Конспект урока "Экология. Keep our environment clean" 9 класс

Урок-конференция по теме «Экология» (« Keep our environment clean".)
Данный урок является обобщающим при изучении темы «Экология». Он рассчитан
для учащихся 9-ого класса, построен с учётом возможностей учащихся
конкретного класса.
Целями данного урока являются: развитие умения применять знания на
практике по теме «Экология»; развитие самостоятельности, инициативы;
повторение, обобщение материала по теме: »Экология», привитие навыков
эстетического воспитания; научить бережному отношению к окружающей среде.
Оборудование: лозунги (Nature is the source of people’s life. Environmental
protection concern everyone. The protection of nature means the protection of our
Motherland), аудиомагнитофон, аудиокассета, прилагаемая к учебному пособию
«Headway" Oxford University Press, видеоаппаратура, видеокассета с кадрами села
Ход урока- конференции
1 Организационный момент
2 Аудирование
Pre-listening task
We are much more aware now of the need to look after our environment. Make two lists
of things we should not do and things should do if we want to protect the planet.
(We should learn how to protect the environment. We should learn how to clean our
lakes and rivers. We should not litter. We should not throw our trash in the streets or
parks. We should buy recycled products. We should plant the trees. We should look at
what throw away and try to throw away less. We should try to reuse products. ...
Listening for information
You will hear an interview with John Baines, an education consultant who writes book
about the environment. He talks about how he tries to be "green", that is, to be friendly
to the environment.
I = Interviewer
J = John Baines
I John, I know that you are interested in all things to do with the environment and the
need to protect it. ...
J Right.
I Can you tell me some of the things you have changed in your lifestyle to become
a 'green' person?
J Oh, yes. I could erm... I could think of the think of one or two things that I have tried to
do over the last couple of years. I think it is a couple of years since I got my bicycle out
of the garage and repaired it, and now I use it as much as possible. I use my car less. I
try to do ten per cent fewer miles every year, so last year I drove eleven thousand miles,
and this year I am going to try to do only ten thousand.
I So does this mean that you travel less?
J This does not mean I travel less, this means I walk more often. When I do my
shopping, I always walk now. I use public transport when I can, usually going be train.
I I am sure your car runs on unleaded petrol.
J Yes, it does. It is cheaper, and it keeps the air cleaner.
I So that is transport. What about in the home? What's different in the kitchen?
J Well, I save as much as I can, I don't throw it away. I have different bags for different
things. One bag has all the cans going into it, from the cat food to the beer. The second
bag has all the papers going into it, and the third bag has bottles, from er... olive oil
bottles to wine bottles to lemonade bottles. But the milk bottles still go on the doorstep
so that they can be reused.
I And what do you do with these bags?
J I take them to places where they can be recycled. There's a place in the village
where you can take them.
I And have you changed any of the things you buy?
J Yes. I get washing-up liquid and washing powder that doesn't harm the
I But does it get your clothes as white?
J I don't think my washing was ever... very white, actually. No, it's fine.
I We were talking about food. I know you've become a vegetarian. Is this part of being
'green', or something totally different?
J Erm... yes and no. Looking after animals. I think, is important as looking after the
environment. I mean, they're part of it. So I prefer not to kill animals to eat them.
Animals eat food that people could eat. But if people to eat meat, that's their decision.
I Mm. I think it's that people all over the world are becoming more aware of the need to
look after the planet. If we don't look after it, what will happen ... do you think?
J If we don't become more friendly to the environment, then environment will make it
more difficult for us, so that our life will not be as comfortable. I think we'll survive...
I Oh, good!
J ... but these are very important times.
Comprehension check
1. What are some of the does more of and some of the things he does less of?
2. Complete the following sentences/
a. John uses his bicycle more because ----------------------------------------------------
b. He's going to try to use less petrol by ----------------------------------------------------
c. Не uses unleaded petrol because ---------------------------------------------------------
d. When the bags in his kitchen are fill, ------------------------------------------------------
e. He's a vegetarian because --------------------------------------------------------------------
f. John thinks that if we don't look after -------------------------------------------------------
What do you think?
1. Horn 'green' are you? What have you done to be more friendly to the environment?
2. John thinks that people should try to change their lifestyle little by little, not all at
How could you become more 'green'? (I could walk more. I could take the
bottles to places where they can be recycled. I could get washing powder that
doesn't harm the environment. I could become a vegetarian. I could looking for
animals...) 3 Основная часть урока
Музыкальный фон. Четыре ученика по очереди читают стихотворение.
"Hug the Earth" (By Lorraiine Bayes).
Walking along feeling free
Feeling the earth here with me
And I love her, she loves me.
She's our friend,
We'd like to be together forever.
The earth is a garden.
It's a beautiful place.
For all living creatures,
For all the human race.
Helping Mother Earth
We can peacefully roam.
We all deserve a place
We can call our home.
Food is a treasure from the soil and the sea.
Clean, fresh air from the plants and the trees.
The warm of the sun giving life each day
Turns water into rain, it's nature's way.
And I would like to thank you, Mother Earth,
I like to see you dressed in green and blue
I want to be by you.
2a Просмотр кадров «Загрязнённые участки нашего села»
Compere; Comrades, today we have our conclusions lesson on the topic "Ecology".We
shall discuss many important problems connected with our topic. With the help of the
film you will exchange your opinions about this global problem, how to protect our Earth,
how to prevent further pollution of the atmosphere, what urgent and necessary
measures to undertake.
Now watch the film about ecology, please.
( Начиная с пятого- шестого кадра шесть учеников читают стихотворение по
очереди, по две строчки каждый.)
What have they done to the World?
What have they done to the seas, my friend?
What have they done to the seas?
What have they done to the rivers, my friend?
What have they done to the trees?
What have they done to our land, my friend?
This land wich is ours from our birth.
What have they done to our forests, my friend?
What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to the skies, my friend?
Skies that are blue and so clear.
What have they done to the air?
2bОбсуждение проблемы
Compere; Comrades, just now you saw a film about the environmental situation in our
village. As this problem is global, I want you to discuss it. Please, be active in the
discussion. Who wants to be the first?
P: I want to be the first. The film and the words of the poem impressed me greatly. I'm
upset because just now we saw many polluted parts of our village. I'm interested in the
issue of why environmental problems have become exceptionally acute in our country.
Compere; Who would like to discuss it?
P: For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment. Today the situation is
quite different. People all over the world are worried about what is happening to the
environment. Newspapers and magazines write about water pollution, air pollution and
soil pollution. People have been polluting the world around them for thousand and
thousand of years. But in the past, there were not many people in the
world, so they could move to another place when their settlements became dirty. Now
many parts of the world are overcrowded, people live in big cities and much of the
waste, especially waste from factories, the chemical industry and heavy industry is very
dangerous. Fish dies in the lakes, rivers and seas, forest trees die too.
Compere; Why have people become more environment- conscious in recent years?
P: People have become more environment- conscious in recent years because now
nature is in a very dangerous situation. Many parts of the world are overcrowded. Most
of the people live in big cities. They suffer from smog. The waste of the enterprises is
very dangerous. The waste gets into the soil, water, air and of course this affects the
health of people. The earth is our home, and we must tare care of it for ourselves and
for the next generations. This means keeping the environment clean. P: I want to add
this. The pollution of the air, oceans, seas, lakes, the destruction of the ozon layer can
lead our planet to a global catastrophe, and therefore the people of all countries must
do everything to save the Earth.
Compere; Have you any other problems for discussion?
P. Why is it necessary for young people to participate in the environmental movement?
P: lt"s necessary for young people to participate in the environmental movement to save
our Earth from catastrophe. We know about the Chernobyl tragedy, we know the
ecological situation of our planet. We must act immediately to stop the pollution of the
environment, we must keep it clean. We must take care of it for ourselves and for the
next generations. Each of us must do everything possible to keep the land, air and
water clean. Our Earth is in a very dangerous situation.
Compere: Thank you for you press - conference.
Comrades, you know how dangerous the ecological situation of our Earth is. What do
people do and what must they do to protect natnre from pollution, to keep the earth
clean, to keep people healthy? Who would like to begin?
P1: People activity cooperate in solving ecological problems.
P2: People plant gardens, future forests. They take part in Bird Day and Forest Day. At
schools there are new lessons in ecology. Children are taught to take care of nature.
P3: Green zones must be created.
P4: Pollution control systems must be introduced.
P5: Every city must begin the clean air campaign. P6: The factories must be
redesigned. 3 Подведение итогов
Compere: Comrades, as active participants of the ecological commission you may be
invited to take part in a conference on the protection of nature in one of the cities of our
country. In want you to write reports entitled "Environmental Problems Of our Region".
Please, write down your hometask.
Compere: I want you to sing the song wich sounds as a call to the peoples of the whole
world to save the Earth. Please, sing the song'. "Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song"
The Earth is my home.
I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful.
I will love the land, the air, the water and all leaving creatures.
I will be a defender of my planet, united with friends.
I will save the Earth. United with friends,
I promise to keep it, United with friends,
I will love the land, United with friends,
I'll be a defender, I will save the Earth.
I will save the Earth.