Обобщающий урок-игра "Страноведение" 11 класс

Обобщающий урок-игра 1 четверти «Счастливый случай» «А
Happy Chance» по теме «Страноведение» в 11а классе.
учитель Лунёва Л.В. МБОУ «СОШ №6» г. Лысьва
Цели урока:
1. Обобщение страноведческой лексики по пройденной теме;
Практика учащихся в аудировании, говорении.
2. Развитие внимания, памяти, фонематического слуха, языковой
догадки, слуховой и речевой реакции.
3. Воспитание чувства ответственности, самостоятельности,
способности к совместной работе в группе; Формирование
уважительного отношения к иноязычной культуре.
4. Расширение кругозора учащихся, привитие интереса к предмету.
Наглядность и оснащение урока:
1. Плакат с изображением подковы эмблемы игры.
2. Плакат с названием игры «A Happy Chance».
3. «Черный ящик».
4. На доске названия раундов и номера вопросов 2 раунда.
5. Картинки и творческие работы учащихся с изображением
достопримечательностей англоязычных стран.
6. Жетоны.
7. Призы.
8. Цветы, воздушные шары для украшения кабинета.
Teacher (T): Dear boys and girls. Today we have a competition between two
teams «A Happy Chance». It is a question and answer game.
Let s introduce yourselves.
Команды по очереди представляют себя: главу семьи (капитана) и
остальных участников. А также название команды, состав команды был
определен заранее. Члены группы, не вошедшие в состав команд, -
Т.: These two teams will take part in a game of the most quick witted and the
cleverest. Our game has four rounds:
1. You ask, I answer.
2. Puzzles out of the Barrel.
3. A Dark Horse (A Black Box).
4. The Race after the Leader.
I shall give you counters for every correct answer and the team which answers
the most questions and takes the most number of counters, wins. In the first and
fourth rounds you will have 5 minutes at your disposal. Each team takes turns in
asking and answering questions.
Ход игры:
Round 1 «You ask, I answer»
T.: And now we come to the first round of the game. Your home task was to
prepare 3 questions to your rivals.
Команды задают друг другу подготовленные дома вопросы в течение пяти
минут. За каждый правильный ответ – жетон.
Round 2 «Puzzles out of the Barrel»
T: And now we come to the second round of our game. We ve got six topics, six
questions in each .Your task is to choose a topic and a number of the question
Let s do it in turn.
Команды по очереди называют тему и номер вопроса. За каждый угаданный
вопрос – жетон. Длительность раунда не более 15 20 минут.
I American Presidents
1. Who of the American presidents plays the saxophone? (B. Сlinton)
2. Who of the American presidents didn’t live in the white House?
(G. Washington)
3. Who of the American presidents was shot in the theatre? (A. Lincoln)
4. Who of the American presidents was a Hollywood actor? (R. Reagan)
5. Who of the American presidents initiated a Watergate Scandal?
(R. Nixon)
6. Who of the American presidents was shot in Dallas? (S. Kennedy)
II American States
1. What is the smallest state in the USA? (Hawaii)
2. What is the biggest state in the USA? (Alaska)
3. A lot of the Mexicans live in this state. (Texas)
4. What is the coldest state in the USA? (Alaska)
5. Where is Disney Land situated? (California)
6. Where is Grand Canyon situated? (Arizona)
III American History and Culture
1. What country gave the USA the Statue of Liberty as a present? (France)
2. What city is famous for its casinoes? (Las Vegas)
3. How is the monument to G. Washington called? (the pencil)
4. What is the nickname of the American flag? (stars and stripes)
5. How many sides has the Pentagon? (five)
6. What is the first capital of the USA? (Philadelphia)
IV British History and Culture
1. What is Oxbridge? (Oxford and Cambridge)
2. What is the nickname of the British flag? (the Union Jack)
3. What square in London is its geographical centre? (Trafalgar Square)
4. What lake is the most popular place in Scotland? (Loch Ness)
5. What are the colors of the British flag? (red, white, and blue)
6. How many children has the British Queen? (four)
V Australia
1. Can koalas live outside Australia? (no)
2. Is it cold or hot in Christmas in Australia? (hot)
3. What river an Australia is called the Australian Volga or the Australian
Mississippi? (the Darling)
4. There is a monument to this animal in one of the Australian states. (a sheep)
5. What is Down Under? (a nickname of Australia)
6. What bird is the national symbol of Australia? (the emu)
VI Canada
1. What oceans is Canada washed by? (the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans)
2. Is Canada the largest country in the world? (No, it isn’t)
3. What is one of the most splendid sights in Canada? (The Niagara Falls)
4. What are the two main official languages in Canada? (English and French)
5. What river in Canada is still called a French river? (the St Lawrence River)
6. Are there many islands in the north of Canada? (Yes, there are)
Round №3 «A Black Box» (A Dark Horse)
Т.: Well, dear children, I ve got something for you in the box, which is connected
with Britain. Try to guess, what it is.
Команды по очереди задают общие вопросы, пытаясь угадать, что в
«черном» ящике. Это может быть любой предмет (сувенир), связанный с
темой урока. Жетон получает команда, первая отгадавшая предмет.
Длительность раунда – 5-7 минут.
Round №4 «The Race after the Leader»
T.: It is our last round. I ve got 20 questions for you. Let s answer my questions
in turn.
Дети по очереди как можно быстрее отвечают на вопросы учителя.
Длительность раунда 5-10 минут. За правильный ответ жетон.
The Race after the Leader
20 Questions
1. Which group of stars can you see on the Australian flag? (the Southern Cross)
2. What 2 Olympic cities in Australia do you know? (Sydney and Melbourne)
3. Who of the Americans gave the order to throw bombs on two Japanese
towns? (H. Truman)
4. Who and where invented coca-cola? (J. Pemberton, Atlanta, Georgia)
5. What is the highest point in the UK? (Ben Nevis)
6. What is the home town of the group Beatles (Liverpool)
7. In what American city is a famous Wall Street situated? (New York)
8. What city was the first Australian capital? (Melbourne)
9. What animal outnumbers people in Australia? (a sheep)
10. Who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar? (Lord Nelson)
11. Are there a lot of skyscrapers in Washington? (No)
12. Who of the American presidents was a writter, an architect and a musician?
(T. Jefferson)
13. Who of the American writers wrote the novel “Cabbages and Kings”?
(O’ Henry)
14. Who was the king of rock-n-roll in the USA (Elvis Presley)
15. Who spoke the words “to be or not to be”? (Hamlet)
16. What is the most popular drink in Britain? (tea)
17. What is the colour of a London taxi? (black)
18. In what museum can we see the figures of famous people?
(Madam Tussaud’s Museum)
19. What tragedies by Shakespeare do you know? («Hamlet», «Romeo and
Juliet», «Othello»…)
20. Who were the first to discover Australia? (the Dutch)
Подведение итогов:
Т.: Let s add up the score of the game.
Дети подсчитывают количество заработанных жетонов.
Т.: The score is … to….in favour of … team. So, the team … is the winner.
По окончании все участники игры получают призы, а самые активные
отличные отметки в журнал.