Презентация "We mustn't kill animals for clothes" 7 класс

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We mustn't kill animals for clothes Sabanchiev Maxim Form № 7th
  • You know that people all over the world are worried about our smallest brothers. The issue of animals’ protection is very important. Every year the population of animals is getting less and less.
  • I love animals and I know they need our help.
Today we are still in your forests, In the sky, in the rivers, but look: Don’t kill us! Because your children Will see us in picture books. Let’s save our smallest brothers together.
  • We should clean animals’ cage.
  • We should take care of animals.
  • We should feed animals properly.
  • We should protect animals against cruelty.
Everyday Tips for a healthy Environment: Recycle your glass containers. Littered glass can harm both humans and wildlife. Small animals can get trapped inside glass bottles or containers. We mustn’t kill animals Don’t hurt animals. Feed birds in winter. Don’t cut down the forests. When the forests disappear many animals are disturbed.