Конспект урока "An apple a day keeps people the doctor away" 3 класс

Тема: “ An apple a day keeps people the doctor away”.
Предмет : английский язык
Класс :3 класс
Тип : комбинированный ( использование фрагмента метода проекта )
Цель: создать необходимые условия для формирования устной речи.
Задачи: 1. Образовательная- Развивать кругозор учащихся ; их знания о
полезной и вредной пище.
2. Развивающая- Развивать память ,мышление, догадку ;развивать
умение работать в разных режимах.
3. Воспитательная- учить учащихся вести здоровый образ жизни.
4. Практическая-( в чтении)-читать тексты с извлечением нужной
информации; аудировании)- учить воспринимать на слух сообщения
диалогического характера, построенные на языковом и речевом материале
данной темы; ( в говорении)-учить строить высказывания монологического и
диалогического характера по аналогии.
Ход урока
I Орг. момент. Good morning ,boys and girls! Sit down please. Many people
like to eat tasty things. As for me I like tasty things too. Look at the screen. What
can you see there?
1) Введение в речевую ситуацию.
Now children , your task is to found out which tasty things from the given
list likes your friend. Use the example and fill in the table. After that make a
-Do you like cakes?
-Yes, I do/ No, I don’t
Sasha likes bananas, apples.
2) Reading (с извлечением нужной информации)
Look ! Who is this? Right. Winnie-the Poor. Let’s read about him. You
should answer the question:
Why is Winnie fat?
There are two new words for you. They are : especially, everything. Let’s
pronounce them correctly and translate.
I am Winnie the Poor. I live in the forest in England. I am very nice. I am
not very fat. Bu I am not slim. I like to eat everything especially honey,
sweets, cakes. I have many friends. But I can’t jump, run and skip. Help me,
Can we say that Winnie likes healthy things? Right you are.
3) Целеполагание.
So today we are going to talk about healthy and unhealthy things.
Look at the screen. There is an English proverb: An apple a day keeps
people the doctor away”. How can we translate it? Здоровому врач не
4) Good. There is a list of different tasty things. Your task is to choose
healthy and unhealthy things. Let’s do it in groups of healthy and
unhealthy food.
A cake
A cabbage
An onion
An apple
Let’s check up. Use the example: …. are healthy / unhealthy things.
5) Listening “ Winnie at the rabbit’s place”
Now, let’s listen to the story about Winnie at the Rabbit’s place. You
should make a list of tasty things that Winnie likes to eat.
-Would you like some potatoes and cheese?
-Yes, please. May I have five potatoes, please?
-Help yourself.
-Thank you! I like apples. May I have an apple?
-Yes, yes , take it please.
-No, I like big apples. I don’t like small apples. A big red apple, please.
-Help yourself.
-And I like to eat sweets in the morning.
-Would you like a sweet?
-Yes, please. May I take three sweets?
-Yes, you may.
-Thank you. I see a big grey box with cakes. May I have four cakes? They look so
-Well, you may… Help yourself.
-Thank you.
He eats his four cakes and says, “ I must go away”. He stands up but he can’t walk.
He says, ‘ Oh, Rabbit, help me. Help me! I can’t walk! I am so fat!”.
Which of them healthy or unhealthy ?
6) Children, why can’t Winnie skip, jump and run?
Right , because he is fat. But what must he do to be healthy and strong?
So Winnie goes to the doctor. This is what the doctor says:
You are not healthy. You like to eat. That’s why you are fat. You must not
sleep in the morning. You must not eat butter and much bread for breakfast.
You must drink milk and eat a lot of fish. You must run in the park and you
must skate. You must swim, skip and jump. You must be strong, but must
not be fat.
So what must Winnie do to be healthy?
7) Winnie’s friend Neznaika wants to be a doctor . This what he says to
You are not healthy. You must stand on your head. You must eat sweets and
drink coffee. You must not run and jump, you must not swim.
Are these good pieces of advice or not? Correct the mistake.
8) Our friend Hippo has a sweet tooth. Look at him. He has a
stomachache. He likes to eat many tasty things. What does she eat?
9) Boys and girls, let’s help him. You are the doctors and you are the
cookers. The first group cooks the healthy ( fruit or vegetable) salad, the
second writes down the sport activities.
Example: You must/ mustn’t eat/drink…
You must/mustn’t play…
Recipe Prescription
Mix…. You must…
Help yourself. You must not….
It will be the golden rules.
10) Answer the doctor’s Abolit questions ( Questionnaire): 1 point for
the positive answer
-Do you eat meet in the morning?
-Do you like to play football?
-Do you eat many sweets?
-Do you drink milk?
-Do you run and jump?
-D o you drink much lemonade?
-Do like sport?
( If you have 3 -4 points, you are healthy.
If you have over 4 points, you are not healthy)
11) Подведение итогов.
Choose an apple if you think that people must eat healthy food and do sport.
Choose a sweet if you think that people must eat only tasty food and mustn’t
do sport.
Choose chips if you think that people must eat unhealthy food and mustnt
do sport at all.
Would you like a sweet/ chips/ an apple?
Yes, please/ No, thank you.
Let’s sing a song.
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