Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие 11 класс

Административная контрольная работа
за I полугодие 11 класс.
Make the nouns in bold plural. Change sentences if necessary.
“Is this worker an Englishman or a German?” “He is a Frenchman”.
The mouse was caught.
What is the child’s name?
The roof of the house was covered with snow.
A potato is a vegetable and a cherry is a fruit.
Make the nouns in bold singular. Change sentences if necessary.
Do your teeth still ache?
These are my friends’ studies.
He keeps his toys in the boxes.
These ladies are those gentlemen’s wives.
The children are sitting on the benches.
Divide nouns into 2 groups (countable/uncountable).
Child yoghurt rice spaghetti water air spoon mustard - egg chair shampoo
raincoat flower flour bread soap toy food knowledge garden oil furniture
Make word’s combinations and translate them.
For example: a bag of sugar пакет сахара
a loaf cheese
a bottle toothpaste
a slice soup
a liter sardines
a glass bread
a bar lemonade
a jar meat
a kilo wine
a tube soap
a tin orange jam
a plate chocolate
Put in the sentences either… or/ neither … nor
Borrow some money from your friends.... Ann... Mary will help you.
... my words... Dad’s arguments had any effect on him.
It’s getting dark. You must... go at once ... wait till tomorrow.
What’s happened to Jim? He has... written... phoned.
Inside the examination room we could ... smoke ... talk.
Charles lives ... in Camberley ... in Guildford, doesn’t he?
The room was ... comfortable ... clean, was it?
If you do any more housework tonight, we’ll be able ... to attend the concert... to go to the