Конспект урока “Great people of your country” 9 класс

Topic: Great people of your country”
Цель: Развитие грамматических навыков по теме «Известные люди».
Задачи: 1. Развивать лексических навыки учащихся.
2. Развивать навыки работы с придаточными предложениями.
3. Активизировать навыки аудирования по теме.
4. Развивать умения читать с целью понимания основного содержания
Оборудование: СД, ноутбук, раздаточный и наглядный материал.
Ход урока
Teacher Pupil
I. Организационный момент:
I’m glad to see you!
Good morning!
II. Основной этап:
Объявление темы и цели урока.
Our country is great. We’ve got a lot of writers and poets, scientists and story writers which are
known over the world. Today you’ll learn more about British and Russian famous people. Now
let’s listen to your reports about famous Russian people.
Проверка домашнего задания:
Заслушивание сообщений о людях, прославивших Россию.
Чтение R стр 82 упр 2. Упражнение к тексту:
2.1) 3).
2.3) Соотнести утверждения с текстом: A 2); B 1), 4); C 3).
2.4) A c); B b); C d).
Развитие грамматических навыков работы Relative clauses the first to, whose, who.
Выполнение AB. стр. 118 упр. 2 - make changes.
1) Galina Ulanova was a great ballet dancer of the 20th century whose performances were a
great success on many stages of the world. 2) Ivan Bunin was the first to receive the Nobel Prize
in literature in Russia. 3) Zhores Alferov is an outstanding physicist who received the Nobel
Prize for Physics in 2000. 4) Aleksey Nemov is a famous gymnast whose gymnastics
achievements brought many gold, silver and bronze medals as well as many fans. 5) Aleksandr
Solzhenitsyn was a writer and historian who was known for the series of novels about Russia
such as August 1914, The GULAG Archipelago, The Red Wheel and others. 6) Vladimir Dal
was a writer and a dictionary writer who compiled the famous Explanatory Dictionary of the
Living Russian Language and some collections of proverbs and fairy tales. 7) Kazimir Malevich
was a painter whose Black Square made him famous throughout the world. 8) Aleksey Leonov
was the first to walk in space in 1965.
III. Заключительный этап:
Д/з : SB стр 156 упр 3- задать вопросы к тексту, читать SB стр 157 упр 4.
Подведение итогов.
Прощание:Goodbye! Thank you for your work!