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  • The roots of the English language
  • English is a Germanic language. The Anglo-Saxons contributed to the formation of English most of all. The English alphabet came from Latin. Christian monks, who spoke Latin, brought it to England from Ireland.It is very strange, but the Celtic language didn't contribute many words to modern English. We can only find Celtic words in the names of places and rivers such as: Dover, Kent, Avon and the Thames, for example.
  • English is so popular because the United Kingdom used to have a big empire. The British had colonies all over the world, and all the people in the colonies had to speak English.
  • It is like many European languages and that's why people can learn it easily.
English grammar is still very similar to German
  • Compare:
  • Meine Freundin ist neun Jahre alt.(German) - My friend is nine years old. (English)
  • Wir gehen in die Schule. (German) — We go to school. (English)
  • Sie ist interessant. (German) — She is interesting. (English)
  • Plurals are easier. You just have to add an -(e)s in the end. Compare: Tables, books, trees.— Столы, книги, деревья.
  • Genders are simpler. In English you use "she" for women, "he" for men and all other words are "it". In Russian we have tree (it), table (he), book (she), room (she). It's very difficult.
  • English words don't change so much. I read this book. — Я читаю эту книгу. We read this book. — Мы читаем эту книгу. You read this book. — Ты читаешь эту книгу. They read this book. — Они читают эту книгу. Не (She) reads this book.— Он (Она) читает эту книгу. You read this book. — Вы читаете эту книгу.
  • Let's compare English with Russian
It is the world’s top tongue
  • One billion people speak English. That’s 20% of the world population
The English language is now the first language of about 450 million people, the native language of 12 nations and the official or semiofficial language of 33 more nations. That means one in every seven people in the world speaks English. It is the standard language for communication
  • 80% of all information in the computers’ world is in English.75% of all international letters and telexes are in English.
  • 50% of all the companies in Europe communicate with one another in English
  • More than half of the world's periodicals are printed in English
It is international for:
  • Businesspeople
  • Pilots
  • Diplomats
  • Politicians
  • Scientists
  • Sportsmen
  • Musicians
  • Students
It is a global language nowadays
  • Problems of the 21 century, such as the problems of war and peace,ecology,demographics, democracy and many others can not be solved if people do not speak the same language.
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