Презентация "Mass Media in Great Britain" 9 класс

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Mass Media in Great Britain The most popular Mass Media
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting Media
  • Radio TV
  • Digital Media
Newspapers   There are two main types of newspapers: the «popular» newspapers and the «quality» newspapers. The «quality» newspapers
  • These newspapers are big size, with large, serious articles and more detailed information. The «quality» papers are…
The Daily Telegraph
  • The Daily Telegraph is a daily morning UK English language newspaper, and distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.
The Times
  • The Times is a British daily national newspaper based in London. It began in 1785 under the title The Daily Universal Register and became The Times in 1788.
The Guardian
  • The Guardian is a British centre-left national daily newspaper founded in 1821.
The Observer The Independent
  • The Independent is a British national morning newspaper published in London.
The «popular» newspapers
  • The popular newspapers (known as «tabloids») are less in size, with many pictures, big headlines and short articles. They are easy to read. They are such papers as…
Daily Mail Daily Mirror Daily Express The Sun Magazines Hello!
  • Hello (stylized as HELLO!) is a weekly magazine specializing in celebrity news and human-interest stories.
Vanity Fair
  • Vanity Fair is a magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. The present Vanity Fair has been published since 1983.


  • Radio has a large number of listeners in the United Kingdom. There are around 600 radio stations in the country.
BBC Radio
  • The service provides people the majority of musical genres, the information about local news, affairs and interests.
Commercial radio
  • The commercial channels: Absolute Radio, Classic FM and talkSPORT and many others stations. The predominant format is pop music, classic music and reports about sport.


  • There are 5 main channels in Britain:
  • BBC One, ITV, BBC Two, Channel 4, Channel 5.
  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the public-service broadcaster of the United Kingdom, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London.
  • It is the world's oldest national broadcasting organization and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees.
  • ITV is a commercial TV network in the United Kingdom, launched in 1955 as Independent Television.
Channel 5 and Channel 4
  • Channel 5 and Channel 4 are the British commercial television networks.
The Internet
  • Nowadays it’s hard to imagine our live without the Internet. It has become an important part of every person’s life.