Конспект урока "School is fun if you are optimistic" 7 класс

Класс 7
УМК Enjoy English-7 ( Биболетова М. З.)
Тема урока «School is fun if you are optimistic»
Цели урока: 1. Обучающая - введение и активизация лексических единиц по теме
- формирование навыка выражения своего мнение о школе
2. Развивающая – развитие навыков устной речи
3. Воспитательная – развитие у учащихся чувства гордости за свою школу
-развитие толерантности к одноклассникам и уважения к
- снятие языкового барьера.
Teachers open the door,
but you must enter by yourself.
Chinese proverb
План урока:
1. Орг. момент.
2. Совместное целеполагание.
3. Работа в группах. Чтение с извлечением информации.
4. Чтение с пониманием основного содержания.
5. Физкультминутка.
6. Развитие навыка устной речи.
7. Обобщение.
8. Рефлексия.
9. Итоги урока.
Ход урока.
Минусовка. («Учат в школе»)
1. Орг. Момент.
Диалог с дежурным.
2. Совместное целеполагание.
Teacher: Now, boys and girls, lets begin our lesson.
СЛАЙД 1. Our topic is School is fun if you are optimistic! Let’s start with the words of a
Chinese proverb «Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself». Will you translate
them, they are very wise. (Ученики переводят пословицу) Thank you.
What are we going to do today? We are going to read English, speak about students and teachers
and express our opinion of school.
3. Работа в группах.
Teacher: So let’s start.
I am a teacher, and what are you? You are pupils, aren’t you? You go to school now, your
parents went to school when they were children. Our guests also went to school when they were
younger. Some people like school, others don’t. But people of different ages always have
something to say about school.
Now I want you to work in groups. (учитель формирует 4 группы учащихся.) Each group
is given a short text, in which some grown-up people and schoolchildren are sharing their
opinions about school. Which of these opinions belong to grown-up people and children? How
did you guess?_
Mike: I don’t like school very much. I have some problems with maths. I’m always nervous
when we have a test. I would like not to have any tests. Besides I hate homework. I think that
everything is boring at school. School is a waste of time (бесполезная трата времени). I can get
information from books, TV and my computer! But I can’t do without my friends. I am glad I
see them every day at school.
Mary: our school is not the best, but I like it. It’s big and new. Everything is good. I am good at
a lot of subjects. My parents are happy that I get excellent and good marks. So am I. I’ve got
three favourite subjects. They are Science, IT and History. Most of my teachers are nice, some
are strict but fair.
Jane: I went to the local school, it was an all girls’ school, and we had to wear a uniform. That
uniform! I really hated it! We had to wear one of those…you know…little hats. Ooh! We didn’t
mix much with (общались с) children from other schools. Oh, and I am also sorry that we never
did things like cookery or needlework (вышивание).
William: School? I lived in the country and I went to the little village school. We were all
together- boys and girls of all ages. It was like one big , happy family. I never had any exams.
My school days were very happy. The teaching was very good and there were lots of after-
school activities. I played in the school orchestra. That was very interesting! I am not sorry that
I went to my little village school.
- Ответы учащихся.
Учитель: What do you think of when you talk about school? (Ученики называют понятия,
связанные, по их мнению, со школой.)
So, to sum up, when we speak about school, we mean a building, studies, classmates and
4. Чтение с пониманием основного содержания.
Учитель: Now let’s speak about school as a building.
Учитель: Read the texts and say which text is about your school building the first or the
second one? Why do you think so?
5. Физкультминутка.
6. Развитие навыка устной речи.
Учитель: Now let’s continue our work. Well, boys and girls, you go to school to study,
don’t you? Let’s have a talk about studies.(учитель читает вопросы на экране, ученики
отвечают с места)
СЛАЙД 6.ФОТО с разных уроков
Слайд 7. My classmates.
Активизация лексического материала.
Учитель: But school is not only studies. It is not only lessons either. When we speak about
school we mean our classmates and schoolmates. How can you describe your classmates? Make
up short sentences, please. (Ученики составляют предложения об одноклассниках)
СЛАЙДЫ 8,9,10 с фото детей.
Учитель: And can you imagine a school without teachers? Of course we can’t. There are many
teachers in our school. They are men and women, young and old, experienced and just the
beginners. They are different. What do you think your teachers should have? What kind of
teachers would you like to have?
СЛАЙДЫ 12, 13, 14 с фото учителей.
6. Обобщение. СЛАЙДЫ 15, 16
Учитель: OK, boys and girls. Now it’s time to make some conclusions. So what is a school?
( Ответы учащихся)
Учитель: Do you like school? Why? Complete the sentence please.
(Ответы ребят)
7. Рефлексия. СЛАЙД 17.
Teacher: So, boys and girls, what have we done today?
Have you read the texts? ---- Yes, we have.
Have we spoken about teachers and students? -----Yes, we have.
Have we expressed our opinion of school?-----Yes, we have.
So, our tasks are fulfilled.
Thank you for your work.
Write down your home task- ex. 32 p. 68.
8. Итоги урока. Oценки.
I want to finish our lesson with the words of Henry Ford, one of the famous American people.
СЛАЙД 18. Чтение и перевод слов Генри Форда: Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Thank you for your work. Your
marks are:
Write down your home task- ex. 32 p. 68.
Минусовка. («Учат в школе»).