Презентация "A youth group I’d like to create" 10 класс

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Project A youth group I’d like to create There are many subcultures all around the world. For example, hippies, ravers, punks and others. Girls of the group usually wear dark cellular skirts and black blouses and black tights with leather shoes. They also use black jeans with dark T-shirt and sneakers. Their hairstyle is long hair. But I want to tell you about the group that I’d like to create. This is sad guys. They are teenagers who prefer to wear dark clothes, for instance, black T-shirts, trousers and sneakers. They try to buy original clothe and things because these young people are an elite of society. As for boys, they prefer to wear jeans with a T-shirt or a tracksuit and sneakers. If boys use jeans and T-shirt they will wear a cap.   These teens call themselves SAD GUYS because they don’t care about anything and they have rich parents who can help them. Sad guys are an elite society that’s why they can do what they want. These young people prefer to listen cloud music and smoke at the same time. They often drink coffee and they are amazed by many ordinary teens because sad guys are rich, fashionable and they have everything, though they are kind and sociable. Sad guys have selfish behavior. It all because of their rich parents who haven’t got much time for their children I think it is a perfect subculture because nobody knows what is in their mind and think that they are good because they have everything. Author
  • The project was done by student form 10
  • Anya Perkova