Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс УМК Forward II полугодие

Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку
4 класс УМК Forward II полугодие.
1.Read the letter and circle the correct words:
Dear Ben,
I ( am, is, are) Maxim. I live in Moscow. Moscow ( am, is, are) the
capital of Russia. I (have / has got) a big family.
My mum (am, is, are) a scientist. She ( work / works) in a laboratory.
She ( learn / learns) how to make medicines from different plants.
I (have / has got) a sister Dasha. She ( am, is, are) twelve. She (have /
has got) a hobby. She (take /takes ) photos.
I (have / has got) two brothers too. They ( am, is, are) fifteen. They
(have / has got) a computer. They (use / uses ) it to learn about plane.
They (want / wants ) to be pilots.
My dad and uncle ( am, is, are) detectives. They (catch/ catches )
My grandma and grandpa (was / were ) vets. Now my grandma (have /
has got) a hobby. She ( grow /grows ) flowers.
My aunt (was /were ) a chef. But now she ( don’t / doesn’t ) work . She (
make / makes ) pancakes at home.
2.Read and write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
The weather in the tropics is wet and hot.__
The porcupines can swim underwater__
There are lots of different animals and plants on the floor of the rain
There are no active volcanoes in Russian__
There are many big cities by the side of the Volga river.__
The taiga is in Australia__
There were not many Siberian tiger. Now there are many__
Russia is bigger than USA and Australia___
The brown bears sleep in their holes under the snow in winter__
The weather can be different in different part of Russia___
The Black Sea is in the west side of Russia___
It’s cold and snowy the Black Sea coast in winter___
London is the capital of England___
Trafalgar Square is in Sydney___
The big clock on the Spasskaya Tower is called Big Ben.___
The Kremlin is the centre of Moscow___
3. What buildings can you see оn the pictures? Choose and write.
The Houses of Parliament . The State Historical Museum . Trafalgar Square.
Spasskaya Tower. St. Basil’s Cathedral . Red Square .
______________________ ______________________
________________________ _______________________
_______________________ __________________
4.Read and number:
1. Rare plants ___ Голубь
2. Orchid ___ Королевские сокровища
3. Robin ___ На западной стороне
4. Blackbird ___ Церковь
5. Porcupine ___ Универсальный магазин (ГУМ)
6. Crown Jewels ___ Зима
7. Department store ___ Южный
8. By the side of the river ___ Весна
9. Church ___ Задом наперед
10. Pigeon ___ По берегам рек
11. Squirrel ___ Дикобраз
12. Winter ___ Орхидея
13. Autumn ___ редкие растения
14. spring ___ Белка
15. south ___ Осень
16. on the west side of ___ Малиновка
17. backwards ___ Дрозд