Конспект урока "Shopping for clothes" 4 класс

Конспект открытого урока
Предмет : Английский язык.
Тема: « Shopping for clothes.»
Класс: 4А
Учебник : «Enjoy English-
Учитель : Алексеева Анна Александровна
МОУ СОШ № 63 г.Ульяновск
Дата: 11.12.2009г.
Тема : Shopping for clothes.
Тип урока : « комбинированный»
создать необходимые условия и возможности , позволяющие вовлечь учащихся в ситуацию общения.
развивать умение работать коллективно и самостоятельно;
совершенствовать навыки устной речи, аудирования и чтения;
развивать логическое мышление;
воспитывать интерес к языку как средству общения.
Задачи :
осуществлять совместное целеполагание;
учить воспринимать на слух сообщения диалогического характера ,построенные на языковом и речевом материале
данной темы;
совершенствовать технику чтения и учить выразительно читать;
способствовать формированию навыков устной речи путем создания ситуации, беседы;
способствовать активизации лексического материала путем использования языковых и условно-речевых упражнений;
учить инсценировать диалог и вести беседу по образцу.
Обеспечение урока : аудиозапись, проектор, презентация , атрибуты магазина одежды, раздаточный материал, вырезные куклы.
Classroom management
to give instruction
to motivate students for further activity
whole class
to practice active vocabulary
group work
to practice listening for specific information
individual work
to practice using active vocabulary
pair work/ group work
to practice using active vocabulary
pair work
to practice using active vocabulary
pair work/ group work
Sizing up
to sum up the results of the lesson
to give marks
teacher’s commentary on the lesson
whole class
Ход урока
1. Целеполагание, речевая разминка.
Good-morning, boys and girls! I very glad to see you! How are you today? Show me your mood /how you feel, please. You look wonderful /nice/
fantastic today! Your school uniform /dress/costume/skirt suits you perfectly. What do you like to wear best of all?
Some of my friends are in an nice mess. Look at them. What’s wrong? How can we help them.?
2. Активизация изученной лексики по теме «Одежда».
Here you’ve got different kinds of clothes. You should choose which of them we wear in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter. Work in
groups of “winter”, spring”,” autumn” ,”summer”.
Let’s discuss your variants:
What do you wear when it is summer?
What do you wear when it is spring?
What do you wear when it is winter?
What do you wear when it is autumn?
I see you know very well what to wear in all kinds of seasons.
Have you got many articles of clothing? I think boys and girls have got a lot of articles of clothing. Tell me ,please what:
-every girl must have in her wardrobe.
-every boy must have in his wardrobe.
Work in group of girls and boys.
3.Аудирование с извлечением необходимой информации.
You have got really many articles of clothing. Are you children of fashion? Do you like to wear fashionable clothes? If so I would like to invite you to
a fashion show. Look at the picture and say who is wearing a uniform/everyday clothes. Listen to the text and give the names of the three people in the
picture. Example: Number one is Alan. Explain your answer.
And here’s Alan. He’s wearing a beautiful grey jacket, black trousers, a white shirt and a tie. Now Nigel…Nigel’s wearing a white T-shirt, dark blue
shorts, white socks and Reebok trainers. Meet our football champions!
Amanda’s wearing a new school uniform: a white blouse, black shoes and a long grey skirt. It looks great! Thank you , Amanda.
4. Драматизация, направленная на активизацию лексики по теме «Одежда».
Just imagine that you are at our fashion show. One of you will be a master of style and the others will be models. The masters should dress your
models and comment what they are wearing.
Do you like the show? Would you like to be a model?
5.Чтение, направленное на активизацию лексики по теме «Одежда».
Children, do you often go shopping? Who do you usually go with? If it is winter now what do you usually buy? Here you’ve got the dialogues but the
lines are mixed and there are pictures of clothes instead of words. Complete them and act out.
6.Драматизация, направленная на активизацию лексики по теме «Одежда».So if it is winter now and we must wear warm clothes, let’s go to
the shop and buy them.
Make up dialogues , use the models.
7.Подведение итогов, завершение урока. Рефлексия.
You’ve worked very hard today. Well done! Thank you for your work! You are active, clever and friendly children. Here you’ve got different things
we have done during the lesson. Choose which of them you liked most of all. You were very active today. Thanks a lot. Show me your mood, please. I
think we had fun. Make complements to each other and to our guests.
And let’s sing a song.
I’m wearing my jeans
And my favourite T-shirt!
I’m wearing my hat
And my favourite skirt!
I’m wearing my jacket,
I’m wearing my coat,
We’re sailing away
In our sailing boat!
Take off your socks,
Take off your shoes,
We’re sailing away
On a magic cruise!
Let’s say goodbye.
Raise your head,
Jump up high,
Wave your hand
And say “Good bye”.