План-конспект урока "Mass Media in Great Britain" 8 класс

План-конспект урока для 8 класса к учебнику М.З. Биболетова
Enjoy English-8”.
Mass Media in Great Britain
Good morning, children! I`m glad to see you. Look, please at
the screen and tell me what we are going to speak about?
(слайд 1). The students name the theme of the lesson.
Which Mass Media do you know? What Mass Media is the
youngest? What Mass Media is the oldest? What Mass Media
do you use most of all? Why?
Let`s Speak about Television. (слайд 2) How often do you
watch TV? Name, please, advantages and disadvantages of
watching TV? Why do you watch TV? What programmes do you
like watching? Do you watch the news? Can you watch TV and
do the homework at the same time?
Let`s speak about the Internet. (слайд 3). Name the reasons of
surfing the Net:
1 You tube download video, music, pictures
2 Skype chat on-line via Skype
3 GPRS search any certain place on our planet
4 Google- find necessary information
5 make friends and communicate
6 can e-mail our friends at any time
7 do the shopping, order the tickets
Now we are going to watch the film about newspapers and
television in Great Britain. While watching the film answer,
please, the questions. (слайд 4)
The students watch the first part of the film newspapers in
Great Britain.
Now answer the questions (слайд 4).
Еру Next task tick the newspapers which were mentioned in
the film.(слайд 5)
Do you read newspapers? Who in your family reads
newspapers? Do you know any Russian tabloids? Do you know
any Russian broadsheets? What is your attitude to the free
local newspapers which contain a lot of advertising?
The next part of the film Television.
After watching do some exercises (слайд 6).
The BBC has 5 national radio stations, 35 local radio stations
and 2 TV channels. It is not commercial.
Commercial channels are ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5. (слайд 7)
Слайд 8 -make up the word combinations with the following
words . For example: satellite television, tabloid newspaper…
Слайд 9 match the two words to make a common
What have you learned today? What information was new for
you? Your homework is to write down the information which
you have heard during the lesson: Mass Media in Great Britain.
Подведение итогов урока, выставление оценок.