Тренировочные упражнения для итогового тестирования 3 класс УМК «Enjoy English»

Тренировочные упражнения для итогового тестирования, УМК «Enjoy English» (3
1. Ответь на вопросы.
1. Do you like to play chess?
2. Are you brave?
3. Can you ski and skate?
4. Does your mom ride a bike?
5. Can you swim?
6. How old are you?
7. Have you got a bike?
8. Do you like sweets?
9. Have you got a pet?
10. Can you fly?
11. Do you like to play with a doll?
12. What do you like to eat for breakfast?
13. Does your pet like milk?
2. Вставь пропущенные слова: in, for, on, with.
1. I like to eat cheese__ the morning.
2. Jim walks ___ his dog every morning.
3. Billy lives __ the forest.
4. My friends play hockey __ the park.
5. We have tea __ breakfast.
6. They don’t go to school __ Sundays.
3. Дополни предложения.
1. March is … month of spring.
2. July is … month of summer.
3. November is … month of autumn.
4. January is … month of the year.
5. May is … month of the year.
6. November is … month of the year.
4. Напиши месяцы каждого времени года по порядку.
Winter months Spring months Sommer months Autumn months
5. Выбери и обведи нужное слово.
1. Do you have much/many coffee for breakfast?
2. Have they got many/much friends?
3. Bod hasn’t got much/many sweets on the table.
4. Jill likes/like tea and cheese for breakfast.
5. We go/goes to school e very day.
6. Прочитай ответы и запиши вопросы к ним.
1. Yes, I do. I swim well.
2. No, I don’t. I play football. –
3. Yes, I do. I run in the park.
4. No, I don’t. I drink tea for breakfast. –
5. No, I don’t. I like Autumn. –
6. Yes, he has. He has got a nice bike.
7. Yes, I can. I can ski and skate.
8. Yes, she does. She likes spring. -
7. Задай вопрос к предложению по образцу.
Образец: Jill likes fish for breakfast. -Does Jill like fish for breakfast?
1. The pupil reads and speaks well. -
2. Billy lives in the forest.
3. Bess skates in the park.
4. Martin plays chess.
8. Напиши цифры словами.
15 сентября, 20 ноября, 21 апреля, 1 января, 10 февраля, 2 августа, 31 июля, 23 мая, 7
сентября, 8 июля, 27 декабря.
9. Выбери соответствующую букву.
1. Jills stamp
a) марка Джилл
b) марки Джилл
2. teacherscomputers
a) компьютеры учителя
b) компьютеры учителей
с) компьютер учителей
3. sisters dolls
a) куклы сестры
b) куклы сестер
с) кукла сестры
10. Составь вопросы.
1. is, your, name, what?
2. what, your, is, surname?
3. do, like, you, fairy tales?
4. old, how, you, are?
5. is, when, birthday, your?
6. you, got, have, a pet?
7. is, favourite, your, what, holiday?
8. funny, can, pictures, you, draw?
9. do, you, like, what, to do?
10. are, where, from, you?