Промежуточная аттестационная работа по английскому языку 8 класс

Промежуточная аттестационная работа
по английскому языку
ученика(цы) 8 ___ класса
№1. Установите соответствия между текстами(1-5) и утверждениями (a-f), отметьте
каждый текст соответствующей буквой. Среди утверждений есть одно лишне.
a) This text is about a scientist who enlightened people of young age.
b) This text is about a scientist who was knowledgeable in many fields.
c) This text is about a scientist whose words proved to be true.
d) This text is about a scientist who worked as a team member.
e) This text is about a scientist whose studies proved another man`s idea.
f) This text is about a man who was not a scientist but invented a new technology.
1. ___ Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was an Italian mathematics teacher and one of the first
true scientists. Galileo did not believe old ideas about the way the world worked but
made careful experiments to find out for himself. He built a telescope and became the
first man to us it for studying the Moon and planets. What he saw made him believe
Copernicus`s idea that the Earth was not the centre of the universe.
2. ___ Johannes Gutenberg (about 1398-1468) is often called the father of book printing.
In his day, people slowly copied books by hand or printed them from blocks where each
letter was made individually. Gutenberg learned to make metal letters called type. He
could pick them up and place them in rows to build pages of type. Gutenberg`s movable
type helped him to make copies of a book faster and easier than ever before.
3. ___ Edmond Halley (1656-1742) was an English astronomer who is best known for his
study of comets. He got interested in comets when he was still a young man. Halley
noticed that the way followed by a comet he had seen in 1682 was very much like those
reported in 1607 and 1531. He decided that it was the same comet and said that it would
return in 1758. And it did!
4. ___ John Bardeen (1908-1991) was an American scientist who is best remembered for
his invention of the transistor with William Shockley and Walter Brattain. The three
received the Nobel prize in physics for this work. In 1972, Bardeen won a second Nobel
prize with John Schrieffer and Leon Cooper for their work on superconductivity.
5. ___ Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a brilliant English scientist. His studies of
chemistry and physics made him world famous. Faraday is best known for his
experiments with electricity. He showed that it could be made to flow in a wire when
the wire was passed between the poles of a magnet. For many years Faraday gave
science lectures for children.
№2. Впишите соответствующие слова из рамки в эти предложения.
1. I use a ________________ of eggs and milk to make omelette.
2. Paul`s _______________ about education has changed with years.
3. They live in a little __________________ far from big cities.
4. The old building had a beautiful _______________.
5. That was the time when _______________ jackets came into fashion.
6. Would you like to _______________some money to this charity?
7. They should be taught to _______________their toys with other children.
8. We spent the _______________ week on the beach lying in the sun.
№ 3. Выбери и обведи лексически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.
1. How many English words have you (learned\studied) today?
2. Can we make you (respectable\responsible) for buying the presents?
3. The boy was (said\told) to come to school earlier than usual the next day.
4. In my (opinion\opportunity), the best way of travelling is by airplane.
5. Alice always wears (cardboard\rubber) gloves while washing up.
6. Jane`s favourite (glass\silk) blouse is pink in colour.
7. (Cotton\wool) socks are a lot warmer than (cotton\wool) socks.
8. Ours is the (brick\china) house at the end of the road.
№ 4. Впишите производные от слов из правой колонки в предложения.
1. The _______________of waiting so long is killing me. bore
2. What is the _______________ between you two? relation
3. The young poets called themselves a _______________. brother
4. Great love for your country is called _______________. patriot
5. I`ve always been a great _______________of this poet. admire
6. Simon is one of the most ____________ people I`ve ever met. knowledge
7. Kate and Lucy have done the work _______________. brilliant
8. The _______________ of Colin`s words pleased me. wise
№ 5. Впишите соответствующие служебные слова из рамки в эти предложения.
by, down, from, in, of, off, with
1. Marmalade is made ________ citrus fruit: oranges, lemons etc.
2. The greetings card was written ________ Mrs Dashwood`s niece.
3. I have to see my friend now, I can`t put my visit________.
4. ________ my opinion, all these people will eventually come to some agreement.
5. If you want, I can share this information ________ the class.
6. My favourite jacket is made ________ fine wool.
7. In ancient times work was done ________ very simple tools.
8. Put ________ this telephone number not to forget it.
share, entrance, whole, opinion, leather, mixture, village, contribute