Конспект урока "Protection of the Environment" 8 класс

Protection of the Environment. 8 класс
Задачи урока: 1) активизация употребления лексики по теме и
формирование навыков чтения с извлечением основной информации; 2)
прививать школьникам любовь и уважительное отношение к природе; 3)
проконтролировать умения и навыки учащихся вести беседу, высказывая
своё мнение по теме.
Оборудование: карта «Environmental problems of our town» репродукции
картин с изображением природы, слайды картин, текста.
Начало урока. Приветствие. Введение в тему урока.
T. Good morning. Today we are going to discuss the problem of environmental
Children, you like our town, our district.
You want to see our district clean and tidy
You know that people all over the world are worried about our environment, the
issue of ecology is important. Before reading about ecology let s review the words
and expressions of the lesson.
а) Сначала учитель читает, а затем учащиеся повторяют.
The problem of environmental protection.
Are worried, litter, can, pulled out, pollute, extinct, harm, plant
Throw away-выбрасывать
Spring-исток, родник
Take care of- заботиться о
Rubbish- мусор
Nature- природа
Protect- защищать
б) Слова и фразы на карточках. Работа в парах. Дети проверяют друг
в) Введение новых слов на слайде, учащиеся записывают слова,
повторяют, читают.
headline - заголовок;
shallow - мелкий;
soil - почва, земля;
plant - растение;
to pollution - загрязнение;
waste products - отходы (производства);
bottom - дно;
to decay- разлагаться;
mud -грязь, ил.
swamp -болото, топь.
2) а) Now you will read a text.
How Does a Lake Die?
People in the USA and Canada may read headlines like these in newspapers or see
reports on television about Lake Erie. This big lake is not dead yet, but it is in
danger of dying.
Like many lakes in North America, Lake Erie was born more than 10,000 years
ago. Its area is 25,745 square kilometres. Lake Erie is the oldest and shallowest of
the Great Lakes, so it is natural that it is dying faster than the others.
But it is dying not only because a lot of soil, dead plants, and animal
materials are carried into it. Pollution is the greatest danger. Waste products of
many kinds are brought into the lake by rivers from cities and industries. Some of
the wastes kill fish and some kill the life on the bottom of the lake. When plants
growing in the lake die, they go down to the bottom. The same thing happens to
plant life that falls into the water. There they decay. But the process of decay is
impossible without oxygen, and in Lake Erie there is so much wastes that most of
all the oxygen is taken from the water. Most of decay stops, and the wastes
accumulate on the bottom. It was found that over 2500 square kilometers of the
lakes bottom waters have no oxygen at all.
As decay takes oxygen from the water, the animal life becomes very difficult in
Lake Erie. The fish that are best for food are disappearing. The need very much
The pollution of Lake Erie is a great danger not only for fish, but for people
too, especially for children. In many places swimming in its waters is impossible
now because of the danger to health.
Biologists think that Lake Erie will take not less than twenty years to clean
itself of undecayed wastes if all pollution is stopped now.
City and state governments in both Canada and the United States are trying to
clean up Lake Erie and put a stop to the thousands of tons of industrial and city
wastes that flow into the lake. But progress is slow, and much money is needed,
both by city and state organizations and by factories to the work well.
There is also another thing which specialists worry about navigation on the
Great Lakes. There are many important ports both on the US side and on the
Canadian side. Will the Great Lakes useful for navigation in future? The wastes
products thrown into the water by cities industries, together with the mud brought
down by the rivers, may take the lakes very shallow and swampy and useless for
navigation. The Great lakes may become swamp-land and lost in future the
economy of both Canada and the United States.
б) Now answer to the question, please .
1. What headlines to the articles about Lake Erie may be seen in newspapers?
2. Why is Lake Erie dying? Why is pollution of Lake Erie so dangerous?
You have just read and answered to the questions of the teacher about the
problem of Lake Erie.
Such problem touches our country too.
You know that polluted air, water and land are harmful to plants
animals and people. As a result а our investigations we have found out that the
central part of our country is polluted.
Publiс anxiety has grown after the Chernobyl disaster which resulted in the
pollution of vast territories with radioactivity. 60% of air pollution is caused by
different means of transport car, Lorries, buses.
T: Now let s speak about our district and town.
Our district is nice and beautiful. It is large. There are some ecological
problems in our area. What are they?
P 1: Flowers are pulled out
P 2: litter is left
P 3: the water is polluted
P 4: Fires are started
P 5: trees are cut down
P 6: birds and animals are frightened
P 7: the air is polluted
T: You are right. All these problems are very serious and important.
Please look at the map. The pictures show some environmental problems of our
district. As these problems are global I want you to discuss them (учащиеся
высказывают свои мнения по теме, используя карту )
P1: I want to be first. Paper comes from trees. If we do not recycle paper, a lot of
trees are destroyed. The countryside is spoiled. People cut down trees. Fires are
If trees are destroyed and people pick flowers and grass, birds and animals may
become extinct.
People don t harm plants!
P 2: We throw away too much . We leave litter near the river. The water is polluted
and the fish in the river die.
People, help to keep all water clean!
P3: Many years ago the River Chadan was deep and wide. People used to fish a lot.
Today people like fishing too. But some things that they use for fishing kill
People, protect animals and fish!
P4: We should keep our district tidy. It is our home. We must take care of for
ourselves and for future generations. There are a lot of springs near our town. A lot
of children clean them. It is wonderful to drink some spring water on a hot
summer day. Children, clean springs!
P5: There many animals and birds in our district. We are proud of people who
made some bird feeders and filled them with food. Children, take care of birds and
P6: I see rubbish near our town. People throw old things, paper old toys, bottles
and plastic bags. People, take litter home!
T: We have already spoken about ecology and the importance of keeping
environment clean. Pollution is getting worse and worse. But what can we do?
P1: We suggest some important rules to protect the environment.
P2: We can design posters telling people about ecological problems.
Учащимся даются карточки. Работают над карточками, используя рисунки.
Нужно отметить буквами к какому рисунку какое предложение относится.
T: Our short discussion is over. I am sure that you are real friends of our
planet. We all must do what we can to keep the air, water and land clean.
Homework : 1)to learn new words by heart .
2) make up dialogues on this topic .