Тест "Present Perfect Progressive" 8 класс

Present Perfect Progressive
1 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
1 I (travel) a lot since you last saw me.
2 I (play) football very often since childhood.
3 (hear) anyone from Mary lately?
4 How’s Jane’s son? I (not see) him for three days.
5 She (work) for this company since 1993.
6 How many exercises you (do) since you started your homework?
7 Mrs. Izard (write) this book since her husband died.
8 How long you (know) him?
9 Caroline (think) about Mark since he left.
10 I (not see) your dog lately.
2 Correct the mistakes
1 They were friends since 1997.
2 How long has she wrote this book?
3 The boys are looking for the treasure for 6 months already.
4 I know her all my life.
5 What did they do since we left?
3 Answer the questions
1 Why can’t you speak? I (talk) all day.
2 Why is the road wet? It (rain).
3 Why are you tired? I (work) on Sunday.
4 Why is she sad? She (cry).
4 Make up sentences. Use since/for.
1 I/look for this book/5 months.
2 She/ know/ him/last year.
3 How long/you/wait/for them?