Презентация "At the Doctor"

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At the Doctor

Oh, my head! I have a headache,

Oh, my tooth! I have a toothache,

Oh, my stomach! I have a stomachache,

Oh, my back! I have a backache,

Oh, my ear! I have an earache,

Oh, my eyes! I have sore eyes,

Oh, my thumb! I have a sore thumb,

Oh, my throat! I have a sore throat.

Where is a doctor? I don’t know!

At the hospital

A ward: isolation ward, private ward.

Doctors, nurses, dentists.

Types of medicines




herbal remedies

Do a crossword:

1. … your head with a door.

2. … your finger with a knife.

3. … the tooth with a nut.

4. … my ankle when I run.

5. The highest part of a body, you think and eat with it.

6. … your leg when you fall from the bike.

7. A little part of your arm.

8. … your back.

9. … my wrist when I’ve played basketball.











To be healthy you should or shouldn’t… Put in two columns

eat a light meal, eat too much ice cream, eat vegetables, eat fruits, wear warm clothes, walk in the rain, sunbathe a lot, smoke, drink alcohol, spend too much time in front of the TV, get enough sleep, get regular exercise.

You should:

You shouldn’t:

Doctor (D): Good morning.

Patient (P): Hello, Doctor.

D: Now then, how can I help you?

P: Well doctor, I've got a headache.

D: Do you have any other symptoms? A temperature, for example?

P: Well yes, I have high temperature, actually.

D: It looks to me as if you've got a cold.

P: Oh, have I, doctor?

D: Yes. Now I give you these pills. You should take two pills three times a day.

P: Thank you, doctor, thank you.

Do the dialogues:

A headache – a cold

A stomachache – some stomach infection

A toothache – caries

An earache – the flu

A sore throat – a bad cold