Внеклассное мероприятие "Почему мы изучаем английский язык? Знаешь ли ты английский язык?" 5 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие
по английскому языку для 5 класса
«Почему мы изучаем английский язык? Знаешь ли
ты английский язык?»
Why do we learn English ? Do you know English
Урок подготовила учитель английского языка
Мухаметзянова Равиля Наилевна.
Цель: повысить интерес учащихся к изучению иностранного языка и стране изучаемого
Расширение лексического запаса учащихся;
Расширение лингвистического кругозора и эрудиции учащихся;
Активизация и закрепление лексики по темам School, My home;
Выявление уровня знаний, умений и навыков по пройденным темам;
Повторение грамматического материала по темaм конструкция there is/there are,
plurals,глагол to be,have /has got ;
Развитие языковой догадки, внимания и логического мышления;
Воспитание умения работать в команде;
Воспитание чувства взаимопомощи;
Воспитание уважительного отношения к соперникам;
Воспитание культуры общения.
Воспитание толерантности и уважительного отношения к английскому языку.
шарики, карточки с заданиями, интерактивная доска, карточки для конкурсов “Lazy
Sentences,Captains’, “Actors”, музыкальное сопровождение, оценочный лист, классная
доска, мел, грамоты и дипломы.
Ход мероприятия:
I.Организационный момент.
- Good afternoon, children! Today we have a game lesson Why do we learn English ? Do you
know English well?” Let’s see who the best in English is.
Do you like English?
Do you know many English words?
Let уou introduce your teams, so the first contest is:“Introduction” you can earn 5 points for
this contest.
Contest 1. “Introduction”
Dear captains, introduce yourself and the members of your teams. Let me introduce our teams .
Представление команд.
Капитаны команд представляют себя и членов своих команд, рассказывают о cвоих
увлечениях и интересах по схеме:
Favourite school subjects
1 команда:
Our team “DREAM TEAM”.
Our motto is:“To dream is well. Our dreams are good.
The aim of team “To realize all dreams.”
2 команда:
Our team “Smile” is greeting you!
Our motto is
“We’ll win with SMILE
With SMILE we’ll lose!”
Fans help us!
Judges don’t be very serious
And we promise you
All will be OK.
T: Well done.
Contest 2 My dear school .My home- my castle”
-Your task is to name as much things connected with school and home as possible.
The difficulty is that you shouldnt repeat one and the same word two times. you can earn
1points for correctly saying word in this contest.
-Ready, steady, go!!!
(Нужно перечислить слова (существительные), связанные с темами Школа и Мой дом за
каждое правильно сказанное слово вы зарабатываете по 1 баллу.).
Contest 3 Lazy Sentences
-Let us do one more task. Now I will give you some cards with 5 sentences. But be careful! The
words in the cards are put into wrong positions. You should correct the mistakes. you can earn
5 points for this contest.
Start doing the task. You are given 2 minutes.
(Нужно записать предложения, расставляя слова в правильном порядке максимальное
количество баллов 5).
-The, is, new, house. ___________________________________________
-I, in, bag, ruler, pen ,books, have, my ____________________________________
-Which, is, Ann, floor, on,? ____________________________________
-My, favorite, friends, is, subject, English. ___________________________________
-There, not, carpet, is, in, living room, our. __________________________________________
Contest 4 “Who is quicker?”
The next contest is “Who is quicker?” Your task is to guess the word quicker than others.
Ready, steady, go!!!
1. The first day of the week…
2. The colour of the sun…
3. You drink this when you are thirsty…
4. Move quickly…
5.The month that follows October…
6. A domestic animal…
7. You grow flowers in a…
8. Eight plus one is…
9. A very big animal…
10. A spring red flower…
11. Boys and girls at school are…
(Answers: Sunday, yellow, water, run, November, dog, garden, nine, elephant, tulip, pupils.)
Contest 5. “Captains’ contest”.
Dear captains, this contest is for you. You know a lot of words, you can read and write. And
what about grammar? Correct the mistakes. (Капитанам команд даются карточки, в которых
они исправляют ошибки. В это время проводится следующий конкурс.)
Correct the mistakes
1. My brother have two best friend.
2. ?
3. They do not drink hot milk.
4. Does your mother reads books?
5. British people likes tea?
6. Does you like chocolate? Yes, I like.
7. My friends doesn’t like meat. They eats only vegetables.
8. John likes fish and carrots but he doesn’t like onion.
Contest 6. “Professions”.
While the captains are doing their tasks match the professions of people and the places where
they work.
Places of work
The right answers
A housewife
A farm
A house
A librarian
A hospital
A library
A teacher
A theatre
A school
A doctor
A canteen
A hospital
A computer programmer
A factory
An office
A driver
A school
A car
An actor
A house
A theatre
A farmer
A library
A farm
An engineer
A car
A factory
A cook
An office
A canteen
Contest 7 “Who is the best interpreter?”
You had the homework to prepare the text for the contest “Interpreters”. Now let’s listen to you
and the other team will try to translate it. Who is the best interpreter?
Text 1
This is a brown bear. It is an English bear. Its name is Winnie-the Pooh. It is little and fat. The
bear likes honey and jam. This bear is very good and funny.
Text 2
This is a girl. Her name is Little Red Riding Hood. She has got a mother and a grandmother.
Now her Granny is ill. The girl has got flowers and a yellow bag in her hands. She is a nice girl.
Contest 8. “English Idioms”
I think this contest is the most difficult. You should form English idioms of comparison. You
should complete each of them with a suitable word or words. Choose from the following: chalk
from cheese, a bee, a goose, a bat, coal, gold, two peas, a king, a feather, a church mouse.
I’m sure you will do it.
The right answer
Two peas
a feather
a bat
chalk from cheese
a king
a bee
a church mouse
a goose
Contest 9. “Actors
The last contest is “Actors. Take these cards where you can read the beginning of jokes, find the
second parts of them and act.
1 Team
- I’d like some crocodile shoes, please.
- Certainly, madam. What size does your
crocodile take?
- Doctor, doctor! What shall I do? My son’s just
swallowed a pen.
- Use a pencil until I get there.
Why do birds fly south?
- Because it’s too far to walk.
2 Team
- The Police are looking for a man with one eye called
- Oh, yes? What’s his other eye
- Doctor, when I drink a cup of tea, I get a sharp pain in
my eye.
- Well, take the spoon out first.
-Waiter, will the pancakes be long?
- No, sir, round.
- Thank you for the game. In some minutes our judges will say which team is the best one.
- Today the winner is the team…
Thanks to our jury for their work. Good bye!
Оценочный лист
Название конкурса
Contest 1. “Introduction”
( the maximum points 5)
Contest 2 “My dear school”
( the maximum points 5)
Contest 3 ”Lazy Sentences”
( the maximum points 5)
Contest 4 “Who is quicker?”
( the maximum points 12)
Contest 5. “Captains’ contest”.
( the maximum points 8)
Contest 6. “Professions”.
( the maximum points 10)
Contest 7 “Who is the best interpreter?”
( the maximum points 5)
Contest 8. “English Idioms”
( the maximum points 10)
Contest 9. “Actors
( the maximum points 6)
1.Ю.Е.Вауллина, Д.Дули, Spotlight 5/
2.Трофимова М. А. Внеклассные мероприятия по английскому языку для учащихся 5-8
3.Клементьева Т. Б. Happy English;