Интеллектуальная игра "Intellectual Marathon" 5-6 класс

Груздова Л.Л.
Интеллектуальная игра « Intellectual Marathon ».
Цели игры:
1. Развивать неподготовленную речь учащихся.
2. Развивать креативные способности учащихся.
3. Воспитывать интерес к изучению предмета.
4. Обобщить страноведческие знания учащихся, полученные на уроках
английского языка.
Образовательные задачи:
1. В ходе творческой, самостоятельной, индивидуальной и групповой
работы с дидактическими материалами закрепить знания учащихся по
изученным темам и расширить общий кругозор.
Развивающие задачи:
1. Развивать умение работать в коллективе и принимать совместное
2. Развивать положительные личностные качества (ответственность,
доброжелательность, чувство взаимопомощи).
3. Развивать и тренировать внимание, память, мышление.
Воспитательные задачи:
1. Воспитывать уважение к культуре своей страны и стран изучаемого
Оформление кабинета:
На доске название игры «Интеллектуальный марафон», флаги
англоязычных стран, карта Великобритании и Северной Ирландии, США
правила игры, квадрат с цифрам, перечень конкурсов.
Ход занятия.
I. Оргмомент. Приветствие ведущего.
Quiz-master: Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you
here. Now we shall organize a competition called Intellectual Marathon”. Two
teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest. It’s time
to introduce yourselves. Who is the captain of the 1
P1: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Erudites”. Our motto is
“Enjoy English!”
Quiz-master: Who is the captain of the 2
P2: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Optimists”. Our motto is
Learn English!”.
So the first competition is “Warming up”
Your task is to make the name of the team using letters? The first letter is capital
1 слайд
d E e r t s u i (Erudits) s s i O p t m i t (Optimists)
(Состав команд, и девиз определяются заранее).
Tell us the name of your team and your motto.
Quiz-master: Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during
the game. As there is no computer in the classroom, I have invited a competent
jury to count the points. The members of our jury are
Now I’m going to teach you how to play this game. The game has 8 contests, they
2 слайд
1. The ABC game.
2. A magic 5.
3. Parts and wholes.
4. Proverbs and sayings.
5. Hidden words.
6. Riddles.
7. The right choice.
8. Inventions and discoveries.
Well, I wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful! Remember 5 steps to
a) Order.
b) Reserve.
c) Industry.
d) Cleanliness.
e) Justice.
II. Основной этап.
Quiz-master: And now we come to the 1
contest of the game called “The ABC
game”. Kids, you’ll get some letters from the English alphabet. You must put the
letters in the right order, so as to get the name of the English-speaking country.
You have 1 minute at your disposal. Each team can get 5 points.
3 слайд
(Карточки с буквами: 1. Е, N, G, L, A, N, D. 2. A, M, E, R, I, C, A).
Key 1. England 2. America
1.What is the capital of England / the USA?
2. Where is England / the USA situated?
3. Who is at the head of the country?
Quiz-master: And now we come to the 2
contest which is called “A magic 5”.
Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. You’ll
choose any number. …”, it’s your turn to start. Captains will have an
opportunity to choose the number.
You can get 5 points for the right answer.
1. Scrambled words: tiwenr, jynarua, gensihl Key: winter, January, English
2. Give antonyms: small, hot, interesting, lazy, slow
The key: small-big; hot-cold; interesting- boring; lazy- hardworking; slow-fast
3. Name 5 sorts of vegetables.
4. Give synonyms: small, nice, make, like
The key: small- little, nice-good, make-do, like-enjoy
5. You’re lucky! You won a prize!
6. Name 5 sorts of fruit.
7. Name 3 forms of the verbs: go, do, write, read, sit
The key: go-went-gone; do-did-done, write-wrote-written; read-read-read;
sit- sat-sat
8. Name 5 means of transport.
9. Name 5 adjectives describing weather
10. Name 5 English names.
11. Name 5 English-speaking countries.
12. Name 5 Holidays
Quiz-master: The 3
contest is called “Parts and wholes”. You should combine
these parts so as to get a popular name. Who will be the first? You can get 1 point
for each right answer.
1. Mickey a) Claus
2. Mary b) Duck
3. Robinson c) Pooh
4. Peter d) Mouse
5. Donald e) Poppins
6. Winny-the- f) Crusoe
7. Santa g) Pan
The key
1. Mickey Mouse
2 Mary Poppins
3. Robinson Crusoe
4. Peter Pan
5. Donald Duck
6. Winny-the- Pooh
7. Santa Claus
Quiz-master: Our next contest is called “Proverbs and sayings”. Each team will get
a list of words. You should rearrange the words so as to make up a proverb. You
have 2 minutes ar your disposal and can get 3 points for this assignment.
(Обе команды получают одинаковый набор слов, из которых должны
получиться 3 английские пословицы).
1. never than late better.
2. are one better heads two than.
3. West best is East home or
The key
Better late than never.
Two heads are better than one.
East or West home is best.
Quiz-master: Attention, please! The 5
contest is called “Hidden words”. This
round is for the captains. Find, please, the animals hiding in the following
Example: If I shout, he’ll hear me.(Fish)
1. Close the door at once!
2. He’ll come to America tomorrow.
1. Do good workers succeed?
2. If Roger comes, we’ll begin.
The key I 1 Rat, 2 cat, II 1 dog, 2 frog
Quiz-master: The following task is for the rest . You should read the riddles and
give the answer.
1. What man cannot live inside the house bed.
2. A little old woman with twelve children, some short, some long, some
cold, some hot. What is she?
3. A place we can get the books to read but we can not buy them
4. It is not a bush but have leaves, it has no tongue, but tells stories
The key:1 a snowman, 2. a year, 3 a library 4 a book
Quiz-master: The 7
contest is called “The right choice”. It’s very important to
make the right choice in our life: the right choice of a color, a hobby, a friend etc.
Each team should answer my questions. You’ll get the cards with the letters a, b, c.
Choose the right answer and show us the card.
1. The capital of England is a) London b) Paris c) Moscow.
2. London stands a) the Volga b) the Mississippi c) the Thames.
3. The symbol of England is a) a red rose b) a tulip c) a daffodil.
4. The English flag is a) blue and white b) red and green c) red and white.
5. Golf comes from a) Scotland b) Russia c) the USA.
6. A. Bell invented a) a car b) a telephone c) a plane.
7. Ch. Chaplin was a) an artist b) a composer c) an actor.
8. Cricket comes from a) England b) Italy c) France.
9. “Robinson Crusoe” was written by a) Lewis Carroll b) Daniel Defoe c)
Alan Milne.
10. The traditional Christmas meal in England is a) roast turkey b) fish and
chips c) porridge.
Each team can get 1 point for the right answer.
Quiz-master: One more contest. It’s called “ Inventions and discoveries”. You
should answer my questions. The team which answers the first and correctly wins.
You can get 1 point for each right answer.
1. Who invented the telephone? ( Al. Bell)
2. Who discovered America? ( Ch. Columbus)
3. Who invented the car? ( H. Ford)
4. Who created Donald Duck? ( W. Disney)
5. Who discovered Australia? ( J. Cook)
6. Who was the 1
man in space? ( Y. Gagarin)
III. Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов игры.
Quiz-master: Friends, do you like music? Listen to the song “Head and Shoulders”
now and sing with British children. Our jury will add up the score of the game.
Jury: The score is … to … in smb’s favour. The team “…” is the winner.
Игра со зрителями
1. What clothes does a house wear? Address
2. What kind of apple isn't an apple? Pineapple
3. What black and white all over? Newspaper
4. What teaches without talking? Book
5. What has lots eyes but never sees? Potato
6. What always in bed but never sleeps? River
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