Презентация "Gifts for everyone" 7 класс

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William always wears a very warm woolen vest in winter.

ex. 4 p. 92 Jim: Here’s my present. I hope you like it. Billy: Fantastic! I’ve always wanted trainers like these and they go with my new tracksuit. Jim: I’m glad you like them. Are they your size? Billy: Oh, no. They’re too big. Jim: That’s all right. You can exchange them. Billy: Thanks. Jim: Don’t mention it. Jim: This is for you. Jim: This is for you. Shelley: That’s very kind of you. What is it? Jim: Open it and see. Shelley: Wow. It’s a lovely anorak. Jim: Try it on and see if it fits. Shelley: Ok. Hang on a sec. There. It’s just my size. What do you think? Jim: It really suits you. It matches the colour of your eyes. Shelley: Really? Thank you very much. GIFTS FOR EVERYONE








PATTERN Checked PATTERN Polka-dot PATTERN Striped PATTERN Plain material MATERIAL Paper MATERIAL Wooden MATERIAL Plastic MATERIAL Metal MATERIAL Silver MATERIAL Leather MATERIAL Woollen MATERIAL Cotton MATERIAL Velvet REMEMBER ! When describing objects, take care with the order of adjectives. 1. Shape 2. Pattern 3. Material SPEAKING ex. 2 p. 90
  • I bought some square, striped, velvet cushions yesterday.
  • I bought a square, striped, velvet cushion yesterday.
A wallet

A make-up case

A wallet

Shape, pattern, material

A bag A bag

A ball

Shape, pattern, material


A frame

A bowl

Shape, pattern, material

LISTENING ex. 2 p. 55 (w.b.)

Emily is shopping for new clothes. Listen to the dialogue between Emily

and the shop assistant. Answer the questions.

1. Emily needs a new outfit for: A. a wedding B. a party C. a job interview 2. What size is Emily? A. small B. medium C. large 3. What colour does Emily decide to try on? A. blue B. brown C. orange 4. What is Emily looking for? A. a skirt and a pair of shoes B. a jacket, a skirt and a pair of shoes C. a jacket and a pair of trousers 5. Where should Emily go to buy shoes? A. the Footwear department B. the Womenswear department C. the Sports department «Cut reading» «Cut reading» READING AND SPEAKING ex. 3a p. 90
  • Who is the e-mail to?
  • Who is the e-mail from?
  • What is it about?
For team № 1 1) What has Wendy been doing? 2) What was the most difficult for Wendy? 3) What did she buy for her little brother? 4) Why did she buy for her dad a wallet?
  • Who doesn’t mind what presents she get?
  • What did Wendy buy for her grandmother?

Answer the questions!

For team № 2
  • It was a greeting from Canada.
  • It was very easy for Wendy to find presents for everyone.
  • The present for her brother was a red car.
  • Her mother likes all Wendy’s presents.
  • She’s found a very beautiful polka-dot make up case for her grandma.
  • She’s bought a present for her friend Angela.

True or False

HOMEWORK 1) Student’s book Learn the words! p. 90 2) Workbook 9c ex 1 p. 55 Write an e-mail to a friend
  • where you are
  • how you like it
  • what you have been doing
  • what presents and souvenirs you have bought
  • when you are coming back