Открытый урок "Английский язык - язык мира" 7 класс

г. Георгиевск Ставропольского края
Открытый урок в 7 классе
по теме «Английский язык – язык мира»
проведенный учителем
английского языка
Милюхиной И. Г.
2012-2013 уч. год
Цель урока:
актуализация знаний по теме «Английский язык – язык мира»
Обучать монологической речи по теме урока
Обучать просмотровому чтению текста, умению выбрать необходимую
Совершенствовать лексические навыки – заимствованные слова, идиомы
со словом “cat
Развивать общекультурные умения
Воспитывать уважение к языку и культуре других народов
О. В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева Английский язык: учебник для 7 класса
школ с углубленным изучением английского языка
Презентация, средства Smart Board
Географические карты
Ход мероприятия:
I Начало урока. Постановка целей.
Т: 1) What is your name?
2) Where are you from?
3) What is your nationality?
4) What language do you speak?
5) Is it important to know a foreign language?
6) What foreign language are you learning?
Today we’ll speak about English, its history, its vocabulary, its importance in the
world and how make learning English funny and interesting.
II. План урока
1. English the language of the planet
2. A language that came from nowhere to conquer the world
3. The words that are borrowed tell us about the countries they have come from
III. Речевая зарядка
1. How long have you been learning English?
2. Do you learn English only at school?
3. Why are you learning English?
4. Do you find it interesting? Hard? Useful?
5. What is the most difficult for you in English?
6. What is an idiom?
(An expression whose meaning is different from the meaning of the individual
IV. Фонетическая зарядка
1. A fat cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.
2. “Cat” idioms (ex. 70, presentation)
V. Основная часть урока
English the language of the planet
Our lesson is devoted to the English language and we are going to speak about the
language that conquer the world.
Do you agree that English has really conquered the world?
1. Ex 23 Read out the sentences that prove the statement: “English has
become the language of the planet, the first truly global language.”
2. The role of English is great nowadays. We call it as a mother tongue, an
official, international, foreign, modern and widespread language. Match the
words and their definitions. ( Task on Smart Board)
3. So, English is an international language. Do you know how many people all
over the world speak English? Can we say that it is the richest language?
How many words are there in its vocabulary?
4. Map-test: name the countries where English is the official language, where it
is one of the official languages, where English is spoken. (AB ex.2)
VI. Физкультминутка
A language that came from nowhere to conquer the world.
1. Do you know where English came from? Listen to the text (additional
material) and name the languages that formed the English language.
2. Now you’ll watch the part of the video film about the origin of English, try
to write down as many early English words as you can.
The words that are borrowed tell us about the countries they have come from.
1. Some days ago we spoke about the ways of getting new words in the
language. What are they?
2. From what languages did English borrow words?
3. From this list of words choose the words that were borrowed from Spanish,
French and Russian. (task on Smart Board)
VII Подведение итогов, оценки, домашнее задание
Hometask: ex. 23, 24, 4*