Презентация "Extreme Sports"

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Extreme Sports
  • Sky surfing
  • Skydiving
  • Ice diving
  • Ice climbing
  • Skiboarding
  • Snowboarding
  • Bungee jumping
  • Base jumping
  • Snow rafting
  • White-water rafting
  • Street luge
  • Zorbing
What attracts people to extreme sports
  • 1. He has done a lot of dangerous sports because he likes to go to extremes.
  • доходить до грани возможного
  • 2. To take risks for no purpose is not a clever thing
  • рисковать
  • 3. Ann’s desire to travel around the world becomes stronger and stronger.
  • 4. He was addicted to heroin.
  • желание
  • пристраститься к
What attracts people to extreme sports
  • 5. Think twice before you do something very dangerous.
  • хорошо подумать
  • 6. I just had to satisfy my curiosity, so I opened the box
  • удовлетворять любопытство
  • 7. Being an actor can be rather dangerous, sometimes they have to do different risky things.
  • 8. I do sky diving for the thrill and excitement of this sport.
  • рисковать
  • волнение, возбуждение
What attracts people to extreme sports
  • 9. Personally I am not a risk taker, so white rafting or scuba diving is not for me.
  • рискованный человек
  • 10. I think moderation in everything is the key and I never take things to the edge.
  • дойти до грани возможного
to go to extreme
  • to go to extreme
  • to take things to the edge
  • to take risks/to do risky things
  • a risk taker
  • to be addicted to
  • to satisfy one’s curiosity
  • thrill/excitement
  • to have a desire
  • to acquire self-confidence
  • to acquire sense of individuality
  • to overcome difficulties
  •  to protest against something
  • Express your ideas why people take up doing x-treme sports.
Listen to the tape and check your answers
  • 1. People do extreme sports in order to feel
  • a) excited b) nervous c) happy
  • 2. Extreme sports have become popular in the last
  • a) 5 years b) 10 years c) 20 years
  • 3. People usually bungee jump from
  • a) airplanes b) high buildings c) bridges
  • 4. In sky surfing people do mid-air
  • a) gymnastics b) dancing c) swimming
  • 5. Snowboarding has similarities with
  • a) skiing b) surfing c) canoeing
  • 6. Snowrafting is
  • a) quite dangerous b) very dangerous
  • 7. For white-water rafting you need
  • a) a big river b) a warm river c) a mountain river
  • 8. Ice divers
  • a) swim under the ice
  • b) walk on the bottom of lakes
  • c) walk upside down under the ice
Listen to two people talking about extreme sports. Complete the table
  • Sports
  • Carol
  • Jonathan
  • likes
  • doesn’t like
  • would like to try
  • wouldn’t like to try
Read the text about extreme sports.
  • You do not need to have any special skills.
  • You need to cooperate with a group of people.
  • It was started by inventors of another extreme sport.
  • You can hurt yourself whilst to stop.
  • You need to be both strong and psychologically prepared.
  • It offers reasonably good protection from injury.
  • It could get you into trouble with the police.
  • You can make your own protection for your feet
What is your attitude towards extreme sports? Discuss it in pairs and then report your ideas to the class.
  • Taking risk is …
  • dangerous
  • exciting
  • useless because
  • silly
  • People take risks/do risky things because …
  • Risky activities can lead people to …
  • Some people like being put at risk because …
Work in small groups. Comment on the quotation. Share your ideas with the rest of the class.
  • «To win without risk is
  • to triumph without glory»
  • (Pierre Corneille)
X-treme sports are nontraditional sports characterized by high speed, high risk, danger, excitement . Think twice before you do something very dangerous. Choose any x-treme sport and make a project using a plan.
  • History
  • Equipment
  • Rules
  • How risky it is
  • Tips for practitioners: special skills, qualities, protection from injury
  • You may use the following web sites:
  • http://www.allextremesports.com
  • http://www.xtsports.com
  • http://sportspedia.com
  • http://dir.yahoo.com/recreation/sports/extreme_sports
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