Презентация "Conflicts"

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Выполнили ученики 9 класса: Салогуб Максим, Федоренко Сергей

Учитель: Стасенко Людмила Алексеевна

Conflicts is a natural thing in our life.

Conflicts happen because people are different: they want different things, they have different ideas and their values are different. Very often people have conflicts because the do not listen to each other well.

Conflicts are different. But they are all based on misunderstanding between people.

Conflicts between classmates

Conflicts in a family.

Conflicts in politics

Every day you are in contact with people whose values are different from yours. And you have the right to disagree with their values. But you should understand that other people also have the right to be different from you. You must respect the right of other people to have ideas that differ from your ideas. People who respect each other’s ideas can resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. If people resolve conflicts peacefully, they will have better relations in the future.

Ways to resolve conflicts

  • Present itself on a place of this person.
  • Be just and tolerant people.
  • Find a solution acceptable to the both parties to the conflict.
  • To realize the right to exist another point of view.
  • Learn to hear and listen to others.
  • Remember that any conflict can be resolved peacefully.

We consider that is better to avoid the conflicts!