Презентация "The causes of conflicts" 9 класс

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The 3rd of March Wednesday I can’t bear to see a bear
  • I can’t bear to see a bear
  • Bear down upon a hare.
  • When bare of hair he strips the hare,
  • Right there I cry “Forbear!”
  • bear – [´beә]
  • hare – [´heә]
  • bare – [´beә]
  • forbear – [fo:´beә]
The causes of conflicts Ex. 25, p. 109
  • People don’t…
  • respect each other deserve somebody’s love
  • listen to each other get on well
  • talk to each other observe the laws of
  • co-existence
  • Some people are rich/some are poor
  • Some people are hardworking/some are
  • lazy
  • Some people are creative/some are boring
Ex. 25, p. 109
  • Why do conflicts happen in a family?
  • Why do political parties and states have conflicts?
  • What can we do about conflicts?
happen- [´hæpn] – случаться political parties – полит. партии state - [steit] - государство natural thing-естественное явление value - [´vælju:] - ценность relations - отношения violence-[´vaiәlәns]- насилие, сила to prevent-[pri´vent]-предотвращать to resolve-[ri´zolv]-решать resolution-[rezә´lu:∫n]-решение Ex. 27, p. 110 What do people want to know about conflicts? Why do conflicts happen? What can different conflicts lead to? Ex. 29, p.111
  • It is impossible to prevent all conflicts.
  • Often people have conflicts because they do not listen to each other.
  • Every person has the right to disagree with other people.
  • People can resolve conflicts in a peaceful way if they respect each other.
  • If people resolve conflicts peacefully, they will have better relations in the future.
Zero conditional
  • Ешь больше здоровой пищи, если хочешь быть здоровым.
  • Eat more healthy food if you want to be healthy.
  • You can eat more healthy food if you want to be healthy.
Ex. 33, p. 112 Main clause Condition
  • You can speak English well
  • Can you speak English well
  • Practise a lot
  • you practise a lot
  • you don’t practise a lot? No, you can’t.
  • you want to speak English well.
  • if
  • if
  • if
Ex. 31, p. 111
  • Party is a political organization
  • State is a country
  • Value is the importance of something
  • Resolve is to find out a way of dealing with a difficult situation
  • Exercise 27,
  • p. 110 – to retell