Презентация "The Internet is a global mass media" 8 класс

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The Internet is a global mass media The Internet was invented in 1991 and it was called world wide web by Tim Bernes Lee and was connected by telephone cable. In the Internet we can: communicate with each other download music watch videos play games The most popular mail servers are At first the Internet was associated with virtual world with global villages and internet cafes When programmers want to control the Net they started to use road signs and words for that Then the information became so large that it became an Ocean and user a Surfer Now the internet is a living organism with viruses, eatable memory and handshakes Answer the questions
  • When was the internet invented?
  • Who invented it?
  • What was the first name for the Internet?
  • What Social medias do you know? Which of them do you like and use?
  • What mail servers are the most popular nowadays?
  • What can we do in the Internet?
  • What was the first association with the Internet?
  • What Internet road words do you know?
  • What Internet words connected with the Ocean can you name?
virus, surf the net, piracy, flood, eat memory, handshake, download speed, traffic, crashes, roadblocks, navigator, the Internet cafe, global village, backbone, social media, gamer

The Internet is an Ocean

The Internet is a living organism

The Internet is a road

The Internet is a virtual world


Eat memory


Global village

Surf the net


download speed

Social media




Internet cafe