Тестирование по настоящим временам

1. We (to listen) to tape-recordings every day (Who...)
2. I (to write) a composition now. (What...)
3. We ( to study) this rule for two lessons (?)
4. You recently (to work) at an office (?)
5. On Sunday he sometimes (to go) to the cinema or to a disco club.(-)
6. His mother and grandmother (to talk) at the moment (-)
7. They (to meet) today (+)
8. They (to sleep) for 3 hours ( How long.?)
Use Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Perfect-Cont.
1. They (to bring) already a book. (What..)
2. She already (to play) chess (+)
3. You (to choose) a book for 2 hours. (?)
4. . The children (to eat) soup now (Who..)
5. My friend (to like) to play football (-)
6. We (to help) always animals (?)
7. 7.They (to go) to the stadium at the moment (When..)
8. She (to ride) a bike for ten minutes (-)