Презентация "Animals in Great Britain"

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Animals in Great Britain
  • Проектная работа по английскому языку на тему : «Животные в нашей жизни»
  • Выполнила ученица 6 класса Гетманская Дина
  • Руководитель: Бойченко С.В.
Animals in Great Britain People in Great Britain like animals. There are even special hospitals, which help wild animals. There are a lot of television films about wildlife. They are very popular with children and grown ups. A lot of British families have 'bird tables' in their gardens. Birds can eat from them during the winter months. The 'bird table' should be high because cats can eat birds. The British often think their animals are like people. For example in Britain animals can have jobs like people. British Rail has cats and pays them for their work. Their job is to catch mice. There is usually one cat per station. They get food and free medical help. The cats don't catch a lot of mice but they are very popular with the British Rail staff and travellers. Which of these animals pets ? Which of these wild animals ? Present Perfect Simple
  • Утвердительные предложения:
  • I have played We have played
  • You have played You have played
  • He / she / it has played They have played
  • Вопросительные предложения:
  • Have I played? Have we played?
  • Have you played? Have you played?
  • Has he / she / it played? Have they played?
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  • I have not played We have not played
  • You have not played You have not played
  • He / she / it has not played They have not played