Задания письменной части ОГЭ по английскому языку "Раздел «Лексика»"

Задания письменной части ОГЭ по английскому
языку. Раздел «Лексика»
Автор: Гордеева Наталья Филипповна
1) Mum wants to buy a new sofa for the sitting room. So, yesterday, we
went to the largest furniture store in the city. Mum's friend, who is a
___________, recommended that store as the best in the city. However, we DESIGN
didn’t buy anything because Mum couldn't make a ____________________ DECIDE
about what she liked best. There were sofas in _______________________ TRADITION
and modern styles. They were presented in ________________ colours and DIFFER
patterns. The shop assistant was very ___________________. She patiently HELP
showed us one model after another. At last Mum chose one of them, but,
______________________, they didn’t have that model in her favourite FORTUNATELY
2) Last spring my best friend Isabelle and I booked a holiday in Venice. We
rented a small apartment for a week with a ____________view of the town. WONDER
At the last moment another friend, Linda, asked if she could come with us.
She was a _________________, cheerful girl and we were glad to have her. FRIEND
join us. Venice was a _____________ place and we enjoyed our trip greatly. FANTASY
Linda was fond of history and she told us lots of _________________ facts INTEREST
about the town. We also liked the Italian food very much. The waiter in the
nearby pizzeria was a boy from Britain, so we never had any problems with
__________________. COMMUNICATE
The only __________________ thing about Venice was the weather. It was PLEASANT
unusually cold and windy that week.
3) Learning languages is becoming a popular hobby with children and.
adults. It’s not only interesting but very __________________, too. Foreign USE
languages improve memory and develop _____________________. People IMAGINE
who are able to speak two or more languages _______________are usually FLUENT
more successful than their monolingual colleagues. They are better in
making business and ________________________ contacts. They are more PERSON
_____________________ and they are better in solving conflicts as they are CREATE
able to accept new ideas and different points of view. Foreign languages
make life more __________________ and colourful. INTEREST
4) There are pills for everything. If you can't sleep you take a pill. If you're
depressed or just _________________, you can also take a pill. These days HAPPY
scientists are developing a new pill that you can use for improving your
_______________. It will have the same effect on people’s bodies as doing FIT
sports. The ________________ experiments on mice have given wonderful SCIENCE
results. The animals got stronger and healthier without any exercise.
However, some doctors think that such pills can be ___________________ DANGER
for health, especially in certain situations. The problem is that there will be
people who may use the pill unwisely. For example, young girls who want
to lose weight and get slim may take several pills at once. It will be very
____________________ for their health.That’s why our government should HARM
think a lot before making the__________________ that allows the medicine DECIDE
to be produced.
5) Siem Reap is a small town in Cambodia, a country in southeast Asia. It
is built around a __________________cathedral. The town is charming with FAME
some fine examples of French colonial architecture. A legend says that a
French _____________________once called the town a pearl of Cambodi”. WRITE
Nowadays, this town is quite popular with tourists. They often use it as a
starting point for their _____________________ travellings. The town is EXCITE
really remarkable. There you will find some _____________________stone IMPRESS
monuments and statues, ancient buildings and picturesque ruins. Note that it
is _________________ hot there in the summer. Please ensure that you take USUAL
_____________________walking shoes, light clothing and plenty of water COMFORT
to drink.
6) The city of St Davids is situated on the south-west coast of Wales. If
you're looking for an _______________ place to go, this is your destination. USUAL
It was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II but in reality St Davids
looks like an ___________________ small village. It is actually the smallest ATTRACT
city in Britain with a _____________________ of just over 1,600. POPULATE
St Davids has a __________________ medieval cathedral which dates back BEAUTY
to the 12th century. Today it is a ___________________ place with narrow CHARM
streets filled with cafes, hotels and art galleries but only one pub!
St Davids is famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. Whitesands Bay
is a regular _______________ of the prestigious European Blue Flag award. WIN
7) People travel a lot nowadays. Planes are considered to be the most
_________________ means of transport but for some people airports can be COMFORT
a nightmare. There are ______________ queues when you check in and you END
waste lots of time if your flight is delayed. However, there are some airports
where you can _______________ enjoy yourself. For example, you’ll never ACTUAL
be bored at Hong Kong’s international airport. There are thousands of
people from ___________________ countries here but the passengers never DIFFER
experience any problems because everything is well organised. There are
attendants in red coats, who help you get from one place to another. It is
very good for people with no sense of _________________ . The attendants DIRECT
are always very polite and ___________________. HELP
8) Axel is a 9-year-old Bulgarian orphan (сирота). He was adopted by
a __________________________ western family. His new father works as WEALTH
a __________________ in Sweden and he is quite rich. BANK
Axel ___________________ wrote e-mails to the director of the orphanage, REGULAR
Jane Smitova. He told her that he was saving his Christmas and birthday
money to help his friends. Axel said that he wanted the money to be spent
on presents for his former playmates. Later Jane said “I understood that
____________________ meant a lot to a small boy but I would never have FRIEND
imagined that Axel could be talking about such an ____________________ POSSIBLE
sum of money. It’s so touching and we are going to spend it in a very
__________________ way." The boy saved £6,000. CARE
9) Last year my friend Mia and I went on holiday to Thailand. We stayed
in a ________________ resort which is popular with tourists. We were very FAME
___________________ with the weather and we spent most of our days on LUCK
the beach. The ocean was ___________________ the water was clear and FANTASY
warm. Thailand is a former French colony and that’s why French is very
popular there. Mia was delighted with this fact because she learns French,
she wants to be a ______________________ of French, and she was able to TEACH
practise the language there. She is also interested in architecture and she
found some fine examples of the French colonial style in Thailand. It was
an _____________________ trip for me too. I am a photographer and I took FORGETTABLE
lots of pictures of people and nature. Several magazines found my photos
_________________________ enough to publish. I feel very proud of that. INTEREST
10) Ratatouille is an American cartoon. The name of the cartoon comes
from a ________________________ French dish made of vegetables. The TRADITION
main character is a rat Remy, who is interested in cooking and dreams of
becoming a ___________________ chef. Remy is separated from his family SUCCESS
at the ______________________ of the movie. So he finds himself in Paris, BEGIN
France. There his unusual _____________________ with a poor boy begins. FRIEND
They both don’t care that most people hate rats and try to get rid of them.
Remy wants to help the boy. He tries to teach him how to cook __________ TASTE
The story ends __________________ and the friends start a new restaurant. HAPPY
11) Many tourists don't like staying in city hotels. They prefer to avoid
_____________________ cities completely. They are attracted instead to NOISE
dramatic views of mountains and ______________________ valleys. If you PEACE
like this sort of tourism, Mountain View Camp is for you. You’ll have an
__________________________ vacation there. FORGETTABLE
The Camp has a view over the ______________________ Hampson Valley. IMPRESS
In the camp, tourists can rent either tents or bungalows. All the guests have
free access to different facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms and
playgrounds for children. The camp is a successful ____________________ COMBINE
of both comfort and a green environment.The tourists can also have lunch in
one of the many restaurants and try different _________________ cuisines. NATION
12) How do people learn the news? About a century ago people got
______________________ from newspapers since they were the only mass INFORM
media that existed in those times. Radio and television seemed
______________________ inventions as they broadcasted audio and visual WONDER
images. The Internet has changed the situation dramatically. Now the
audience has an opportunity to create the news, share their______________ PERSON
knowledge and express their opinions. The Internet supposes interaction,
which makes it very _________________________ to people. And what ATTRACT
about the newspapers? Will they __________________ in the near future? APPEAR
I wish they wouldn’t as I like starting my day with a cup of coffee and a
______________________ newspaper. TRADITION
13) What do you think is the most stressful and ______________________ DANGER
job in Britain? Is it a police officer, a detective or a news ______________? REPORT
Well, statistics say it is a London taxi driver. It is a ____________________ REAL
hard job as traffic is getting worse. If we sit in a traffic jam for a few
minutes, we start feeling ___________________ and irritated. But imagine NERVE
you had to do that every day as your job!
And you have to remain ____________ and attentive in spite of everything. CARE
London taxi drivers have to have a good memory to be able to take a
__________________ from A to B without looking at the map or asking for TRAVEL
14) People spend hours talking on their mobile phones. There is an opinion
that it may be _____________________ to their health, but it is difficult to HARM
know for sure. Some research shows that mobile phones may cause brain
problems. On the other hand, some doctors say mobiles are not
___________________________at all. No matter what doctors say, it’s just DANGER
___________________ to live without a mobile phone today. It has become POSSIBLE
a very _________________ device and people can’t do without it. It makes USE
our life ______________________ and saves time. People can get in touch COMFORT
with each other quickly. Mobile phones make __________________ easier. COMMUNICATE
15) Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It has an
______________________ airport with flights from London and European NATIONAL
capitals. Dublin is a ___________________ and cosmopolitan city. If you BEAUTY
walk along its central streets, you will find a wide range of _____________ DIFFER
shops, bars and restaurants. If you like sightseeing, you can visit the famous
Dublin castle, one of the most ____________________ buildings in the city. IMPRESS
Dublin is a green city.It is such a pleasure to walk there on a hot _________ SUN
day. In the evening you can listen to______________________ Irish music TRADITION
played in the streets and in the pubs.
16) Every year the world goes dark for one hour, the Earth Hour. The event
is organized by the _______________________ World Wildlife Fund. At NATION
tourist destinations, in offices and private homes, lights are switched off for
one hour at ______________________ 8:00 pm. The idea is to show that EXACT
our planet is in danger and it needs care and _______________________ . PROTECT
It's _______________ to remain indifferent to changes in the climate which POSSIBLE
go on and on. The Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity. It’s
about realising that we live on a ______________________ planet and need WONDER
to look after it not just for an hour a year but every day. The Earth Hour is
a part of an _____________________ education campaign whose aim is to ECOLOGY
make people understand their responsibility to the planet.
17) London is famous for its history and its sights. It is also a wonderful
place for shopaholics. There are lots of ___________________ places to go. DIFFER
For example, you can go to Oxford Street. Sometimes it gets too ________ CROWD
and noisy, especially during the sales. If you don’t like it, go to Covent
Garden. There you can have a _______________ cup of tea or a cappuccino LOVE
in a quiet coffee house. You can also watch a street ______________ there. PERFORM
Portobello Road is the right place to go if you want to buy unique and
__________________________ things. Shopping in London is always an USUAL
___________________ experience and it’s worth trying. EXCITE
18) The Turners weren’t used to snow.The most they ever got in Birmingham
was an inch or so each winter. Even that happened quite _______________. RARE
The _____________ thing was that a tiny bit of snow was enough to cancel FUN
school and even to close some businesses. One night, in March of 1993,
something very _________________ happened. Very cold air from Canada EXCITE
created the ‘Storm of the Century’. When the Turner kids woke up on Satur-
day morning, there were 17 inches of __________________ snow as far as WONDER
the eye could see. The Turners were in shock. They had no idea what to do.
Though Mr. Turner was an experienced ______________ he chose to leave DRIVE
his car in the garage. He wanted the whole family to stay at home but it was
natural for the kids to _______________ with him. They put on the warmest AGREE
clothes they had and ran outside to enjoy the snow.
19) Dr Michael Werner says that he has eaten nothing for four years. The
German _____________________ explains that he gets all his energy from SCIENCE
sunlight.He says he drinks only water and _________________ fruit juices. DIFFER
Dr Werner has written an _________________ book about his experiences. EXCITE
In it he mentions that when he started the experiment he even put on weight.
He says: "I can't really give an ___________________ of what’s happening EXPLAIN
to me; perhaps I just believe in my theory."
Dr Werner’s colleagues say that only plants can produce energy from the
sun, and they cannot explain how he is able to stay ___________________. HEALTH
“This case, __________________, needs a lot more research before we will PROBABLE
be able to explain it.” they say.
20) Millions of people want to learn English. There are lots of
_____________________ methods and the main problem is how to choose DIFFER
the best one. Some people believe that the most __________________ way EFFECT
is to study English in Britain or in any other English-speaking country. The
advantage of going to Britain seems obvious. Everyone around you speaks
English. It’s practically _____________________ to avoid communication, POSSIBLE
so you’ll learn English _____________________ . On the other hand, one QUICK
can learn English at home. There are lots of possibilities there too: a good
____________________, a language school or an on-line course. There are TEACH
many ways to get a good language ____________________ now. EDUCATE
21) If someone asks what your nationality is, how do you answer? For
British people ___________________ identity is a complex issue. Take me NATION
for example. I carry a passport issued by the British___________________. GOVERN
I was born in England, but my Mum is Scottish and my Granny is from
Northern Ireland. So what am I? ____________________ , I am all of them: ACTUAL
English, Irish, Scottish and British. Each of the ‘nations’ has a lot in
common but they also have their own unique culture and _______________ TRADITION
lifestyle. They _____________________ it when people call them English. LIKE
And perhaps the most important ___________________ of all each nation DIFFER
has its own football team!
22) Reading is one of the most popular pastimes and books are one of the
main sources of knowledge. Everyone knows this but, ________________, FORTUNATELY
there are many young people who don’t like to read. They say it is not cool
but I firmly __________________ with them. Books have the ability to take AGREE
you to another world, to wake up your ___________________ and transport IMAGINE
you to places you’ve never been to. Books can be __________________ in DIFFER
size and content. Their stories can be _________________, scary, romantic EXCITE
or funny but above all, books are just interesting. I'm absolutely sure that
books by a good __________________ will always be popular. WRITE
23) Piranhas are South American fish. There are lots of scary stories about
them. Most people think that piranhas are very _______________ creatures. DANGER
However, a ______________ from St Andrews University, Anne Magurran, SCIENCE
has recently announced that to call piranhas cruel killers is not fair. They
____________________ eat fish, plants and insects. According to Professor USUAL
Anne Magurran, piranhas attack people and animals only when they want
to defend themselves. However, most travellers strongly _______________ AGREE
with this point of view. They recommend keeping away from the water
where piranhas live. When the fish attack in groups, it is practically
___________________ to survive. Whatever your opinion of piranhas, this POSSIBLE
is a ___________________ piece of advice one should follow.
24) People are afraid of lots of things. There are many ________________ DIFFER
kinds of fears called phobias. They affect at least a quarter of the
______________________. POPULATE
The ___________________ treatment for people with strong phobias is some TRADITION
kind of therapy. In most cases it doesn’t work but doctors still believe that
phobias can be cured. _____________________ they have discovered a drug RECENT
which can help people to overcome their phobias. It doesn’t work for
everybody but when it does, it is very _____________________. People, who EFFECT
take the pill feel much better most of their fears ______________________. APPEAR
25) Jenny doesn’t have many friends, but she has lots of books. Jenny likes
fantasy stories best. She has a rich ____________________ which takes her IMAGINE
to magical lands. Jenny often feels like she is a part of the story. She enjoys
being in someone else's shoes, living in an __________________________ ABSOLUTE
different world. When reading, Jenny may turn into a princess or become a
mountain ______________________. EXPLORE
She can see ________________ creatures and amazing places with her own FANTASY
eyes. Books are ideal friends for Jenny. They are entertaining and helpful.
They can give her some _____________________ advice when she needs it PRACTICE
and keep quiet when she doesn’t want to communicate. Books never
____________________ with her and they never argue. AGREE
26) It all started in 1865. A group of Frenchmen were having dinner in one
of the most __________________ restaurants near Paris. They talked about FASHION
the democratic changes in the USA and wanted to support the American
people. After a short __________________ they agreed on an original idea. DISCUSS
The idea was suggested by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, a sculptor and
______________________ . He said they could make a statue of a woman DESIGN
holding the torch of freedom. It was an ambitious project and it was
_____________________ to complete it quickly. It actually took 21 years POSSIBLE
for this idea to become a reality. The French people raised money to build
the statue, and, ______________________, in 1886 it was ready. On July 4, FINAL
1886 the United States received their ________________________ gift AMAZE
the Statue of Liberty!
27) The Grand National is a horse race which is held every year in
Liverpool. This _____________________ involves a four-mile race, during COMPETE
which the horses have to go over 30 fences. The most _________________ FAME
horse in the Grand National was called 'Red Rum'. He was the __________ WIN
of the race three times during the 1970s. The race is not only a sporting
event but a ___________________ social event too. Men and women wear FASHION
beautiful clothes, and the tickets to the race are very __________________. EXPENSE
The Grand National is broadcast all over the world and around 500 to 600
million people watch it. However, though there are lots of horse racing fans,
many people think it’s __________________ and cruel to make the animals FAIR
race and jump for people’s entertainment.
28) Last year, I became a volunteer in a charity shop. It was an
______________ job for me - I had never been involved with charities. Our USUAL
shop raised money to provide medical care for anyone suffering from any
_____________________ . The job was not easy but I enjoyed it very much. ILL
All my colleagues were very helpful. Their ________________ and support FRIEND
meant a lot to me. Andrew, my boss and _________________, was a smart MANAGE
and well-organized person. He kept saying that we had no right to be
indifferent or _________________ because people’s lives depended on us. CARE
Working in the charity shop, I have met some very interesting people and
have learnt a lot of practical skills. Volunteering has equipped me with
experience which I’m sure will be ______________________ for my future. USE
29) Lots of companies do business online. They sell goods and services,
or provide ________________ to the general public. Doing business online INFORM
is less _________________ and more convenient than running a traditional EXPENSE
business, with offices and lots of employees. Surprisingly enough, there
are lots of very young people among online businessmen. In spite of their
age, they are quite _____________________ and professional. For example, SUCCESS
Ben Collins started his own online company when he was ______________ REAL
young. He was only 17. He says, “My business is ____________________- NATIONAL
we work with people from different countries. In a real office, some people
would _______________________ that someone of my age could be a boss, AGREE
but when I work online, nobody cares how old I am.”
30) Last year I learnt Spanish in Barcelona. Spain is a _________________ AMAZE
country and I enjoyed my time there very much. My flatmates were two
girls from Germany. They were nice but ___________________ was a real COMMUNICATE
problem for us because I didn’t speak German and they didn’t speak
English, my first language. Sometimes we felt absolutely ______________ HELP
because we were not able to understand each other. However, it gave us
additional motivation to learn Spanish! Very soon my teacher told me that I
was speaking it _____________________. He was happy with my progress FLUENT
My flatmates’ grades were _________________ too! It proved that practice IMPRESS
is very important and if you want to speak a foreign language like a native
__________________, you should practise it a lot. SPEAK
31) At school, writing essays was a real problem for me, and my grades
were always low. ___________________ enough, I didn’t like writing and NATURAL
tried to avoid writing lessons at all costs. I thought I didn’t have enough
_____________________ for any kind of writing. I only understood what IMAGINE
my problem was after school. In a ___________________ journal I saw an SCIENCE
article about children’s writing problems. The author claimed that anyone
could become a good ________________ if they learned some rules. I read WRITE
and reread the article several times. Then I tried to use the information in
practice. I have never become a professional journalist but from time to time
time I publish some pieces of my __________________ writing on my blog. CREATE
My friends find these essays and stories very ________________________. ENJOY
32) Last year I decided to take an English course in Britain. When I called
the language school, the ___________________ explained to me everything MANAGE
about the school and the courses. They had an __________________ range IMPRESS
of courses - for all levels and ages. As for the accommodation, there were
two options: staying in a student hostel or living with a host family.
Naturally enough, I wanted to choose the _______________ community of NATIONAL
the hostel. However, because of my parents’ strong ___________________ AGREEMENT
with my choice, I had to stay with the host family. And I didn’t regret it!
My host family was ___________________. They told me a lot about their WONDER
country and were very curious about mine. We talked a lot and when I came
back home, I could speak English ___________________! FLUENT
33) I arrived in Liverpool in the afternoon. It was a _____________day but RAIN
the weather couldn’t spoil my excellent mood - I was in Liverpool! Many
people associate this city with the _____________musical band, the Beatles. FAME
It’s true, the Beatles are everywhere, but today it’s also ________________ POSSIBLE
to imagine Liverpool without its other great passion: football! The city is
home to two teams: Liverpool and Everton. Everton is older and was more
________________ in the past, but since the 1990s it has been Liverpool’s SUCCESS
time to shine. I’ve been Liverpool’s ________________ since I was a small SUPPORT
boy. The team is based at the Anfield Stadium. I have watched games there
twice. It was very ________________________ and it was one of the most EXCITE
important memories of my childhood.
34) The 5th of November is Guy Fawkes Night. This holiday is also known
as Bonfire Night as lighting bonfires is an essential part of the
_______________________. CELEBRATE
_______________________, it’s one of the favourite holidays for children- NATURAL
they simply can’t miss the firework display. Most parents allow their
children to stay outdoors till late at night. It would be _________________ FAIR
to make them stay at home when the sky is lit up with colours. However,
children should never be left on their own - bonfires and fireworks are
potentially _____________________. Emergency reports say the number of DANGER
people needing medical care increases on this night. Some of them are
______________________ with fire. In spite of the excitement, the children CARE
may also catch a cold on this November night. Warm jumpers, coats and
gloves are more ______________________ than ever. USE
35) I’ve worked in an office for many years. It’s a very ________________ STRESS
job and recently I’ve taken up a new hobby - gardening. My grandmother
was a very good ____________________. She never did gardening as a job GARDEN
but for pleasure and ___________________ . She had the so-called ENTERTAIN
green fingers - the flowers and fruit trees she planted grew very _________. QUICK
I wish I were as skillful as she was. It’s a pity my family does not share my
interest. My children __________________ working outdoors. LIKE
They prefer using the computer indoors. I don’t argue with them. Arguing
and quarrelling makes me feel _________________and unhappy but cannot NERVE
change the situation. I hope one day they will join me in the garden.
36) There is a popular opinion that all children are talented. It’s true –
children are curious and have a good ________________________. It helps IMAGINE
them make ______________________ things from very routine objects like AMAZE
stones, leaves, or strips of fabric. Coloured paper, watercolours and pencils
pencils stimulate their _____________________ minds a lot too! However, CREATE
sometimes parents may _____________________ of their children’s artistic APPROVE
activities like drawing on the walls and indoor experiments with fireworks.
But _________________ is not a good solution! Any art activity develops PUNISH
children’s brains and stimulates their ability in science. Be ______________ CARE
with your children’s natural talents. Never stop them doing an activity but
instead create an appropriate and safe environment for it.
37) Early in her reign, Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, had
a plan to hold a great world-wide exhibition of modern art and design. Sir
Joseph Paxton, a botanist and landscape ____________________, won the DESIGN
competition to create the central exhibition hall. The __________________ BUILD
he produced is still admired by architects today. Although at that time
many thought it was _________________ to realize such a project. In 1851, POSSIBLE
Paxton constructed his Crystal Palace an ___________________ glass and AMAZE
iron pavilion, over a third of a mile long, with 800,000 square feet of floor
space. The construction was an ultramodern iron frame with glass panels.
The exhibition was very ____________________ it drew over six million SUCCESS
visitors. ______________________, it was taken apart in 1854. UNFORTUNATE
38) Ecotourism is getting more and more popular. It offers two things
at once: ____________________ and entertainment. Most people agree that EDUCATE
ecotourism is the most ____________________ branch of tourism. It makes HARM
profit without destroying ____________________ resources. When tourists NATURE
choose eco trips, they stay in local houses with local people, not in
_______________________ hotels. They travel on foot, by boat, bicycle or EXPENSE
elephant to avoid pollution. However, such trips are not at all cheap. This is
________________________ the only disadvantage. But you can apply the PROBABLE
principles of ecotourism every time you go on a normal holiday. You should
remember that you're only a _______________ and be as careful as possible. VISIT
39) Ray Kurzweil is a very popular figure in the field of science. He is a
leading computer ___________________ who has made lots of predictions SCIENCE
about the future of humanity. So far he has written six books about artificial
intelligence, and four of them have become _________________________ NATION
best sellers in the USA. Ray strongly believes that soon computer
intelligence will be a billion times more _____________________ than the POWER
human brain. However, lots of experts don’t believe it and say that it is
absolutely ____________________. Kurzweil disagrees with them and says POSSIBLE
that we are already a human-machine civilization. We already use high level
technology to diagnose diseases, provide ________________________, and EDUCATE
develop new technologies. Kurzweil thinks that by 2030, computers will do
more __________________ tasks. They will be able to understand ordinary IMPRESS
spoken language and show emotions.
40) The Nobel Prize is a very prestigious award. Alfred Nobel, a successful
businessman and the __________________ of explosives, established prizes INVENT
for achievements in science, literature and economics. Another award, the
Oscar, is ___________________ the most famous prize in the film industry. PROBABLE
The ceremony is an ______________________ event with lots of film stars. IMPRESS
There are lots of musical awards Grammies, Brits, and the MTV awards
for music, the list is ________________________. END
In Britain, a writer who wins the Booker prize can expect to see their novel
at the top of the bestseller lists and compete with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ for
________________. The Turner Prize is an award for British contemporary POPULAR
artists, and each year it causes heated discussions. Artists get lots of money
for their ___________________ and sometimes even strange works. USUAL
41) Scientists have found that there is a direct ________________ between CONNECT
sunshine and our good mood. They noticed that people are kinder and more
________________________ and easy-going when the sun is out. Sunlight HELP
_________________ improves negative moods and makes us feel less tired DEFINITE
and more energetic. On the other hand, very hot weather may cause strong
________________ . As a result, we may feel depressed, irritated and even COMFORT
aggressive. On ___________ days people say they're less satisfied with their RAIN
lives. But whatever the weather is, it’s important to spend enough time
outdoors. Fresh air and sports can make any day feel __________________! FANTASY
42) 'Surfers Against Sewage' (SAS) was founded in 1990 by water sports
enthusiasts in the UK. They are an environmental _____________________ ORGANIZE
that tries to protect the UK’s oceans and beaches. They say that it may be
really ______________________ to swim in the seas, and even sunbathe on RISK
the beaches because of the pollution. When SAS appeared, it informed
people about the problem in quite an ______________________ way. They USUAL
went to public events with their surfboards and handed out leaflets. They
_______________________ attracted the attention of the media and people QUICK
of Britain. They even managed to put pressure on the __________________ GOVERN
to forbid dumping waste in the sea, rivers and lakes. The campaign was
indeed ___________________. Officials agreed to spend 8.5 billion pounds SUCCESS
on cleaning up Britain’s seas and rivers.
43) Shepherd’s pie started as an old English recipe. The pie gained
___________________ in the Middle Ages. During the reign of Elizabeth I, POPULAR
mince meat pie became a must- have food, probably, because it was easy to
cook, _______________________ and tasty.Until the 16th century potatoes HEALTH
were _________________ known as pig food. But later they were accepted MAIN
as a ________________ food in Europe. The Shepherd’s pie recipe changed BASE
to include potatoes as an ingredient. And the fame of the dish doubled.
Now Shepherd’s pie is considered to be a _____________________ British TRADITION
food but similar recipes can be found in other countries, although they may
have different names. In Canada, for example, a ____________________ in WAIT
a restaurant would present it to tourists as Chinese pie.
44) The festival of Halloween has its roots in Celtic traditions. Over 2,000
years ago the Celts in Britain had a special holiday in late October to mark
the ____________________ of winter. BEGIN
Another autumn ___________________ was connected with the passing of CELEBRATE
the dead. These two events later became Halloween. On Halloween children
often dress up as ghosts, witches and monsters and go around people's
houses, asking for sweets. In most cases the ghosts and witches are not
frightening at all, they are even _______________________! But remember FUN
that if the children don’t get the sweets, they may play some ____________ PLEASANT
joke, for example splash some water on you. Pumpkins also ____________ SYMBOL
Halloween. People ________________________ make lanterns from them. USUAL
45) There are lots of products that help us fight bad moods and
depression. If you feel down and ______________________, just get a bar SLEEP
of dark chocolate from the fridge. Chocolate will improve your mood and
you’ll feel __________________and happy again. CHEER
This _________________ is often used in chocolate adverts. Unfortunately, INFORM
we can’t use this method too often. The positive effect does not last long.
Meanwhile chocolate is not ________________________ food. It contains HARM
fat and sugar which can make you overweight. Some people may also be
allergic to chocolate and it can affect their __________________________, APPEAR
causing skin problems. The alternative and __________________________ ABSOLUTE
safe method to fight depression is doing sport. It can be recommended to
46) People in Britain often talk about climate and weather. They usually
complain about their _____________________ weather. However, there are CHANGE
parts of the world where extreme weather causes real dangers to the
_______________________. POPULATE
Sandstorms, tornadoes and floods _____________________ cause massive REGULAR
destruction. Lots of people become _______________________. To prevent HOME
this destruction, it’s important to forecast disasters in advance. Japan is the
world ______________________ in using new technology for this purpose. LEAD
The Japanese have also worked out an _______________________ system EFFECT
of informing people: phone companies automatically notify their customers
about emergencies and disasters. These warnings are very efficient, and free
of charge.
47) Ireland is the country of myths and legends. Even the local people are
not sure which of them were based on facts and which are the product of
someone’s __________________________ imagination. Leprechauns are CREATE
_____________________ the most famous characters from Irish mythology. PROBABLE
They are depicted as old bearded men. Their ________________________ RESPONSIBLE
is to guard the treasure of the fairies. Unfortunately, rainbows always point
to the ____________________ of the treasure and Leprechauns must rehide LOCATE
it. And here are plenty of rainbows in Ireland! Leprechauns are always busy.
They are always very _________________ and try to be invisible to people. CARE
But if you manage to catch some _____________________ Leprechaun, he LUCKY
must either give you his treasure or grant you three wishes.
48) My friend, Mary, is an extraordinary girl. She has always tried new
things new sports and new hobbies. She says life should be
___________________ and it should change all the time. INTEREST
Now she has a new idea she wants to be a firefighter. You may say that it
is not a job for girls, but Mary will ______________________ with this. In AGREE
her opinion, putting out fires is a ___________________ job but women are DANGER
able to do it too. She has enrolled in a special training school where they
learn skills and study firefighting ____________________. The teenagers in EQUIP
the camp also learn how to work as a team, which is a very _____________ USE
skill wherever you work. And Mary is sure her team will be effective in any
____________________________. SITUATE
49) It’s obvious that language skills are essential for everyone today.
Foreign languages are very ____________________ not only for travelling, USE
but also for studying and building a career. There are lots of ____________ DIFFER
ways to learn a new language. However, everyone agrees that learning
languages is _________________ without dictionaries. The main job of any POSSIBLE
dictionary is to explain what words mean. This can be done via
_______________________ or the unknown word can be explained in other TRANSLATE
words. It’s also good if the dictionary contains some examples of how the
word is used it helps to understand the _______________________ much MEAN
better. If you are a busy ___________________, you probably prefer online LEARN
dictionaries to paper ones. Online dictionaries are very convenient to use if
you have Internet access.
50) Mark is an old friend of mine. I’m very proud of our friendship because
Mark is a very _______________________ person. He is very talented and INTEREST
___________________. He can play the piano and the violin and the guitar CREATE
He is a professional ________________ . He plays only but he is not for his MUSIC
family and friends. We have encouraged Mark to try singing too, but he
refuses and says he has an __________________ voice. That is certainly to PLEASANT
not true he has a nice voice, though he cannot sing very ______________. LOUD
Now we are arranging a school band and I want to ask Mark to join it.
I think if he starts performing in public, he’ll become a more confident and
more ____________________ person. SUCCESS
51) Russia is a large country with great diversity in flora and fauna. There
are several large ____________________ parks in Russia. A lot of different NATION
animals live there. Wolves are probably the best known, and are very well
studied animals, so we have enough _______________ about their diet and INFORM
behaviour. The wolf is a good _____________________. They usually hunt HUNT
wild animals like deer and hares,but sometimes they can attack sheep, goats,
and cows. The wolf tries to avoid people and only goes into villages when
he is _________________________hungry. REAL
In some ______________________ tales, the wolf is often represented as a RUSSIA
clever animal that helps the main character, Ivan. The wolf is usually direct
and _______________ and helps Ivan to cope with many difficult problems. CREATE
52) Not everyone likes street art. _________________ nobody asks owners’ USUAL
permission before drawing graffiti on their houses. Sometimes the drawings
may be ______________________ and nice but sometimes messy and ugly. INTEREST
What is graffiti a form of art or vandalism? It depends on the drawing,
I think. A friend of mine, John, is a street ______________________. ART
He says that street art is a form of _________________________. COMMUNICATE
A person can tell you nice or rude things, can’t he? As for John, he is a
really nice and ____________________ person. CREATE
He enjoys drawing ______________ characters from animated films. When VARY
my neighbours saw his drawings, they asked him to paint some pictures on
the wall of their house. Just to make it look brighter and more positive.
53) What is the most eco-friendly transport? I believe it’s the bicycle.
There are a lot of bicycles on the streets of our town and that is probably
why it looks so green and ______________________. There are cycle lanes BEAUTY
all over the town so using your bike to get to school or to the office is safe
and convenient. __________________________, some people still prefer FORTUNATELY
driving cars even for short distances. They make the environment less
_____________________. HEALTH
As for me, I enjoy riding my bike very much and all my friends say that I’m
a good _______________________. Next month I’m going to take part in a RIDE
regional cycling _______________________ and I hope to win it. COMPETE
I don't think I will stop riding my bicycle till I’m __________________ old. REAL
54) Most graffiti street artists are anonymous. However there are some
artists who have become globally ____________________________ . Like FAME
the twin brothers from Brazil who call themselves Os Gemeos. They paint
everything from small images to huge, ______________________ pictures COLOUR
of people on buildings. Another celebrity among graffiti artists is Blek le
Rat from Paris. He paints pictures of ________________________ people. HOME
In this way he hopes to encourage residents to think __________________ SERIOUS
about the problems of these people. Another well-known artist is Faith 47
from Cape Town. She paints big bright pictures of people and animals.
The works of this _______________________ can be found on pavements, PAINT
empty factory buildings, and abandoned cars. It is ___________________ POSSIBLE
to predict how street art will develop in the future but we can be sure that it
is here to stay!
55) Last weekend we enjoyed a city break in Chester, the _____________ HISTORY
ancient medieval town in the northwest of England. The heart of town is the
___________________ of Victorian, Tudor and Gothic times. Chester is the ARCHITECT
county town of Cheshire. Can you remember the Cheshire cat who
_______________ disappears in Lewis Carol’s books about Alice? The best SLOW
way to enjoy the centre of Chester is on foot. It is a small _______________ CONVENIENCE
town ideal for walking. It took us one and a half hour to walk along the top
of the city walls. This central part of the town dates back to its __________ FOUND
as a fortress. Our ______________ city holiday was relaxing, fun and full of ENJOY
museums, tasty food and unforgettable sightseeing. It was a journey through
56) Fashion is becoming younger. In 1928 an average ________________ DESIGN
worked for women of all ages and styles. Now old celebrities try to look
childish. The fact is the young actresses have a charismatic charm and love
of fashion which make them the face and __________________ of different PERSONAL
brands. For example, Selena Gomez has become the face of the __________ FAME
brand Dolce & Gabanna. Hailee Steinfeld is now the new face of Miu Miu.
She calls it a brand for ________________ young women. The Harry Potter ATTRACT
star Emma Watson has now been recognized on ______________ magazines’ NUMBER
“best dressed” lists. More than that, Watson has developed her own line with
Alberta Ferretti called Pure Threads, which has clothes made of __________ NATURE
materials and fabric.
57) More than 200 species of squirrels are found all over the world.
Squirrels range in size from the African squirrels which are 7 centimeters in
_________________, to the giant Indian squirrels that are more than 1 meter. LONG
Grey squirrels are most common in Russia. They come in many __________ DIFFER
colours, such as shades of grey, shades of brown or even black.
No matter where you live, city or suburb, _____________ there are squirrels CERTAIN
in your neighborhood. These small ______________ rodents are common in FUN
many parks. Feeding squirrels can be a great source of _________________ ENTERTAIN
for small children and even adults. In the wild, squirrels eat nuts, berries, and
mushrooms. They are also _______________ for getting into bird feeders to FAME
eat seeds.
58) Kelly's family loved to watch football together. Sometimes they
watched college games, but normally they watched __________________ PROFESSION
teams play. This evening was special. Two teams were playing in the final
match of the ____________________________. Kelly's favourite team had CHAMPION
actually got to the final this year, which ____________________ happened. RARE
"They're going to win for sure! It will be ______________________ if they FAIR
lose!" Kelly thought.
Watching the football game needed the presence of the whole family and
lots of tasty food. So Kelly's mum had made barbecue meatballs.
Uncle Jolyon had brought a ___________________________ cheese sauce SPICE
and chips. Aunt Katie brought some cakes.When the game started, everyone
everyone cheered. It seemed to Kelly that every _____________________ PLAY
of her team was doing their best to win-win-win! And they did!
59) As а child I loved reading story books. It took you into another world;
one of fantasy where there was no school or homework. I remember one
particular book from my ______________________ very well. It was called CHILD
The Wind in the Willows and the __________________ were wonderful. The ILLUSTRATE
book was full of c5.5111olour and the characters, which were all animals,
were very ____________________ towards each other. The characters were FRIEND
a water rat, a toad, a mole and a badger who all behaved just like humans.
Mole, Badger and Ratty the water rat are very relaxed, lovable characters.
Toad is very ________________ but often gets into trouble because he loves WEALTH
trying new hobbies. At one point Toad ends up losing his ______________ POSSESS
but fortunately everything works out well in the end.
60) They say that pop music is created by and for young people. It often
happens this way. A young _______________________ makes one or two SING
good records at the start of their career. Every year, lots of new stars
become __________________________ _ but for a short time. And just a FAME
year or two later they either __________________ or make less interesting APPEAR
records. It is difficult to find musicians who could make great records for
a long time. Lots of popular groups from the 1970s, for example, are still
better known for the songs they made in their ____________________ past SUCCESS
than for their more recent recordings. Some performers leave the stage but
don't lose their ________________________. They continue to appear POPULAR
_____________________ on TV as presenters, or in chat and reality shows. REGULAR
61) Koalas are cute animals. ________________________, it causes them FORTUNATELY
lots of problems. There are people who want to keep the cute exotic animal
as a pet which may put the koala in a really __________________ situation. DANGER
The problem is that the koala’s diet is very specific. To stay ____________ HEALTH
they should only eat eucalyptus leaves. The leaves need to be young and
fresh, which means a person who keeps a koala should also have a lot of
eucalyptus trees. Andrew Page, a ______________________ who has been SCIENCE
studying koalas for years, says that it’s a bad idea to keep this animal as a
pet. According to him, people who try to do it usually have very little
______________________ about koala’s lifestyle. And their ignorance can INFORM
often cost the _____________________ animal its life. BEAUTY
62) Have you heard of a Tadeus Bodnar? He is a _____________________ FAME
Hungarian hairdresser. Not long ago he stopped using the ______________ TRADITION
scissors and comb.Now his instruments are axes, irons and vacuum cleaners.
Now he is very _________________ and happy because with his innovative SUCCESS
techniques he can express himself better. He cuts hair in his shop in
Budapest by chopping it with an axe. Then he styles the hair using a vacuum
cleaner, or straightens it with an iron. It’s difficult to believe but the
extravagant hairdres-ser is very popular. Many people find him very
_________________________. CREATE
Every day there’s an _______________ line of people streaming to his shop. END
They wish to change their ___________and have a thrilling, new experience. APPEAR
63) My first job was working at a bakery. When I walked from my house to
the bakery,I could smell the __________________ aroma of the fresh bread. WONDER
I loved it. I worked ___________________ after school and at weekends. It DAY
made about twenty hours a week. One of the most _______________ things FANTASY
about the bakery was that I could eat all I wanted there.I really couldn't stop
eating the fresh buns, rolls and cakes. They were so __________________. TASTE
Mrs. Bradley, the ________________ of the bakery, was a very nice woman. OWN
She had no children and she treated me like her own granddaughter. I liked
her too and did my best to be as ___________________ as possible. HELP
64) Thousands of tourists visit Edinburgh every year.The capital of Scotland
is ______________________ for its history and architecture. It’s one of the FAME
___________________ centres of the country. CULTURE
The main __________________ of the city is Edinburgh Castle. It was built ATTRACT
in the 12th century but it still looks magnificent and very _______________. IMPRESS
There are many historic monuments in Edinburgh. One of them is an
unusual monument to Walter Scott, a well-known _____________________. WRITE
The city streets are usually full of noisy tourists with cameras but if you
want a quiet holiday, you can have it too - the beautiful and _____________ PEACE
countryside is just round the corner.
65) I unexpectedly met my old friend Natalie at a metro station in Paris. I
recognised her at once though we hadn’t seen each other for ten years. Now
she works as a ________________________ for Le Figaro newspaper. Our REPORT
__________________ began when we were at school. After school, Natalia FRIEND
left Britain. French was her favourite subject and she went to university in
Paris. It is one of the most __________________ opera houses in the world. FAME
Now she is a very _____________________ journalist. Her life is busy and SUCCESS
exciting. I was _____________ that she managed to find some time for me. LUCK
Natalie made my visit to Paris _________________________. She took me FORGETTABLE
to the most interesting places in the city. In the evening we even watched a
performance at The Grand Opera House.
66) The best thing about shopping in London is that there really are
hundreds of cool shops selling ________________________ clothes. Only FASHION
here you can find a wide choice of _______________________ and unique ORIGIN
shops. Sometimes you can buy _____________________ things there. You FANTASY
can spend a whole day in a shopping centre, have lunch in one of the
European or ________________________ restaurants, see a new film in the ENGLAND
in the cinema and even enjoy a _________________. PERFORM
But be ___________________ London shops are expensive! Don’t leave СARE
all your money in the shopping centre.
67) In Andorra people live longer than in any other European country. It
seems they have discovered the secret of a long and _______________ life. HEALTH
People in Andorra stay active and ____________________ at old age. They ENERGY
They attend gyms and public __________________ pools for free. Exercise SWIM
is one reason, the others are clean air and a diet based on vegetables and
olive oil. People of all ages in Andorra are cheerful and ________________. FRIEND
They think that life is ________________ and they do their best to enjoy it. FANTASY
Andorra is the most __________________ country in Europe they haven’t PEACE
had a war for 700 years.
68) Sam went to the giant aquarium near his house at least three times a
week. He liked the fish and crabs, but the most ______________________ WONDER
creatures there were sharks. Sam could watch them for hours. He took
photos through the glass and collected ________________________ about INFORM
them. It surprised him how fast a massive shark could be. Before the
aquarium opened, Sam thought it was ___________________ for sharks to POSSIBLE
be so quick and graceful. He knew that sharks were __________________ DANGER
but they seldom attacked people. Many people, however, had hunted them
and sharks had become endangered. __________________, now there were FORTUNATE
laws protecting sharks. In the future, Sam wanted to be a ______________ SCIENCE
and study sharks in the wild.
69) Can people live without friends? Most of us would say "no". Friends
make our lives enjoyable and _________________________. Friendship is INTEREST
something you can't buy. It is a ________________ and valuable gift. It is WONDER
__________________ to live without people who care for you and who are POSSIBLE
always ready to help. However, to find a true friend is not easy. Friendship
requires honesty, trust and _________________ . Being a friend means not KIND
only having fun together but helping each other in a difficult ____________. SITUATE
A true friend not only praises you but tells you when you are not right too.
If you have already found such a person, you're ______________________. LUCK
70) Choosing a career is one of the most difficult choices we have to make
in our lives. There are lots of interesting and _______________ professions, EXCITE
but which of them is the right choice for you?
Researchers who work in _________________ and sociology asked people EDUCATE
across the UK what their dream job would be. And the results were quite
_____________________. According to the survey, people find modest job EXPECTED
like charity work or gardening the most _______________________. Often ATTRACT
at the top of their list are jobs such as a nurse or a _____________________. TEACH
The study also shows that people in the UK are very __________________ PRACTICE
and focus on the dream jobs they have a realistic chance of getting.
71) St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick is _______________ FAME
for his heroic deeds. People gladly believe in ____________________ tales AMAZE
about St Patrick and don’t look for any historical evidence to prove them.
And the facts often ______________________ with the tales. For example, AGREE
an old legend says that St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. This
myth is actually untrue. At the time snakes appeared on the planet, Ireland
was ____________________ covered by water. Now it is an island which COMPLETE
means it is surrounded by water. The water makes it __________________ POSSIBLE
for snakes to get to the island. The same _______________ is true for New SITUATE
Zealand, Greenland, and many other islands.
72) There is a belief that some jobs suit men better than women and some
other jobs are more appropriate for women than for men. Nowadays,
women more and more often take jobs that _________________________ TRADITIONAL
were done by men. A lot of women do ___________________ and difficult DANGER
jobs, becoming astronauts, pilots, and firefighters. No one is surprised when
a girl wants to be a police officer or a train __________________________. DRIVE
In sports you can see a similar _________________. Girls play football, ice SITUATE
hockey, go boxing and do other sports that seem to be _________________ USUAL
for women. But the girls say that it is _ _____________ and they cannot see EXCITE
any reason why they should not go into the sport they like.
73) It's not at all surprising that weather is a favourite topic for many
people around the world. It affects where we choose to live, what we wear,
our moods, and perhaps even our _________________________ character. NATION
A __________________ day can blow away the deepest depression. And a SUN
gloomy rainy day can make you feel lonely and ______________________. HAPPY
‘I’m feeling a bit under the weather’ is a common complaint in Britain,
____________________ on Monday mornings. The weather can really be ESPECIAL
_______________________ for moods and scientists have proved this fact. RESPONSE
There is a ____________________ between our mood and the weather we CONNECT
are having. But remember that good weather will have good effects on your
mood only if you spend more than 30 minutes outdoors a day.
74) In 2005 the rock group The Rolling Stones released an album called
‘A Bigger Bang’. Many critics chose it as their favourite. This isn’t very
________________________ , but just think, it's their 25th album, and the SURPRISE
Rolling Stones have been on the stage for more than 40 years! The lead
____________________, Mick Jagger, the guitarist Keith Richards and the SING
other musicians are over 60! And they are not losing their ______________, POPULAR
even nowadays. However, they are still much more ___________________ FAME
for the songs they made in the 1960s and 70s. But, you know what? Young
people________________ listen to the Rolling Stones with their fathers and REGULAR
granddads. Isn't that ______________________? In all aspects, theirs has IMPRESS
been a remarkable career.
75) Learning languages is important nowadays. It is interesting and
_____________ . Language skills help people to travel, study, and establish USE
_____________________ links with colleagues from other countries. Some PROFESSION
people say that learning languages is easy but others strongly ___________. AGREE
They say that learning languages takes a lot of time and they are not happy
with their progress anyway. Meanwhile, there are some strategies that can
make you a successful language ___________________ and save your time. LEARN
The first idea is watching films in the original. If the films are ___________, INTEREST
learning is just fun, not hard work. Online and live ____________________ COMMUNICATE
with people in the language you are learning also helps a lot.
76) I’m not a child but I still like cartoons and animated films.
___________________, I enrolled in an animation course in our university. RECENT
The _________________ of the course explained to us how animated films TEACH
are made. Basically, animation is just a series of pictures with a character.
Each picture is a little _________________________. When you show the DIFFER
the pictures really fast, it looks like they are moving. Some people say
animation is not a serious thing. I strongly __________________________. AGREE
Animated films may be __________________ but clever and useful to learn FUN
new skills. I believe they can be used in many spheres, and most importantly
of all in ______________________. EDUCATE
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