Конспект урока "Mass Media in our life" 8 класс

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Конспект урока по английскому языку
в 8 классе
«Mass media in our life»
учитель английского языка
Каргина Виктория Васильевна
Тема: Mass media in our life
Тип урока: урок закрепление
Проблема: Is mass media a curse or blessing?
Цель: продолжить работу по данной теме, с целью ответить на вопрос: “Is mass media a curse or blessing ? Закрепить лексику по данной
Задачи урока:
1) совершенствование монологической и диалогической сторон речи;
2) совершенствование умений аудирования;
3) совершенствование фонетических навыков;
4) стимулирование языковой деятельности учащихся.
1) развитие навыков говорения;
2) развитие навыков работы в группах;
3) развитие навыков устной речи;
4) развитие грамматических навыков (make, do).
1) повторить раннее изученную лексику;
2) выучить новую лексику и применить ее в речевых ситуациах.
1) воспитать интерес к данной теме;
3) развитие кругозора учащихся по данной проблеме.
Оснащение урока: мультимедийное оборудование, доска, раздаточный материал, учебник.
Ход урока.
Название этапа
Деятельность учителя
1. Орг. момент с
элементами речевой
зарядки (беседа о
средствах массовой
Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Pupils, sit down please. How
are you feeling today?
Please, answer my questions
1. Did you watch TV yesterday? What programme did you watch?
2. Do you think that mass media plays a very important role in out life? Why?
3. Do you listen to the radio every day?
4. Do you have favourite channel, programme? What is it?
5. Do you think that mass media is useful for people? Why?
6. What is broadsheet and tabloid?
3 мин.
Good morning!
Fine, thanks.
2. Объявление темы
As we see, everybody deals with mass media every day. That’s why today we will speak
about mass media in our life. And the main problem of the lesson is if mass media a
curse or blessing? Solving this problem we will revise lexic, learn new words, practice in
grammar, in reading and speaking, also we will work in groups.
1 мин.
3. Фонетическая
And now let’s practice in pronunciation of the sound [p]. Repeat after me:
-sponsor, power of sponsor, power of sponsor’s opinion.
-progress, programme’s progress, to promote programme’s progress.
-press, to provide press, to provide press with paper.
-pleasure, to have pleasure, to have pleasure of programme.
Look at the slide and read tongue twister as quickly as possible. But first of all repeat
after me:
A pleasant place to place a plaice is a place
where a plaice is pleased to be placed.
Thank you, well done.
2 мин.
Повторяют за
материала по теме
Now, I want you to revise the words. Please translate:
-прогноз погоды
2 мин.
-weather forecast
-a crime
-сосредотачивать внимание
-желтая пресса
Make up one sentence with some these words.
-to focus
Составляют по
предложению с
лексики по теме
4. Работа в группах
As our aim is to know if mass media is a curse or blessing, your task is to listen to me,
my opinion of one of the kind of mass media-radio. Do you want to listen to my
opinion? After it you should do some work in groups. Let’s start.
To my way of thinking mass media is not always useful for contemporary society, it is
better to say that in most cases it is harmful for people. I want to start with radio. It is
goes without saying that radio plays a very important role in the public life. Do you
agree with me? But inspite of improving your mood after having heard famous song or
funny story it can bear negative influence on us. What are negative influence? For
example, by vulgar anecdotes. Very often we can hear how leadings make fun of
hearings. Did you hear something about it? To attract a large audience, radio makes up
unreal information about celebrities. But of course there are stations which give us
historical, political information and can raise our cultural level. That’s why we should
aim to listen to these only radio stations. To what radio stations should we aim to
listen to?
Now, as I promised, you will work in groups. Your task is in 4 minutes you should
tell us about advantages and disadvantages of different kind of mass media: (группам
даются темы бесед ).
1) TV
2) Advertising
3) Magazines
4) Newspaper
5) Radio (для самой слабой группы)
As we see every group found as positive as negative points of mass media. That s why
mass media can be a curse and blessing at one time.
10 мин.
Ответы учеников
Ответы учеников
5. Аудирование.
Now, listen to the extract about television, as it is one of the part of mass media. After
и контроль навыков
the first listening you should only understand the general idea of the fragment. There is a
slide with unknown words for you. After the second listening you should do several
Task № 1. Say whether the statements are true or false:
1.With the help of radio people are able to know only reliable information.
2.TV makes it possible to watch main topics in politics, economy.
3.It is ridiculous to deny that tabloids never publish gossip.
4.Broadsheets write a lot about celebrities and their secrets, scandals and private life.
Check yourself:
Task 2. Answer the questions.
1. What are two main kinds of newspaper in the UK?
a) broadsheets and anecdotes;
b) tabloids and broadsheets ;
c) easy reading and quality newspapers.
2. With what newspaper/magazine does the English Queen start her day?
a) The sun;
b) The Times;
c) Metro.
3. Who seems to have a favourite daily or weekly chat show, serial, news
a) women;
b) children;
c) men;
d) everyone.
Check yourself:
1. b
4 мин.
3 мин.
Слушают текст
задания на
затем проверяем.
2. b
3. d
6. Проверка
домашнего задания
Now let’s check you homework. You wrote a dialogue “Mass media in our life”.
Ok. Thank you.
7 мин.
Читают диалоги
7. Задание на
навыков (make, do)
Last lesson we spoke about word-combinations with verbs make and do. Now I want
to check how you understood it. I will give you 2 minutes to do this task.
Task № 3. Complete the sentences with make or do.
1. Do people ___ a mistake when they all the time watch TV?
2. I can easily listen to the radio while ___homework.
3. My friend advertises my own goods, thereby he ___ me a favour.
4. Advertising ___ progress.
5. They ___ a decision not to watch TV after 10 p.m.
6. Can we ___ sports when we all the time are involved in TV?
7. I ___ up my mind to take part in a radio panel game.
8. I ___ friends on a quiz programme.
Check yourself:
4 мин.
Работа с
8. Домашнее
During our lesson we were speaking about mass media. We understood that mass
media has advantages and disadvantages. That is why we can not answer the problem’s
question if mass media is a curse or blessing. I would like to say that we should not abuse
watching TV or listening to the radio, we should find the time for doing another work,
for example, for doing your homework or for helping your mother in doing some
cooking or chores.
Your marks are …
Write down your homework: to write a letter about your favourite TV
3 мин.
programme(100-140 words). Thank you for good job. Our lesson is over. Good bye.
9. Резервное задание.
We have some time and I offer to make next task. Please, take the card. I will give you 4
minutes to do it.
Task № 4.Match the sentences with follow-up comments.
1.There’s a history programme on later I would like to watch.
2.There’s a game show on later I would like to watch.
3.There’s a chat show on later I would like to watch.
4.I would like to watch the news later.
5.There’s a cartoon series on later I would like to watch.
a) There was a contestant on last week who won a million pounds.
b) There might be something more about that bombing in London.
c) The guy who hosts it is really funny and they have some interesting guests on
d) It is by the same people who did The Simpsons. It should be really funny.
e) It is about life in the 19th century.
Check yourself:
6 мин.