Конспект урока "Clothes and appearance" 6 класс

Тема: Clothes and appearance.
Цели урока:
закрепить и обобщить лексику по темам “Clothes. Appearance”
повторить употребление глагол have
продолжить формирование умений в чтении
формировать навыки монологической речи
развивать речевые навыки по заданным темам
развивать внимание, память, мышление
развивать культуру общения в разных видах коллективного взаимодействия
воспитывать у учащихся умение слушать и слышать друг друга при разговоре на
английском языке.
Оборудование: куклы, одежда; компьютер, презентация в программе Microsoft Power
Point; карточки.
Ход урока
I. Орг. момент. (слайд 1,2,3)
Good morning, dear friends. I’m glad to see you again. Today we have the
conclusion lesson on the theme “What do you look like?” I want all of you to be
active today. Now let’s remember the rules of our lesson.
Don’t make nose!
Speak English!
Listen to your teacher and friends attentively!
OK. Now answer my questions, please.
What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
What season is it now?
Describe the weather, please.
Do you like this weather?
What kind of weather do you like?
Well done! So we know everything about today’s day?
II. Фон.зарядка (слайд 4)
Now look at the blackboard. There is a poem for you.
Shoes and boots,
Boots and shoes,
Come and buy
The size you use.
Try them on
Before you choose,
Shoes and boots,
Boots and shoes.
а) чтение учителем;
б) разбор стихотворения (перевод);
в) хоровое чтение;
г) индивидуальное чтение.
Good of you!
III. Реч. Зарядка (слайд 5-13)
Now let’s remember the words. Look at the pictures and name the clothes:
This is a …. (sweater, dress, skirt, shirt, jacket, coat).
These are ….. (shorts, socks, shoes, trainers, jeans, trousers).
Oh, perfect! Thank you! You know the names of the clothes well. Let’s see if you remember
how to write the words.
IV. Повторение слов (слайд 14)
Open your copybooks write down the date, class work and copy out these words. Fill in the
missing letters and translate them into Russian.
Tr _ _ ners, tr _ _ sers, sk _ _ t, s _ _ es, sh _ _ ts, ja _ _ et, b _ _ ts, tr _ _ ksuit,
t _ p, T- sh _ _ rt, dr _ _ s, so _ _ s.
V. Проверка Д/З
Now it’s time to check up your home task. Open your books at page 224. You should learn the
dialogue by heart. Who will recite it?
а) чтение диалога учителем
б) инсценировка диалога
VI. Разминка (Игра «Хлопай») (слайд 15-16)
Let’s do an exercise for our eyes and check your attention. Look at the whiteboard. This is
smile. It runs up, down, left and right. Clap when it runs away. If you are mistaken you should
sit down.
Your work’s brilliant!
VII. Чтение(Работа в парах) (слайд 17-18)
Now we’re ready to do the next task. But let’s remember the words we use to describe people.
Our hair may be …. (long/short, blonde/dark, straight/curly)
Our eyes may be…. (big/small, green/grey/blue/brown)
Our nose may be …. (big/small)
Now you will work in pairs. Look at the white board. These are our characters: Nick, Bob, Emily,
Mike, Kelly, Jane. Each pair has the description of one of the characters, it is card 1. Read the
text and guess who it is. (Приложение )
VIII. Физминутка
Hands on the head,
Hands on the hips.
Hands on the shoulders,
Hands like this.
Hands on the table,
Hands up and down.
Hands behind the head,
And sit down.
Thanks a lot!
IX. Говорение . (слайд 19-20)
Now you’ll work in three groups. Each group has a file on the table. Your task is to dress the doll
and describe using the plan. You have the plan on your tables. It’s card № 2 (приложение )
This is a girl. Her name is Masha. She is 11. She has short wavy hair. She has big blue
eyes. Her nose is turned up. She is in a yellow, red, green T-shirt and blue jeans.
She has yellow and white trainers on feet.
Begin, please, you can write down your sentences.
X. Подведение итогов.
You did a great work. . I am pleased with you. I should give you marks that’s why I
offer you to answer my questions.
XI. Объяснение Д/З
To get 4 you should do the crossword
To get 5 paint the picture and write the description.
The lesson is over goodbye