Открытый урок "Important moments" 9 класс

Тема занятия: Important moments
Тип и вид занятия: Introduction of new material.
Обучающая: to work with vocabulary (Phrases with get), Third conditional.
Развивающая: to develop pupil’s oral skills and auditory skills, and mentality.
Воспитательная: to teach them to speak with other people politely, work together like a team.
Задачи: to learn new words; practice the conversation between pupils (questions and answers); work with grammar rule.
Ход занятия:
Этапы занятия
Управленческая деятельность преподавателя
Деятельность учащихся на
каждом этапе
Средства каждого
3 min
Good morning students. Sit down, please. How are you? Who is absent today?
Good morning. Answer the
Check up homework
15 min
Your homework was: 10 sentences about episode 5 (the end of detective story undercover cops). 5
sentences for second conditional and ex.1, 2, 3, 4 on p. 60-61.
Read exercises
Read stories
Warm up
5 min
Think and write two your wishes, which are not true. Write these sentences using second
Write and read sentences
Introduction of the
new material
2 min
3 min
5 min
5 min
The theme of our lesson is “Important moments”. Today we will work with new words/phrases, and
speak about third conditional.
Open your books on page 94. Pay attention to the blackboard. There you can see the table. There are
phrases with get. The verb get in English language has many different meanings. In the up left
corner the verb get has the meaning of receive/obtain (get smth. to eat/drink, get a job). In the up
right corner the verb get has the meaning of become (get lost, get depressed/angry). In the low left
corner the verb get has the meaning of travel/arrive (get home, get here/there). And in the last corner
you have different phrases with get (get on well with someone, get to know someone). Let’s read
and translate these words.
In the brown box we have a lot of phrases with get. Let’s work with them and put all phrases
according to their meaning in to the table (3 phrases into each corner).
Write all words into your copybook with translation.
Card 1. Look at the board. There is exercise with the phrases. Put the phrases with get in the
sentences. Then we will check it.
Listen to the teacher
Work with the table
Work with phrases
Work with the board
Check answers
Write words into copybook
Work with exercise
Face2Face Audio CD
Face2Face CD-ROM
Interactive board
Face2Face student’s
Cards with exercise
3 min
Look at the board. There is an interesting exercise which will help you to relax. Watch, repeat to the
girl and sing the song.
Repeat after the singer
Relax video”If you’re
happy and you know
Introduction of the
new material
2 min
5 min
5 min
10 min
What is the theme of our lesson? Let’s work with the pictures. What were the most important
moments in these people lives, do you think?
Thanks for your predictions. But let’s find out the true. Now, we are going to listen to Sandy,
Miranda and Barry talking about important moments in their lives. But before let’s read and
translate the sentences in 3b. Listen, choose the answer and get the main idea. Discuss the main idea
and check answers.
Ex4. Work in pairs. Let’s listen to it again and put these sentences into correct order. Check the
answers. Read and translate the sentences.
GRAMMAR. Look at the board. Here you see the sentence from previous exercise and some
questions. Look at this sentence and answer the questions.
Answer the question
Give their opinions
Work with exercise
Listen to the conversation
Work with audio conversation
Work in pairs
Work with exercise
Listen to sentences
Work with the rule
Face2Face student’s
Face2Face Audio CD
Face2Face CD-ROM
Interactive board
Grammar presentation
Today we start to speak about third conditional. According to the example we can say that we use
third conditional to talk about imaginary situations in the past. They are often the opposite of what
really happened: if I had stayed at home, I would not have met my wife. But he didn’t stay at home
and so he met his wife. The action was happened and third conditional just showed what could
happen if it wasn’t true. You imaging what could happen if you didn’t do this action.
We make the third conditional with:
If + subject + Past Perfect, subject + would + have + past participle.
Is everything is clear?
Write the rule into copybooks
Consolidation of the
10 min
Ex.8 on page 95. Work in pairs. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs. Let’s check it.
Read and translate the sentences.
Card 2. Work in groups. Look at the board. There is exercise third conditional (1). There are 6
sentences but they are mixed. Each group will get one sentence. Put them into correct order, please.
Let’s check it.
Extra task. Work in pairs. Look at the board. There is exercise third conditional (2). There is a story
about one girl but in this story are missing words. Put the words into gaps, please. Let’s check it.
Work with exercises
Work with the board
Work with cards (2, 3)
Work in groups and pairs
Interactive board
Face2Face CD-ROM
Face2Face student’s
Card 2
Card 3
Instruction of the
2 min
Your homework is: to learn the rule and new words. Ex.1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on page 62. And make 58
sentences for third conditional. You should complete the sentences using phrases with get, fill in the
gaps of conditional sentences.
Write the homework
Face2Face workbook
2 min
You can see three different smiles on the board. If you understand everything and you feel yourself
satisfied put plus on smile with a smile. If you are tired or bored put plus on sad smile. And if you
have some questions put the plus on smile with a question sign.
Choose cads
Answer the questions
Marks for the lesson
2 min
Put marks for the lesson and explain why.
1 min
Today we work with new words and the rule of third conditional, work with different exercises,
listen to conversation.