Конспект урока "Mass Media: good or bad?" 8 класс

Дата:12.03.16 Клас: 8
Тема урока: Mass Media: good or bad?
Пoдтема урокa: Are books media, too?
Aim 1: формировать навыки диалогической и монологической речи
Aim 2: автоматизировать действия учащихся с новыми ЛЕ на уровне фразы
Aim 3: повторить граматический материал Reported Speech
Aim 4: прививать любовь к стране изучаемого языка
Aim 5: воспитывать культуру общения, развивать для этого такие черты характера: уважение, доброжелательность
Средства обучения: Enjoy English 8
Хoд урока
Етапи роботи
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность учнеников
Начало урока
Warming up
Good morning, class! Sit down, please!
How are you?
How are you today?
How are you getting on?
How’s life?
How are the things?
Are you feeling better today?
And what about you, Masha?
How’s it going?
Answer my questions, please:
What did you do yesterday? What tense?
What do you do on your free time?
Which media is the most popular in your family?
So, as you understand, today we are going to speak not
about television, radio, but also about our books. Nowadays
it's almost impossible to imagine our life without books.
Can you agree with me?
Look at the screen. And answer the question.
- Good morning.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm OK.
Read newspaper, watch TV, search the
Internet, listen to music, do my
homework, help my parents, go for a
Television, newspaper, the Internet,
radio, books
Yes, we can.
Novels, poems, short stories, science
слайд 1
слайд 2
слайд 3
Основная часть
Работа с текстом
What kind of books do you know?
So, let’s read some texts and try to know what Pamela,
Margaret and Andy said about books.
Open your books, page 75. Let’s start reading.
Ok. Thank you for your reading.
Answer my questions. (ex.63,p.75)
Let's do exercise 67. "Agree and disagree". Are these
statements true or false?
fiction, love stories, adventure, thrillers,
horror stories, detective stories,
textbooks, workbooks, plays
1.Margaret thinks that reading makes
people smarter. Those of her friends who
read a lot are smarter and interesting to
talk to. As a rule they are very good at
2. Andy thinks that schoolchildren are
given too much reading to do. They have
to read history and literature, biology and
geography. So much reading.
3. Pamela believes that books are the
most ancient mass media. Some of the
books, that she has were written ages
ago. But she enjoys them much. And they
are still interesting for people of her
1. F Чтение книг делает людей
стеснительными и
Reading makes people smarter.
2. F Книги на СD черно-белые и
CD books are fantastic, amazing and
3. T Книги, написанные много
веков назад могут быть
интересными для современных
4. T Учеников заставляют много
Работа с новой
Exercise 66, page 76. You should make your own sentences.
Our next task is exercise 68. Please say, why books are still
so popular.
Let’s read new words and new word combinations. Read
and translate ex.69.
Now let’s do exercise 70 with these new words.
I think it’s a high time to have a rest. But not as usual.
Today we are going to listen to the song. And complete the
читать в школе.
5. F Люди, которые много читают,
менее образованные.
Reading makes people smarter.
6. T Молодым людям чтение книг
на CD понравится больше, чем
чтение напечатанных книг.
1. Очень мудрый человек
2. Мудрость пяти веков
3. Мудрость древних
4. Зуб мудрости
5. Должен признаться
6. Признаваться в чем-то
7. Признаваться, что
1. Эрнест Хемингуэй был
известен как очень мудрый
2. Мудрость древних могла бы
помочь нашим поколениям,
если бы ее узнали.
3. Сколько у тебя зубов
мудрости? Два.
4. Некоторые журналисты
признают, что их профессия
одна из самых опасных.
5. Детектив заставил преступника
сознаться в преступлении.
слайд 4
слайд 5
Thank you. And now your task is to read the dialogue.
Exercise 72 page 77.
And now you should make up your own dialogues. This
pattern dialogue may help you.
Very well.
Now it is high time to check your homework.
At home you wrote about books. Let’s check.
You will answer one by one. And those who has answered
please do exercise 80,on page 79.
Значит, кто прочитает свой текст, начинайте делать
упражнение 80 на странице 79.
Well done.
Exercise 80, page 79
- Hi! Do you like reading?
- Hallo! Yes I do.
- What books do you like to read?
- I like love stories and detectives.
What about you?
- I like reading books too. But I
like fantastic books.
- Good bye
- Bye
Домашние тексты
1. My grandpa said that we might
buy a car the following year.
2. The librarian said that books
written in English speaking
countries were sold everywhere.
3. The publisher said that the mass
media might become even more
powerful in the following century.
4. My cousin says that she likes
5. The doctor said that I had to take
my medicine twice a day.
6. The farmer said that it would rain
that day.
7. Our teacher said that some time
before no one had known about
слайд 6
итогов урока
T: Our lesson is coming to the end.
Please write down your home task. Open your diaries.
At home do exercise 15, page 87. You should translate the
Do you like our today’s lesson?
What do you like at our lesson?
Thank you for your answers.
Most of you have worked hard today. I’m proud of you.
Your marks are …
Thank you. The lesson is over.
8. Andy says that it is really
amazing to read CD books.
9. Sharon’s mother said to me that
Sharon was going to come there
the following day.
10. Margaret says that she does not
feel lonely thanks to the books
she loves.
11. Regina said that that morning she
had found some fantastic
information on the internet.
12. My elder sister asked what was
on that night.
Yes, I do.
I like speaking about books.
I like making a dialogue.
I like reading texts.
I like listening to music.
I like doing an exercise.
слайд 7