Конспект урока "My town" 8 класс

Занятие 6 8 класс
Тема: « My town ».
Цель: Совершенствование навыков монологической речи по теме «My town»
Задачи: 1) семантизация новой лексики по теме «My town»;
2) развитие навыков чтения с полным пониманием;
3) развитие навыков пересказа с помощью изобразительной и
вербальной (план) опор.
4) активизация новой лексики по теме «My town».
Оборудование: фотографии ( картинки); карточки; опоры.
1. Организационный момент. Приветствие.
Good morning pupils! I'm very glad to see you. Sit down. My name is E.Ю. Today
I'll be your teacher of English.
2. Основной момент.
а) фонетическая зарядка
Some people live in the country
Where the houses are very small,
Some people live in the city
Where the houses are very tall
But in the country where the houses are tall
There are no gardens at all.
Where do you live?
What is this poem about? ( this poem is about gardens, cities ,houses and so on)
Where do you live?
б) обозначение цели урока
This poem is connected with our topic. Today we shall speak about our town.
Let's find out what you know about our town. Take your cards, look through.
I know ....
1) the versions ( версии) connected with the name of our town
2) what Kudymkar means
3) when Kudymkar was mentioned (упомянут) for the first time in historical
4) when the first bridge over the Inva river was built
5) when Kudymkar got the status of a town (Когда приобрел статус города)
If you don't know anything about it,phrase:
I have no idea...
в) чтение текста с полным пониманием
So, if you don't know anything about our town (or you know only about the name of
our town), let's read the text.
г) активизация новой лексики
Now, try to answer my questions.
1. How does the writer Klimov explain the name of town in one of his essays?
2. Who was Kudym?
3. What is Krivoshokov's version?
4. When the settlement mentioned for the first time?
5. How many houses did it consist of?
6. What was the main occupation?
7. When did Kudymkar get the status of a town?
What have you learned? Begin your answer with the words:
I have learned that...
д) развитие навыков пересказа с помощью изобразительной и
вербальной (план) опор.
Let's speak about « The History of Kudymkar». Use the cards.Work in pairs.
е) семантизация новой лексики
Do you know anything about sights of our town?
Look at these photoes.I'll show you some of them :
1) The ally of heroes. It is the monument to the soldiers fallen during the Great
Patriotic War.
2) Drama theatre. It was named after Gorky and was opened in 1931
3) Krivoshiokov park. This park was planted in 1892. The trees where brought
from Kazan by Krivoshiokov.
4) The monument to Kudym Osh was made in 2008. There are a lot of versions
connected with the name of our town. One of them came from folk, legends
and tales.
5) Krasnaya gorka. It one of the most beautiful and outstanding places in our
ж) активизация новой лексики
1) I show you the photos. Find the information about sights in the text
2) Look at the photos and pictures. What information corresponds to these
pictures.( Kudym Osh, pine trees, houses, small villarge district)
3) Make up an advertisment about any sights of Kudymkar. Use the expressions
from the card.
Опора: An advertisment:
Dear pupils! Ladies and Gentlemen!We'd like to offer you to visit one of the most
wonderful places in our town. It is...
-It would be interesting to...( вам будет интересно...)
-You would enjoy...( вы насладитесь...)
-If you are extremely interested in...( если вы очень заинтересовались...)
-You'll be fascinated by...( вы будите очарованы...)
-You may travel the world over, but you'll find nothing more beautiful...( вы можете
путешествовать по всему миру, но вы не найдете ничего более прекрасного,
4) We'll make a tour around our small and beautiful town. Use the expressions
from the card.
The most famous sight is...
We start from...
We are coming to...
We have just passed...
We are making our way to...
We are passing ...
Now we are at...
In front of you, you can see...
Now we are crossing...
We are going along...
з) тест
Choose the right information.
1) A place overgrown with pine trees was called... a) Kidma, b) Kudma
2) Kudymkar was mentioned for the first time in....a)1590, b) 1579
3) The settlement consisted of... a) 7 houses, b) 2 houses
4) The main occupation was... a) agriculture, b) trade( торговля)
5) The first bridge over the river was named after... a) Sofia Stroganova b) Sofia
6) Drama theatre was opened in... a) 1931, b) 1999
7) Drama theatre was named ... a) after Krivoshiokov, b) after Gorky
8) The monument to Kudym Osh was made in... a) 1990, b) 2008
9) The Krivoshiokov park was planted in...a) 1870, b) 1892
10) The monument to the soldiers fallen during the Great Patriotic War... a)
the monument of Kudym Osh, b) the ally of heroes
* At the begining of the lesson you didn't know much about Kudymkar. And
now? Tell me what you know.
3) Заключение.
I enjoyed you work at our lesson very much.Write down your home task: read the
additional information about sights of Kudymkar. The lesson is over.