Презентация "Our Environment" 7 класс

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  • Our Environment
  • «If you don’t think about the future, you will not have it»
  • J. Galsworthy
Let's go camping !
  • I like camping…
  • In my opinion camping is fun ,because…
  • To my mind camping is boring.
  • I hate camping.
It is important to have a…
  • You are going camping. So, what things are important to have for camping?
  • to drop air ecological
  • to protect animals poisonous
  • to breathe water oxygen
  • to leave litter
  • to make campfire
  • to cut down flowers
  • to pick up trees
  • to bury fish
  • to kill environment
  • to pollute a fine
  • to recycle chemicals
  • to pay atmosphere
  • Match the Verbs and the Nouns
After a long day you are getting to your favourite campsite. You want to stop for the night, but you can't.
  • There are plastic bottles, tins, glass and paper everywhere.
  • What happened?
Many people all over the world are worried about the nature and discuss it in different countries.
  • How do people protect the environment in England?
  • Have you ever heard about Greenpeace?
  • What does Greenpeace do?
The most serious eсological problems are:
Water pollution
  • Nowadays pollution of water is a very important problem.
  • Many rivers, seas, oceans are polluted today.
  • Many fish and sea animals are already dead.
Air pollution
  • Some factories pollute the atmosphere with toxins and dangerous chemicals.
  • Most of the pollution comes from cars and buses. That’s why it is difficult to breathe in big cities.
Land pollution
  • Our land is also polluted
  • with toxins and chemicals.
  • There are plastic bottles, tins, glass and paper everywhere.
  • Green Rules
  • If you want the life be cool,
  • Like a full of colour picture,
  • Don't forget to write
  • Let's make Green Rules for saving our nature in our region, our country and
  • our planet.
  • What can we
  • do to protect the
  • environment?
  • We can recycle newspapers, bottles and metal cans.
  • We mustn’t cut down trees.
  • Feed birds in winter.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Keep all water
  • clean.
  • Don’t use chemicals in the garden.
  • Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  • Don’t cut wild flowers.
  • Try to avoid buying plastic. It’s hard to recycle.
  • Green Tree
  • SONG
  • ***