helped to annex Newfoundland in 1583 and whose expedition returned
with the strange
new luxury called tobacco? (Sir Walter Raleigh)
5).Name the great English explorer who reached the South Pole after Amundsen?
(Captain Robert Scott)
6).Who discovered penicillin? (Sir Alexander Fleming)
7).Who discovered electromagnetic induction? (Michael Faraday)
8).Who defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar?
(Admiral Nelson)
9).What English poet was a philosopher and a painter? (William Blake)
10).Who discovered Australia? (Captain James Cook)
11).Who was the first woman prime minister of Great Britain?
(Margaret Thatcher)
12).Who was the author of the gravitation theory? (Isaac Newton)
13).With whose name is the revolution in natural science associated?
(Charles Darwin)
14).What famous English architect planned and built St. Paul’s Cathedral?
(Christopher Wren)
11. Заключительный этап
Жюри подводит итоги.
Награждение команды победителя.