Конспект урока "My dream School" 7 класс

Занятие №3
Тема: Project «My dream School».
Цель: Совершенствование навыков монологической, диалогической речи.
Задачи: 1) Активизация в речи лексико-грамматического материала по теме
«Are you happy at school?»;
2) развитие умений слушать и работать в группах;
3) развитие творчества учащихся.
Оборудование: 1. карточки с опорами;
2. шаблоны с расписанием;
3. иллюстрации с журналов мод;
4. скотч;
5. листы бумаги.
1. Организационный момент. Приветствие.
Good morning, children! We are very glad to see you. Sit down, please.
Today we want to offer you to create your dream school. Can you explain what the
dream school means? Complete the sentence: It's the school where...
I absolutely agree with you.
So, we'll work according to the plan. Let's start with the building of your school and
then we shall speak about the time table, the uniform, the clubs, and the rules.
2. Основная часть.
a) the building
Let's start with the building. Try to imagine how your dream school looks like.
Discuss in groups. Use the cards with the words and phrases. Remember that you
have only 5 minutes for preparation.
Now present the buildings of your schools. Let's start with the first group. The second
group may ask some questions. Let's listen to the second group. Well, we enjoyed
your presentation very much. There are a lot of interesting, exciting and unusual
б) the time table
You know very well that every school has it's own time table. And you have a lot of
lessons, which you like or dislike. But today you have a chance to make up your own
time table. You may choose any subjects you want, because it's the school of your
dream. Complete the time table with the names of the subjects. Explain your choice.
3 minutes for preparations. Now, please, the second group tell us about your time-
-Haw many lessons do you have on Tuesday?
-What is your favourite subjects?
-What is the first lesson on Monday?
-Do you like your lesson of English music?
-What is your unfavourite subject?
в)the uniform
I see that your time-tables are very comfortable for you.
I have enjoyed it very much.
I would like to study according it.
You know that pupils in some schools must wear the uniform.
You don’t like the uniform. You hate it.
Now, I offer you to create the uniform for boys and girls from your dream school.
In other words, you will be designers.
Look through the words and expressions from your cards.
Use the pictures and design the uniform.
Please, the first group, the floor is yours.
The second group show us the uniform for your pupils.
-What beautiful uniforms you have created. We would like to wear them too. The
design is very original and unusual.
г)the clubs
It’s very difficult to study at school. In order to relax the pupils join different clubs
after lessons.
Look at the blackboard, choose one of these clubs and make up an advertisement.
Use the expressions from the cards.
You time is over.
The second group, present your club.
-Why have you chosen this club.
-Would you like to go there (to the 1st group).Why?
-Have you enjoyed the advertisement of the 1st gr. (to the 2nd group).
-As for me I would like to me very interesting. I enjoyed your advertisement very
much. And I’m sure, a lot of pupils will come to you ’r club.
Д )the rules
You know very well that every school has some rules for pupils.
And now make up your own rules.
Use the phrases.
Now tell us about the rules for the pupils of your dream school.
-Are these rules important, why?
-Do you agree with the rules.
As for me these rules are very useful and important because they help us to be more
Today we tried to make your first English project. We’d like to know you opinion.
-Did you like creating new school?
-Did you like working in groups?
-Did you listen to each other?
-And what about two teachers?
I see, now, if you like our lesson come to me, and take a smiling face.
So, we enjoyed you work at our lesson very much .It was beautiful.
Write down your home task.
Create your, own dream school.
Thank, you!
The lesson is over.