Конспект урока "The living Memory of the War" 8 класс

The lesson « The living Memory of the War »
Aim: - to develop speaking skills throughout the group work according to the
Educational tasks:-to enrich student’s vocabulary
-to systemize grammar knowledge Past Simple
- to develop group work
- to develop and improve student skills of operating with new phrases, vocabulary,
grammar items in monological speech, asking question and answering them.
Bringing up -To determine the value and significance of the feat of the Russian
and Kazakh people in the World war II.
To cultivate tolerance towards people of all nationalities living in the world
To enlarge student’s scope about other countries, their history
intersubject communication: history
Equipment: screen, slides, pictures about the World War II, cards with the tasks
1.Form of the teams (3 envilopes shaped like soldier’s letter) Theacher:
1.What can you say about the subjects in your hands?
2. What kind of letter is it?
3.What do you think What was the letter about?
4.Whom did the letter address to?
Theacher: What do you think the theme of our lesson today? Taecher: Of course,
we will talk about the war. So, the subject of our talking today is to clarify some
historical facts of this great event. (look at the screen)