Презентация "What’s the news?" 9 класс УМК "Enjoy English"

Подписи к слайдам:

What’s the


-«Live and learn»

-«Obtain information, obtain the world»

-«Tastes do differ»

-«So many men, so many minds»

The mottos:

Mass Media





What kind of viewer are you?

1. You look up the programmes before you put the TV on.

a) Rarely

b) Sometimes

c) Often

2. If there isn't a programme which interests you, you don't switch on the TV.

a) Rarely

b) Sometimes

c) Often

3. You've got favourite programmes which you can't miss.

a) None

b) Some

c) A lot

4. You like talking to friends about television programmes.

a) Rarely

b) Sometimes

c) Often

For you watching TV is a way of escaping from reality. TV keeps you company and doesn't ask for much in return. Be careful not to isolate yourself from others or give up more interesting things. Sometimes it's good to escape from reality, but it's important that you shouldn't do it too often.

Majority of A answers

Majority of B answers

Television isn't very important for you. It's no problem to give it up if there's something more interesting to do. But if you have to stay at home you watch whatever's on that night. So, be careful not to be too superficial in choice!

Majority of C answers

You've got an active relationship with TV. You have a good critical sense and know how to choose programmes. Be careful not to give TV too much importance and don't let it influence your language and way of life too much. Sometimes it's better to read a book.


“Television, computers, books”

Find English equivalents to these Russian sentences.

1. Что касается книг и компьютеров, я твердо уверен, что компьютеры никогда не заменят книги.

2. Я уверен, что компьютеры нельзя сравнить с художественной литературой.

3. Исторические романы, приключенческие книги, детективы, научная фантастика, романы и стихи, которые мы читаем ради удовольствия или по рекомендации учителей, создают особую атмосферу.

4. Книги - это величайшее чудо в мире. Они дают знания и воспитывают нас. Через времена и расстояния мы можем соприкоснуться с величайшими умами человечества.

Choose the correct variant to finish the sentences.

1. It is quicker and easier to find the necessary information…

-in the reference book.

-watching TV

-in the computer.

2. A computer can help you in reading books without turning the pages but working on the computer…

-has a harmful impact on eyesight.

-demands certain effort.

-doesn't bring pleasure.

3. Screen versions of literary masterpieces add much to our understanding…

-the author and arouse unforgettable emotions.

-the art of film production.

-the problems of film making industry.

Roald Dahl “Television”

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